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Asphalt Cocktail - Short Memories?

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I really like this persons opinion... Simply because they stick to their true thoughts and OBSERVATIONS instead of what other people type or say.. I'm a huge BD fan, they are the biggest reason why I marched drum corps in the first place. Wayne has a UNIQUE style of writing. In my opinion, it appears that he goes for more of the Jazz, Big Band style where the top end dominates the bottom. Somewhat balanced, but definitely a strong suit for the higher tessitura voices. His arranging is STELLAR for this style. Doug Thrower's arranging is DIFFERENT... who is to say what is correct and what is not??? Really... Music is a flexible art. The listeners opinion changes constantly and what the listener wants to hear is ultimately what the reaction portrays... whether or not it may be something fresh or a rendition of an old standard with mild alteration... who cares??? This provides the AUDIENCE the opportunity to make their OWN MIND up about the product presented. Isn't that what every single person does when they listen to a new piece???..... Doug CHOOSES to write more across the voices, putting the melody in every voice.. Do YOU prefer this or not, that is the real question?? Why do some people listen to Bach and some people listen to Wagner?? Don't they write COMPLETELY different from one another... Too many people on these boards, and in life, rely on OTHER PEOPLE'S OPINIONS to establish their own... It doesn't matter what your professor or instructor tells is you is "correct", it is what you believe is correct and believe works for you.. That is why music is such a phenomenal art form, opinion is opinion... choose what you think is ideal, that is what makes it unique.

Well said, ,and I too like his opinion. I love what I love. You love what you love. Neither is right nor wrong. Fairly simple.....

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I don't think the sarcasm is necessary. My opinion is somehow invalid because it isn't yours, Tom? I stated a preference, nothing more. Not everyone will like everything. Downey is a big boy, I'm sure he can handle it, and likely does often.

Yea, it's a regular snark fest on here. Really, there are a bunch of whitty people on here. I hope they're all happy with themselves.... We should all marginalized other people's opinions when it doesn't agree with ours to make ourselves seem important. Really classy, imho. This is a terrible way to treat other human beings.

...and yes, just about everyone does it here.... It's why I'm not terribly active on DCP. I'm not interested in making random strangers feel like crap. Even more, I'm not interested in making friends feel like crap either.

Carry on everyone.... :doh:

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