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  1. Time to watch out for snakes!
  2. And another cavalier dick joke
  3. Post apocalyptic show: brand new two wheelers!
  4. He is very entertaining to watch.
  5. Can't argue with this ballad.
  6. My wife has a crush on the Troopers DM.
  7. It's from his live feed today. He also says: Each quadrant of the field, each with its own sculpture, is a different color as reflected by the changes of the guard costumes. There are four different for each quadrant. Red = anger. Purple = choices ("Where Am I Going"). Green = unity. Blue = coming together. There is a fifth color, or perhaps a fifth lack of color. The Teng ballad is white = about isolation (in the center of all the quadrants).
  8. Michael Boo says: A large sculpture is in each quadrant of field, representing sculptures of emotions. The spears on the sculptures are deltas, the corps' logo. and light up with LED lights.
  9. Enjoying Spirit's power and music. But, those hats with those uniforms... eek.
  10. This show gives me a Bioshock: Infinite vibe.
  11. I think Colt Cadets and Shadow's scores were initially reported incorrectly. has them flipped from above.