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2023 Daily Run Down

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28 minutes ago, CrownBariDad said:

DCP won't let me link to Southwind's FB post (my source), but they say:

We’ve made HISTORY today! For the first time in open class history, Southwind has made Semifinals!

Open Class history. The corps was (now the equivalent of) World Class back when we last made semis.

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August 11 Rundown

Blue Devils had the second biggest score increase over Prelims (0.587 points vs. Gold's 0.663 points) which does not bode well for the the corps hoping to make a move. Blue Devils leads by 1.287 points. Bluecoats passed Carolina Crown for the second place spot by just 0.038 points with Boston Crusaders 0.212 points back from there.

Phantom Regiment gained some ground on Mandarins and The Cadets. Just 0.450 points separates 5th and 7th.

Troopers moved ahead of Blue Stars into the #10 spot by 0.175 points.

After a close battle all season long, Blue Knights somewhat easily took the #12 spot with a 0.950 point margin over Crossmen in 13th. 

The only other change from Prelims was Music City taking sole ownership of the #17 spot over The Academy.

Some Quick Lucas Oil Stadium All-Time History for #13 and Beyond

Columbians debuts at 24th.

Southwind made it to Semifinals for the first time since returning to championship competition as an Open Class corps in 2017.

Guardians fell out of Semifinals after making it last year for the first time.

Southwind beats its best ever performance at Lucas Oil Stadium with this 22nd place finish. Previous best was 27th in 2019. Same for The Batallion (26th vs previous best of 27th in 2022), Colt Cadets (30th vs. previous best of 32nd in 2013 and 2014)

Music City ties its best ever placement at 17th (2022). So does Pacific Crest at 14th (2019), Gold at 20th (2022), Spartans at 19th (2019), River City Rhythm at 28th (2019), Raiders at 31st (2013 and 2014), and Les Stentors (2022).

Crossmen miss finals for the second year in a row for the first time since 2010 and 2011. 

Blue Knights return to finals after missing it in 2022 for the first time in Lucas Oil Stadium history.

August 12 Preview

It's finals night! The races are extremely tight in the #1-4 range, #5-7 range, and #10-11 range. Who knows?!



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17 hours ago, IllianaLancerContra said:

It depends on how you define best-ever, but in 2000 Southwind was in 13th place.  But that was under completely different leadership and from a different location.  

Correct - However, this section was all about Lucas Oil Stadium performance placement. This has been edited to be clear in that sentence in addition to the heading.

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August 12 Rundown

Despite extremely close spreads in several parts of the Top 12, there were no changes from Semifinals to Finals. Blue Devils win its third championship in a row representing the corps' first three-peat. Bluecoats repeat as silver medalists and Carolina Crown returns to the medalist line-up for the first time since 2017 with bronze.

A Few Final Notes

As has been the case every year I have been tracking scores this way, no corps in the top 15 moved more than two places from the San Antonio regional to finals night. 

Mandarins completes its best season ever with a 6th place finish, four spots higher than the corps' previous high placement in World Class (10th in 2022, 2019, and 2018). Eleven years ago (2012), the corps placed 23rd.

Colts ties its best season ever with a 9th place finish, two spots higher than the corps' previous high placement in Lucas Oil Stadium (11th in 2022). 

Troopers has its highest placement since 1985 (9th) and best performance at Lucas Oil Stadium with this year's 10th place finish. The corps' previous high in Indy was 12th in 2022.

Lucas Oil History (Current Competitve Model Only Since 2011)

Best Season Relative to Historical Average

Mandarins - 6th - Average 15.4 - High 6, Low 23
Music City - 17th - Average 24.6 - High 17, Low 32
Southwind - 22nd - Average 28.2 - High 22, Low 33
Gold - 20th - Average 25.8 - High 20, Low 34
Colts - 9th - Average 14.2 - High 9, Low 17

Worst Season Relative to Historical Average

Madison Scouts - 16th - Average 12.4 - High 8, Low 17
Blue Knights - 12th - Average 9.1 - High 6, Low 14
The Academy - 18th - Average 15.4 - High 11, Low 19
The Cavaliers - 8th - Average 6.4 - High 3, Low 9
Blue Stars - 11th - Average 9.9 - High 7, Low 13




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