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I love the capes, and I would have stuck with them ... all the way up to present day (really).  By referring to the execution problems, I was referring to what I understand was the reason for their unfortunate demise.

Madison rifle line also wore capes in 1978.

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Let it go! We had a very good drum line that year, regardless of your propensity to find fault with it.

Rocketman - lead this left hand!


Are left hand leads bad?

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Don't take it wrong Rocket Man.

Left hand leads are good. I learned 6 stroke rolls backwards before I later learned to play them correct.

I remember Rockfords tenor line cats where huge. Were talking the shortest one was maybe 6'3". They were carrying some big drums.


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The Bridgemen rifle line started the show in hooded capes.

really? I recall them being hoodies?

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Are they capes?

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