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2023 Daily Run Down

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11 hours ago, sanjoseDCfan said:

Cascades are also debuting tonight at the same show in Salt Lake City

Good catch - thanks for that!

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July 12 Rundown

Ankeny, IA

Scores were pretty consistent night over night, but Troopers improved just enough more than Colts to go back on top in the head-to-head match-up after Colts were up on July 9th.

Eau Claire, WI

Nothing of significant to report - same results as the night before with essentially the same spreads.

Salt Lake City, UT

Pacific Crest made a big move with a 2.600 point increase, jumping over Blue Knights for the first time and into the #12 spot. This score puts Pacific Crest closer to 11th (1.000 points) than 13th (1.350 points).

Seattle Cascades return to competition with an opening score of 62.800, good for 24th place in the rankings. The Batallion made its season debut with a 59.650, which places the corps at #28.

July 13 Preview

One show tonight. Southwind makes its season debut. The Cadets and The Cavaliers, currently ranked 8th and 9th respectively, meet head-to-head for the first time at this show.


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July 13 Rundown

Just one show to report on. The Cadets came out on top and became the seventh corps to break 80. Southwind made its season debut with a 62.150 and 26th place in the rankings. This is pretty close in line to last year's debut (63.950 and 27th place) but comes more than a week earlier in the season.

July 14 Preview

We have three shows on the docket tonight.

Cheyenne, WY

This show features the most intriguing match-up of the night with Pacific Crest and Troopers. From a points perspective, Pacific Crest is nearing the Colts/Troopers grouping in the 10-12 range. This match-up should tell us whether that is true when the corps are in the same stadium on the same night.

Dubuque, IA

The closest competitive race here is between Madison Scouts and Crossmen. In their last meeting, Madison Scouts edged Crossmen by just 0.100 points. 

Riverside, CA

This Open Class show features a nice line-up of California corps, most of which will be finishing up their season this weekend while sending Gold off to Indianapolis as a representative.


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July 14 Rundown


The Batallion led the way in score improvement (2.250 points) followed by Seattle Cascades (2.050 points). Troopers defeated Pacific Crest by a solid 2.200 points, however Pacific Crest maintains the #12 spot in the rankings with an eye on the corps' first finals placement.


Genesis jumped two full points, the only corps in this show to pass that threshold. Crossmen did enough to move ahead of Madison Scouts for the first time this season by 0.450 points. 


Blue Devils B began its final weekend of the season with another win, nearly two full points ahead of Gold, which is the only corps in this group that will move beyond California. Gold led the way in terms of improvement (2.100 points). 

July 15 Preview

There are a whopping five shows tonight with 33 corps in competition. All corps currently on the field (except 7th Regiment) will appear along with Guardians in a season debut. We'll have lots to digest tomorrow!

Fort Collins

This is a line-up to watch with Boston Crusaders completing a westward trek to join the west coast tour corps which were already joined by Troopers just last night. All eyes must be on the Blue Devils-Boston Crusaders match-up. This will give us a sense not only of these two corps but a ballpark of where Bluecoats and Carolina Crown might be relative to Blue Devils as well. A definite focus of tomorrow's Saturday Showdown analysis.

Little Rock

Carolina Crown re-enters competition after nearly a week on the rehearsal field. We'll see what that means relative to Bluecoats. When the two last met, Carolina Crown had a 0.400 point edge. This will be the first competition for Guardians this season.


This is a repeat line-up from last night and in exact reverse order of current placements. The main head-to-head match-up continues to be Crossmen and Madison Scouts. Was the Crossmen win a one-time thing or is the corps on the move?


Another exact replica of a line-up from Friday night and again in exact reverse order of current placements. Will Blue Devils B set itself up to finish undefeated in the corps' short season or can Gold make a run and build some momentum before heading east?


A small, three corps open class show with three corps pretty far apart in scores and placements. If you haven't noted the World Class style tour Spartans have been on yet, take a look at their history so far this season. Only Gold will equal the same number of competitive appearances in Open Class this year (20 scheduled).


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July 15 Rundown

Fort Collins

There were no surprises in actual placements as the corps finished in the order of the rankings as they were coming into the competition. Boston Crusaders put up a big score increase (3.500 points) over its previous performance three days earlier. This was less impactful than it might otherwise have been with Blue Devils having the second largest score increaes (2.250 points) and over the same time period. Blue Devils defeat Boston Crusaders by 1.500 points. This is slightly less than margin Blue Devils had over its nearest east coast competitors when they matched up last year (1.700 points).

Little Rock

Carolina Crown increased its score by 3.100 points after taking nearly a week for rehearsals, but it was not enough to overcome the score gains Bluecoats have had in the meantime. Bluecoats edge Carolina Crown by 0.500 points, winning the match-up for the first time this season in the fourth head-to-head meeting.

Guardians made its season debut with a 60.600, good for 30th place. Last year, the corps debuted with a 60.550 and 27th place just a couple of days later in the season. 


Very small score increases and one decrease. While this is typical most seasons, it has not been happening much this year so far. Of note, Crossmen defeated Madison Scouts for the second night in a row.


The penultimate show for every corps in competition except Gold. No changes in placements or notable score shifts.


Spartans put up a 3.000 point increase night over night with Southwind nearly matching that at 2.950 points.

Saturday Showdown

Caveat - It's way too early to analyze scores. In one week, we will begin the regional process and get actual comparisons. The reason I first started this method of data comparison was to create a data-based year-over-year comparison. So, here we go anyway!

This is shaping up to be a very intriguing competitive season with several corps currently placed above their historic (or recent) high placements. Some of that room was created by the absence of Santa Clara Vanguard, however, when there are multiple corps making big jumps, that means others must be falling. Let's take a look.

