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2023 Daily Run Down

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Thanks for the breakdown and numbers.  Your work is appreciated!! 

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July 2 Rundown

Sunday was a pretty straightforward night. No debuts to report on and no change in placements in head-to-head competition. Note that Blue Stars and Troopers did not compete so any change in placements should be taken with a grain of salt in the 7-10 range.

Colt Cadets had the largest single night point increase at 4.100. In a good night for the organization, Colts had the second greatest single night point increase at 3.050. The largest increase outside of Iowa went to Carolina Crown (2.950), but that increase came with a rehearsal day since the last scored show. The only significant point decrease went to Golden Empire at -1.150. 

July 3 Preview

There are two shows tonight with six corps going in Cedarburg and three in Mesa. No new match-ups to report on.


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July 2 Rundown Correction

Vessel should have been listed as tied for 18th place with 7th Regiment.

July 3 Rundown


Holy Troopers! The corps put up a huge 5.200 point increase after a rehearsal day and pulled to within 1.000 point of The Cavaliers after trailing by 3.600 points when the two corps last met on June 30th. For those wondering, the answer is 1974. The question? The last time Troopers placed ahead of The Cavaliers in DCI finals. The two meet again on Friday, July 7th.


The Blue Devils broke 80 four days earlier than the first day in the 2022 season with scores above that threshold (Bluecoats, Boston Crusaders, & Carolina Crown). 

July 5 Preview

Happy 4th of July everyone! No competitive appearances today. Looking back through some memories from this day I see July 4, 2011 when I was volunteering with Crossmen and they fed the Madison Scouts after a day of parades due to some Madison food truck issues. And I see July 4, 2015 when I went to Bristol as a spectator and learned that even 7am is too late to get a primo spot on the parade route! Here's to all the corps out there on the pavement today!

Just one show on July 5th but it's an important one. Music City pulls a raw scheduling deal for its season debut with the only World Class slot before intermission, but then we see the season debut of Bluecoats and the corps' first head-to-head match-up with 2022 co-silver medalist Boston Crusaders. With Carolina Crown also appearing, three of last year's top four provide quite a treat for the Cincinnati crowd. For those marking your calendars, Tuesday, July 18th will be the first show with this group plus Blue Devils in the same show.


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Thanks so much for this labor of love!  

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July 5 Rundown

Carolina Crown won the first match-up with Bluecoats and Boston Crusaders, becoming the second corps to break the 80 point mark this season. Carolina Crown edged Bluecoats by 0.300 points with Boston Crusaders just 0.100 points behind the Bluecoats. This is the same order of finish the first time the three corps matched up in 2022, which was on July 19th. Crown was ahead of Bluecoats by 0.325 points with Boston another 0.375 points back from there. These placements did not hold though as Bluecoats and Boston ultimately shared the silver medal with Crown falling to fourth place.

Music City made its 2023 debut at 66.250 and 14th place. This performance came a few days later in the season than 2022. With those extra days, Music City put up a score 6.000 points higher and two places higher in the initial rankings. 

July 7 Preview

There are no shows on July 6th so let us look ahead to July 7th.

Crossmen and Genesis make their season debuts in DeKalb while Blue Knights make their debut in Fresno. With Blue Knights and Crossmen on the board, we should have our first sense of where the battle for finals will be with one important caution. This time last year, Troopers were ranked 17th.


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