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So, if a Corps were to do a show based on 2020, what would it look like?

I have one idea 'Dumpster Fire! - A Drum Corps 2020 Retrospective'

For music all I have (somewhat inappropriately (but not)) is Queen - Another One Bites the Dust.  There are also musical parodies out there of 'Lola' re-lyriced as 'Rona'


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If this is coming up around design team tables, I sincerely hope someone is there to say, "You know...let's not." 

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PR could so a show titled Dumpster Fire of Eternal Glory...

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M-m-m-Myyyy Coronaaaa (My Sharona)

Seriously though, enough bands that were able to compete last fall did 2020 shows. Lets not make this a trend...or shows about overcoming. It's about to get real old, real quick.

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