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  1. Stop teasing me dam it.
  3. Remember when I said I wanted Cadets to shut the hell up until June? Well I am now regretting my words.
  4. He must have taken it down because I just tried searching his posts.
  5. Where dis at?
  6. I don't care what anyone says. I think Crown's show in 2015 was the best show of that year. I wish they would have won. Regardless, that's still by far my favorite show from them.
  7. Unfortunately, I don't like cheese lol... I realize what you're saying. And I hope what they did last year isn't a catalyst for things to come, but I have a feeling you might be right.
  8. Well looks like spring training is full swing huh lol...
  9. 1. United States 2. French TGV 3. BlueCrown 4. Cadetcoats 5. National Security Agency 6. Eurostar 7. QueenBey 8. We Are The Future 9. f(x) = 3(x-9) - 2 10. Millau Viaduct 11. Unisphere 12. Amtrak Avelia Liberty Personally, I think Millau Viaduct will come out and surprise everyone.
  10. I'm hoping Crown does well this season. I know how staff changes can cause issues (I went through a huge staff change in 2000 with Cadets, and well, we know how that turned out). Doesn't necessarily mean that they will be terrible, nor does it mean they will win. It all depends on how everything goes together and also how they compete against the other corps. I'm looking forward to more of the same from Crown; excellent show design, excellent drill, FANTASTIC hornline, etc. I'm sorry, but I cannot disagree more with that first statement. Bluecoats had a revolutionary show, but let's face it. They did NOT win last year by a wide margin (only by .40 points, and only .57 from the third-placing Crown). I think they won because they performed the hell out of their show and did better than the corps below them. But the show was dirty (feet-wise). I'll never take anything away from their winning their first championship, but to imply the difficulty of placing another corps above Bluecoats is a bit of a longshot imo. Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out this season from Bluecoats, as well as Crown, and everyone else. I really want a competitive season this year. Too bad I won't be at finals this year but I spent so much money on my trip to France that I'm not giving it up.
  11. Due to comments like this.
  12. Now wait just a #### minute, I was simply saying that it would be more advantageous to see a VIDEO of that technique instead of a picture.
  13. I mean, these are great shots and all, but how do we know these aren't just shots of them standing there at the end or beginning of a phrase? A video of their doing actual work would be a better way to judge how well they actually look.