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  1. 2000Cadet

    Doings in Detroit

    You wouldn't BELIEVE what it looked like before the remodel and subsequent reopening in 2007.
  2. 2000Cadet

    Cadets 2018

    How's that drill for the closer?
  3. She's also that little girl who was standing next to GH on the field during the 1996 finals.
  4. I was wondering about her the other day. If that's true, I'm glad she's able to move on and continue with the activity regardless of what happened.
  5. 2000Cadet

    2018 Uniforms!

    They look even classier than last year's uniforms. I'll give it to Spirit. For the last two years, they've made their spandex uniforms still look like uniforms and they deserve a feather in their cap for that. Yes. Pun intended.
  6. 2000Cadet

    Doings in Detroit

    If you really wanna visit a train station, visit London St. Pancras International.
  7. 2000Cadet

    Our friend DrumManTX

    If we don't meet at a show, I'm stealing your Texas.
  8. 2000Cadet

    "That's Just Poor Arranging...."

    And you know what will be fascinating? I'll be stuck at work.