Competitive Landscape

Blue Devils lead the way with breathing room. This time last year, the top 4 corps were all within 1.100 points. This year, the second place corps is not even within 1.100 points of the lead and there is a large 3.400 point spread from first to fourth. The main question here is whether Boston Crusaders can close the gap on Blue Devils to make it a two corps battle at the top or whether Boston is more closely competitive with Bluecoats and Carolina Crown who have now traded victories for the bronze medal spot. We will know on Tuesday when all four corps line up together for the first time.

The next grouping appears to be emerging as a 5-7 group. There have not been any head-to-head match-ups among Mandarins, Phantom Regiment, and The Cadets. We will get Phantom Regiment  and The Cadets on Tuesday, but not the full group until Saturday.

Blue Stars, The Cavaliers, and Troopers have seen each other four times with the outcome in that order in three of those shows. In one (July 8th), The Cavaliers finished ahead of Blue Stars. The rankings from different shows make it a tie for Blue Stars and Troopers right now with The Cavalires ahead by 0.150 points. Colts is right behind this group and actually beat Troopers once in head-to-head competition (July 9th).

Pacific Crest is solidly in the #12 spot at the moment with a full two point spread over 13th place Blue Knights in head-to-head competition. Things get really tight in that 13-16 range with all four corps (Blue Knights, Crossmen, The Academy, Spirit of Atlanta) within a point and Madison Scouts and Music City not too far behind.

On the Rise (2+ spots higher than 2022)

Pacific Crest leads the way. Currently situated in the coveted 12th place spot, Pacific Crest is seven spots higher than last year (19th), two spots higher than its highest ever placement (14th in 2019), and six spots higher than its average over all of the years at Lucas Oil Stadium (18th). 

The next most impressive rise goes to another California corps although this one feels less surprising. Mandarins currently sit in 5th place. This is five spots higher than each of the last three years which were all the highest and only World Class finalist placements for the corps (10th place in 2022, 2019, and 2018). It seems conclusive that Mandarins will have its best finish ever.

Troopers are three spots ahead of last year's exciting finish (12th). A ninth or tenth place finish this year would be the highest for the corps since 1985.

Phantom Regiment's sixth place ranking is two spots higher than last year's eight and would mark the first time in the top 6 in a decade (6th in 2013).

Holding Steady (+1 to -1 spots away from 2022)

Blue Knights, The Academy, and The Cavaliers are all currently one spot ahead of their 2022 finish. Blue Devils, Boston Crusaders, Carolina Crown, and Colts are even. Bluecoats, Crossmen, Genesis, and The Cadets are one spot lower. 

In what seems like a mathematical impossibility at first glance, despite winning 8 of the 12 championships at Lucas Oil Stadium, Blue Devils have never won three in a row. The corps has never placed below second in this current era and seem well positioned for another gold medal.

Following its highest placement ever with the shared silver medal last year, Boston Crusaders holds a 1.400 point edge for sole possession of that spot this year. Certainly Boston would like to join Bluecoats (2016) and Carolina Crown (2013) on the list of corps that won their first championships at Lucas Oil.

Two weeks ago, The Cadets were in the "On The Rise" section. Since then, the corps has dropped from fourth to seventh. 

Falling Back (2+ spots lower than 2022)

Blue Stars and Music City currently sit two spots lower than last year. Blue Stars dropped into a tie for ninth with Troopers last night in separate shows. Given the fact that Blue Stars have not lost head-to-head to Troopers this year, it is more likely that Blue Stars belong in the "Holding Steady" category, but it will be interesting to see what happens when they next cross paths in San Antonio. 

If the season ended today, Madison Scouts would have fallen the furthest, finishing in 18th place after a 15th place finish last year. That said, Madison Scouts and Music City will both benefit from Blue Devils B's season ending as they will gain at least one spot in the rankings as their scores improve against a static BDB corps all else being equal.

Back in Action

Spirit of Atlanta (16th) and Seattle Cascades (24th) returned to competition this year. Spirit is three spots behind its last two finishes (13th in 2019 and 2018) while Seattle Cascades is just one spot behind its last placement (25th in 2019). Coming back from a year away is difficult and the fact that both corps have done so with little competitive change is notable.

More Data Needed

Jersey Surf makes its competitive debut on July 21st.


Open Class

When you take out corps not on moving on to Indianapolis, the current Open Class rankings are: 1st - Gold (72.050); 2nd - Spartans (71.700); 3rd - Southwind (65.100). There are still three corps yet to compete that will be making their way to championships - Columbians (July 28th), Les Stentors and Raiders (July 21st). 

July 16 Preview

The only show on the docket tonight is the final one for most California Open Class corps. 



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Fixed dates for remaining DCI competitive debuts
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4 hours ago, ykw said:

DCA had a show last night in Landisville, PA.

I can't tell from the recap if they were scored on DCI or DCA sheets.

Jersey Surf - 68.9
Raiders - 56.35


They were scored on DCI sheets. I find it interesting these two corps did this. 

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38 minutes ago, TheOneWhoKnows said:

They were scored on DCA sheets. I find it interesting these two corps did this. 

Staying more local/regional, but looking for opportunities to get feedback before the DCI tour moves their way.


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2 hours ago, TheOneWhoKnows said:

They were scored on DCA sheets. I find it interesting these two corps did this. 

If that's the case, what does that say about a comparison of Surf to Bucs, Cabs and Bush?

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53 minutes ago, ykw said:

If that's the case, what does that say about a comparison of Surf to Bucs, Cabs and Bush?

Sorry, I was meaning to say they were on DCI sheets but my fingers weren't locked in with my brain. 

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