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25 minutes ago, Photographer Jim said:

 I’d be interested in knowing more about those rules. The other night in Sacramento we were looking at the “bridges” used by the Academy.   They appear fairly steep. From what we could see there doesn’t seem to be any texturing to their surfaces. In damp weather I question whether they would become slippery and cause problems.

I don't have the new rule language unfortunately but here was the confirmation it happened so that you know i'm not full of it! 🙂

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3 hours ago, Glenn426 said:

You would think, but I think it might take away from the clean lines that are created from the silhouette of the performs, If anything they paint it White or Some sort of Solid color, but what they have now gives the clean lines... 


Best use of props; SCV

Worst; Crown

I think the standard for props now is how can the performers use them to add to the overall effect of the show. Not just be a  backdrop but actually used and add to the complexity of the show. Otherwise the Field can be littered with props and tarps and everything but if the performers are not engaging them, then the GE Judges should not be taking them into account when determining their effectiveness. 

The Buzz with props seems to be Height. What height, additional dimension can be added by the prop that adds to the show.

I sorta see a giant "ghost light" image like the show announcement image that then also chnages as they open and close the panels... but it might be too much - right now it looks like plywood (on video).

I haven't seen a good enough video to figure SCV's out... 

I totally agree with Crowns' (AGAIN?!? imo) ... they are hard to see and add nothing (except guard storage) - stage included.

Bloo's have potential, but not sure if this is it or if they are evolving - there was a comment the other night about how the "bloo croo" was working on props all night... might be a really neat look to have the paisley/patterns on all those dots... hopefully they won't be white the whole time and then turn orange at the last minute.

Boston uses theirs very well, they are sorta "2-d" though... they only show the one side as the concept.

Most of the others seem to be just dragging stuff around - and Phantom's "pyres" SMH.

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3 hours ago, Den8uml said:

It's been a trend to have the members go vertical on top of a box or ramp, etc. A lot of props are used for that the last few years and I personally think those are more effective than large props that don't serve the same purpose. one exception where I did like a large prop that no one climbed,  was Spirit last year and those doors. They were very effective and large, but no one climbed them and the same concept with BD and the painting and diner scene coming together (negligible amount of MM going vertical with that set)

Best uses of going vertical that come to mind quickly: SVC's vertical props last year were very effective.  Boston 2017 was very useful for going vertical while also being clean and not taking up too much space. 

I haven't seen enough shows yet this year to know what's working and what is not yet and sometimes they are used better as the season goes on, like Crown and Bloo last season. 

To my eye the best conceived in recent memory were SCV's Ouboros cylinders - used them in almost every imaginable way possible and kept the images on them synched most of the time too.

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4 minutes ago, ashevillemurphy said:

To my eye the best conceived in recent memory were SCV's Ouboros cylinders - used them in almost every imaginable way possible and kept the images on them synched most of the time too.

Best props ever. 2017 was a good prop year. None stand out to me this year, I'm more focused on other aspects.

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I heard through the grapevine that Troopers will not be adding any props to the field other than some tarps. When I was watching their show on FloMarching I was wondering if there were props to come because the show seemed very much designed with only the field in mind, without props. We'll see how this plays out in the coming weeks.

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Ok.  Going old school.   Didn’t the Seattle Marauders use large scaffolding for a show.  I remember seeing it back at Parade Stadium for Drum Beauty in Minneapolis.   For some reason I remember hearing it collapsed during a show.    

Today’s props look much more efficiently and safely designed. 

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