17 years later, 9/11/2018

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 The Red Bandanna... He was 24 years old.  His story of heroism is worth reading... and remembering. He was not the only hero that day either. He was one of many.


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I was teaching vocal and instrumental music at an elementary school on 9/11. 

One of my students, a fifth grade boy, flagged me down in the parking lot and said, "Did you hear the news?  A plane crashed into the Empire State Building and the White House."  

Just precious.


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I was home listening to Stern...went from Pamela Anderson hijinks to right into the news the first tower got hit. I immediately turned the tv on, but kept Howard on. I remember we were checking in on RAMD all day.Howard never shined more, getting calls in from people around the city describiing what they saw from windows or rooftops as well as putting TV broadcasts on.

I remember a friend who worked at YEA on his way back to NJ from Wv calling to ask if he could crash because he was pretty sure trying to get into North jersey would be chaos.Of course I said yes.

I was about to start work for cingular the next day, in Philly for 10 days for training. They called at noon to say stay home, we'll keep you posted, as they were mobiling the troops to send portable cell coverage to NYC and DC.

I remember mom who also worked at the local Navy depot to say they were going home. Lotsa of local paranoia that Three Mile Island was a target.


and around 4 PM, i remember walking outside for air and a break....and noticing how eerie quiet it was,.....and then seeing military planes go flying fast overhead.


i'll never, ever forget


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On the one-year anniversary of 9/11, members of Crossmen and The Cadets traveled to Richmond, Virginia on Nascar's dime to perform The National Anthem and God Bless America. I remember getting picked up a rest stop on I-95, the police escort into the stadium, rehearsing for a few hours, and the amazing opportunity to reunite one last time with people who I never expected to get the chance to perform with again. Getting together one month after finals was an amazing "one more time" bonus performance, especially for such an emotional reason.

The video is titled 2002 Crossmen - God Bless America @ NASCAR for those looking for it...

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