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2023 Daily Run Down

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On 7/6/2023 at 10:09 AM, sanjoseDCfan said:

Thank you for doing this!  Is there a key for the color coding?

Same color = same show. Nothing more to it than keeping that together.

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July 7 Rundown


Nothing crazy happening in terms of placements. The season debut for Crossmen (70.650 - 14th) is pretty close in line with the corps' score this time last year (70.550) although that score was good for 11th place at that point. Genesis made its debut with a 65.400, good for 18th place. This is almost identical to the corps' debut score last year (65.450), but that score came eight days further into the season and meant a 21st place ranking at the time. 

Colts saw the largest score increase (4.400 points) in the corps' first performance since July 2nd. Boston Crusaders became the third corps to break 80 points, two days earlier than last season.


Blue Knights opened the season with a 71.900 and the #12 spot in the current placements. There were no significant changes in relative placements among the corps in competition. Pacific Crest had the largest score increase (3.850 points) in the corps' first performance since July 2nd.

July 8 Preview

Every corps currently placed in the Top 18 is in competition tonight making this a busy Saturday. I'm out of the country traveling so my analysis may be a little bit limited or delayed tomorrow, but I'll be here at some point!


Heat Wave makes its season debut and Spirit of Atlanta returns to competition for the first time in two years. 



River City Rhythm makes its 2023 debut.


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Pinned the thread...

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July 8 Rundown

And the second of seven Saturday competition days has come and gone.


Very modest score improvements in this show even for corps that had not performed in several days such as The Cadets (1.700 since 7/2) and Spartans (1.050 since 7/2). Bluecoats joined the 80+ club on the same night of the season as the corps passed this threshold in 2022.

Spirit of Atlanta returned to the field of competition with a 70.500, good for 17th place, four spots behind the corps' placement in the 2019 finals.

Heat Wave made its season debut at 53.450 and 29th place. This is pretty much in line with last season when the corps was at 52.150 and 27th place.


No major surprises in California. The Academy and Pacific Crest tied in their first match-up in a week. In their two previous head-to-head competitions, The Academy bested Pacific Crest by over a point each time. Impulse had the largest point increase at 6.950 points since the corps' previous performance on July 2nd. The Academy (4.200) and Pacific Crest (3.100) had the next largest improvements in score. This was expected for The Academy with no score since July 3rd but quite a bit more impressive for Pacific Crest after performing just one night earlier.


Phantom Regiment just made it to 80.000. This time last year the corps was at a 73.600. It would not be until July 18th when the corps would break the 80 point mark in 2022. The Cavaliers finishe atop Blue Stars for the first time this season by a 0.600 margin. Blue Stars won all three head-to-head match-ups prior to last night. There were no placement changes or significant score changes in this show.

River City Rhythm made its season debut at 58.200 points, just slightly ahead of the corps' score this time last year (57.950). This puts the corps at 25th place, one spot behind its place this time last year.

Saturday Showdown

Caveat - It's way too early to analyze scores. The reason I first started this method of data comparison was to create a data-based year-over-year comparison. So, here we go anyway!

So where are we after our second Saturday? This year's top four are the same as last year's top four with a pretty tight head-to-head battle for the bronze medal spot and Phantom Regiment making a case for a return to the top five for the first time since 2012. 

On the Rise

Mandarins are currently seated in 6th place, four spots higher than the corps' 2022 finish which was already its highest finals placement ever. While impressive from a level of competition standpoint, Pacific Crest is leading the "on the rise" conversation at the moment in 14th place, five spots higher than the corps' 2022 finish in 19th.

July 9 Preview

We have pretty much the same competitive landscape tonight that we had last night with the most notable exception being no performance from The Cavaliers. 


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July 9 Rundown

There were two head-to-head placement changes. First, Colts defeated Troopers by 0.300 points thanks to a 2.000 point night over night increase. This is the first head-to-head win by Colts this season. 

In Open Class, Vessel jumped over three points in one night to tie Impulse. Impulse won the night before by 2.450 points. Blue Devils B (3.600) and C (5.950) saw the largest score increases although it had been a week since the last score for the C corps. 

Nearly every corps is currently outpacing its 2022 score at the same time. The only two exeptions are Crossmen (-1.250) and Colt Cadets (-1.450). 

July 10 Preview

Just one show tonight in California with the same corps as last night less Blue Devils C and Vessel.


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July 10 Rundown

Just one show and no changes in placements or noteworth changes in scores. Mandarins became the sixth corps to break the 80 mark. That did not happen last year until July 14th and it did not happen for the Mandarins last year until July 18th.

July 11 Preview

There are three shows tonight. Only three of the current top 12 corps are in competition. 


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Cavaliers next show is Thursday in Mississippi, so they're going to break 80 then!

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July 11 Rundown

There were no changes in head-to-head rankings at the July 11th shows. There were a few significant score increases to note although historically when these jumps happen at shows without the top of the top tier corps present they often reset within a few days.

Spartans led the way on that front with a 4.250 point increase from a show two days earlier. Music City jumped 3.450 between the same two shows. Colt Cadets improved by 3.100 over a score from three days before. 

July 12 Preview

There are three more shows tonight including the season debut of The Battalion. 


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