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Tommow night we get our first look at Sunrisers and a score .


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There is no equation to determine value of a DCI judged score on DCA sheets to a DCA judged score on DCA sheets. If there is any common ground, it is that DCI judged performances usually result i

Prelims before the birds are chirping, after an all night bus ride and a run through in a parking lot, circa 1983.   :)  

I thought is was about the same as the last several years, despite the absolutely horrible traffic and parking conditions due to construction on 46.

On 7/6/2018 at 9:41 PM, HBD said:


I don't get it.

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Scores from tonight appear to be:

80.1 - Reading Buccaneers (Landsville)

75.9 - Cadets2 (Landsville)

72.9 - Fusion Core (Landsville)

71.6 - Connecticut Hurricanes (Pittsfield)

68.2 - Sunrisers (Pittsfield)

65.3 - Bushwackers (Landsville)

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What happened to White Sabers??  I know they have been scored twice.

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Most recent score for White Sabers is a 72 even from 6/30

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I think this is right:


Open Class

1. 80.10 -- Reading Buccaneers 7/7  (+3.90 6/23)

2. 76.05 -- Hawthorne Caballeros 6/30

3. 75.90 -- Cadets2 7/7  (+5.25 6/23)

4. 73.10 (0.2) -- Fusion Core 7/7  (+4.95 6/23)

5. 72.00 -- White Sabers 6/30  (+1.80 6/23)

6. 71.60 -- Connecticut Hurricanes 7/7  (+4.55 6/30)

7. 68.20 -- Sunrisers 7/7

8. 65.55 -- Cincinnati Tradition  6/25 [DCI]

9. 65.30 (4.8) -- Bushwackers 7/7  (+1.15 6/30)

No score yet: Atlanta CV, Chops


Class A

1. 62.70 -- Govenaires 7/1 [DCI]

2. 61.70 -- Cadence 7/1 [DCUK] (+4.50 6/17 [DCUK]) [DCUK scores do not count for DCA Prelims seeding]

3. 58.90 -- Thunderbirds 6/30  (+1.50 6/23)

No score yet: Carolina Gold, Columbus Saints, Highland Regiment, Skyliners, Southern Knights

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We'll get numbers for the Southern group at Hiram next weekend. Sky gets its first score at Clifton. Saints and Tradition get their first number 21 July at the Saints contest. Chops and Govies get their first DCA number at the Luau 4 August. Highland Regiment and Cadence get theirs at Big Sounds.


Looks interesting how things are setting up. I firmly believe Hiram will really shake up things.



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This is not scores, but...

The 62 was Govs first show of the year. Monday night in Mankato was better while adding a song from the night before. Since it was a Monday night Chops was missing quite a few. From a bad angle on my part looks like a veeeeery interesting show with great solo work. 

Saturday at DCI Mn. was the best of the 3 shows in 6 days. (and 2 parades and a concert). Just missing one part of the show. Chops had many more people on the field and from an even worse angle then Monday (the tunnel) seemed better too. Crowd seemed to enjoy them. 

Big Doub is correct. First scores are 8/4. From another thread, the dci scores really do us not much good. On the other hand, love hearing the judges commentary. 

Next show is end of July at a DCI Open show. If anyone would like to hear an equally pathetic review of that show I would be glad to do so :)

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