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  1. Southwind bans smoking and vaping when participating in anything corps-related, up to and including housing, rehearsing and traveling with the corps. Most of that policy has to do with us housing, for the most part, exclusively on school campuses, which normally forbid tobacco products/vapes from being used on campus. Also, since the average age of the members is 18, most of them cannot smoke legally in most of the states where we rehearse or perform (the legal smoking age in Alabama is 19). Even the adults who smoke have to go do it off campus. Housing is hard enough to get these days without someone breaking the school system's rules and getting us all kicked out.
  2. I got to head up for finals week last year, but I’m stuck at home this season because of a work project. My husband will be working souvies from NY on, though. Stop by and say hey when you jump on!
  3. After we finish the southern swing this weekend, we're in Augusta, Nashua, Glens Falls, Syracuse, Sheffield, White Lake, Plymouth, Dixon-Park Falls, Plainwell, Avon Lake and then Marion/Indy.
  4. This is our first swing northeast since coming back out - we're usually on the midwest swing at this point. It'll be nice to hit some cooler temps. It's been pretty brutal down here this summer.
  5. 122 or thereabout in SW this season. A couple of injuries are bouncing that number around a little, though.
  6. Here are Southwind's uniforms for their 2019 production, "Caged."
  7. The second block scores have been announced but we couldn’t hear them here at SW souvies because of Star 1990 (we’re across from the DCI DVD booth). I heard a 71 something for Guardians and that’s about it.
  8. Working souvies for Southwind today. Come by and say hello if you’re inclined (and buy some merch)! Great run today. So proud of these guys. Good season.
  9. Did a show in Canada my first year of corps (1990). And I think we actually housed in Canada for finals in Buffalo that year.
  10. Everyone is ok but tired. The tire looked pretty gnarly, though. They didn’t hit housing until around 10 am so they had to dig pretty deep to pull things off tonight. As always, very proud of how well these guys roll with adversity.
  11. The corps had a tire blowout overnight with one of the buses, and the changed arrival time put us over the allotted amount for DOT regs. DCI and Spirit graciously adjusted the schedule to allow us to go on a bit later to meet DOT requirements for the bus drivers.
  12. Yep! It’s actually his primary instrument. Bari was him being a boss and filling a need.