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  1. The second block scores have been announced but we couldn’t hear them here at SW souvies because of Star 1990 (we’re across from the DCI DVD booth). I heard a 71 something for Guardians and that’s about it.
  2. Working souvies for Southwind today. Come by and say hello if you’re inclined (and buy some merch)! Great run today. So proud of these guys. Good season.
  3. cmchandler

    Drums Along the Mississippi

    No one at the show tonight?
  4. cmchandler

    Birmingham, AL - July 26, 2018

    Did a show in Canada my first year of corps (1990). And I think we actually housed in Canada for finals in Buffalo that year.
  5. cmchandler

    Hoschton, GA - July 11, 2018

    Everyone is ok but tired. The tire looked pretty gnarly, though. They didn’t hit housing until around 10 am so they had to dig pretty deep to pull things off tonight. As always, very proud of how well these guys roll with adversity.
  6. cmchandler

    Hoschton, GA - July 11, 2018

    The corps had a tire blowout overnight with one of the buses, and the changed arrival time put us over the allotted amount for DOT regs. DCI and Spirit graciously adjusted the schedule to allow us to go on a bit later to meet DOT requirements for the bus drivers.
  7. cmchandler

    Valdosta, GA - July 10, 2018

    Yep! It’s actually his primary instrument. Bari was him being a boss and filling a need.
  8. cmchandler

    Valdosta, GA - July 10, 2018

    Shall we go for three?
  9. cmchandler

    Valdosta, GA - July 10, 2018

    He’s a trumpet this year. :)
  10. cmchandler

    Valdosta, GA - July 10, 2018

    Wish I could see this show. So excited for the corps tonight.
  11. cmchandler

    2018 Southwind - The Guitarist

    Hope you all enjoy it. I’m astounded by the level of difficulty of this show and how well they’re performing it already.
  12. cmchandler

    Live Stream Schedule

    I was personally told by FloMarching last year that if Open Class Prelims and Finals were well-watched, they would look into expanding into Open Class shows/performances this season. Yeah. I guess that was just lip service. I'm probably not re-upping my yearly subscription, especially since I'll be in Michigan City and Indy this year. WGI and the indoor stuff just wasn't enough for me to get my bang for my buck.
  13. I don't know what the announced numbers were, but having performed in Buffalo, Dallas and Madison (and Boston in '94 as well), I can tell you the most well attended one from a crowd/fan standpoint was definitely Madison in '92. There seemed to be more competing corps in Buffalo, though, especially in class A and A-60. That's all anecdotal, though, and from my personal perspective and experience. I don't have the recorded hard numbers.
  14. cmchandler

    Shoes to wear during the season?

    If you're willing to spend extra money on shoes (and if there were ever a reason, drum corps is it), go to a specialty running shoe store (there are different ones all over the country). You'll know you're in the right place because they will inspect your gait by making you walk, jog and run while watching how you move, they'll look at the shape of your foot, and they will probably place you on a special machine that gauges the amount of pressure you place in certain areas of your stance. Then they'll pair you with the brand most likely to meet your needs. I used to run quite often and I was developing shin splints. Being fitted by a store like this made ALL the difference, and I won't buy another cheap pair again as long as I'm remaining highly active. It costs money (usually just over $100 per pair or so depending on what you get), but it's money well spent to keep you from injury. And yes, don't wait to break them in. Get them and start using them often enough that you won't be hurting when you're using them all the time.
  15. For the Board Consortium portion, most definitely. There was a lunchtime presentation for all combined attendees (directors, drum majors, board members, staff and judges) on Saturday where we were told the top item of concern that came out of the DM workshop on Friday night was how to handle harassment issues brought to them as corps/member leaders. I can't speak for what happened on the directors' side of things, but it completely refocused the Board Consortium. We set aside our original agenda and spent the rest of the weekend working as a united front on changes we wanted to encourage the DCI board to implement across the activity. The letter that Cavies mentions was one of the items to come out of those initiatives. As a consortium group, we all provided input that was placed into a template letter that board consortium attendees had access to that compiled the measures we wanted DCI to officially implement. At least nine corps boards (including ours) have sent letters encouraging DCI to create a uniform policy for harassment issues. And not just sexual harassment, but also bullying, etc. Other things the BOD Consortium wanted to do was a media campaign fighting harassment for FloMarching airings and the theater broadcasts, and we all made commitments to put strong policies in place with our own organizations as an interim measure until DCI's board next met to vote (which has not occurred yet - my understanding is they have quarterly meetings). The Troopers were especially helpful, having provided an attorney-vetted set of policies that other organizations can use as a template to get started so that our own houses would be in order prior to what we hope DCI will implement. I'm very proud to say these commitments were the Southwind board's first priority when we got back home. Before the end of January, we had initiated a whistleblower reporting form and policy, and we strengthened measures we already had in place with firmer policies and created a Compliance Committee to follow through with reported incidents. We were already doing background checks on staff, so that was nothing new. We did expand our background checks to include all volunteers (and strengthened our volunteer policies along with them). Our corps director gathered everyone at our January camp and we had a serious talk with all of the members, parents and volunteers (and a separate, even more serious talk with the staff) so that they all were VERY clear on our policies. Everyone was required to sign off as having read and understood them as a requirement of their employment or member contract status. Whether or not corps have made public statements, many corps already had a lot of these items either in place or in the works. I think there is a misconception out there that DCI boards are hands off or only care about the competitive aspects of the organization. My experience with the board members I've had the pleasure to meet the past few years at Consortium is the exact opposite - we are all passionate about bringing as many people as possible to the activity that we all love so well, and we are equally as passionate about protecting the youth we serve so that they can gain all of the benefits (work ethic, leadership skills, learning you can exceed your own expectations) that many of us were able to gain when we were their age as participating members and/or fans. Most of us try to work as a team across the activity because we want to see it thrive, sharing ideas and best practices with each other freely - and we leave the competition to the directors, the creative staff and the kids on the field. Sorry that I'm posting a novel, but it's been on my mind.