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  1. How does that happen? Dry ice?
  2. It's about the experience and life lessons...it's not about a number or the opinion of a few individuals giving out said number.
  3. Either they will achieve excellence or they will face plant...there is no middle ground.
  4. http://www.flomarching.com/video/1235799-spirit-of-atlanta-following-san-antonio-performance?utm_campaign=dci2017southwesternchampionship&utm_medium=socialmedia&utm_source=twitter&utm_content=video&utm_term=spiritofatlanta&rtid=6700&coverage_id=255411#.WXP3Ha4pDqB
  5. I don't know...Rennick's writing has a distinct style and I could spot one of his lines a mile away. Now do that with BD and Bloo...very similar, would be harder but I think I'd be able to pick out Bloo.
  6. Well, this is by no means a comprehensive list, but a few areas I would look into... 1) Recognize this is a non-profit business and should be run as such. 2) With point #1 in mind: Recognize we do not need to reinvent the wheel - many corps run successful programs and generate revenue with a solid business model. I would reach out to other corps for ideas on what they do, how they do it, best practices, how is their board set up - what types of professionals are on it, etc. Learn from those who have been there/done that/successful at doing it. Take the ideas that would work for us and move forward. I know corps are open to this because Boston has shared a ton with Spirit recently on this very thing. 3) Establish a large board of directors...As an example, using Boston again, has around 50 or so on the board, each pays around $1,000 or $2,000 per year for their seat = 50-100k in revenue each year. 4) Apply for grants, easier said than done because one needs a grant writer, but corps do this. 5) Set up a recurring monthly giving program. SoA has had this in place since 2015...$20 a month x 150ppl = $3k a month. As a member of this program, you receive discounts on souvies, advanced look at staff announcements, shows, etc. Whatever perks you can think of to encourage involvement. Suggest $20, but accept anything. PayPal has a program where 100% of the donation goes to the organization if they are non-profit. Grow this to 300 = $6k a month, etc. Also anyone can join this, you do not have to be an alumnus. Plus it is tax deductable. 6) Delayed tour, getting on the road later, even delaying 2 weeks can save around $30k in food and fuel alone. 7) Stay relatively local...maybe no more than a 300 mile circle? Would have to look at shows in the area, but start with that idea in mind. 8) Does the community know who we are, such as the mayor, or local sports teams? Set up off season parades, does the area have conventions? Can we play? Can we solicit sponsorships? Would someone like PowerAide sponsor us if we placed their logo on our Food truck? If so, I would want mine to look like a Nascar trailor...this is how Nascar does it. If we agreed to exclusively use say The Flying J for fuel, and we showed them how many vehicles we have, etc, would they offer a fuel discount? Again - this would be a committee on the BoD who would be responsible for this. Probably get a lot of NO's, but worth the due diligence. 9) Comprehensive contact info of our Alumni to help keep them engaged...we may need their services say if an equipment truck needs to be repaired, or we want to redo the ventalation system on the food truck, or redo the configuration of the equipment truck. etc etc. We need the alumni...either their time, their money or their talents. Do we have an alum who is a physical therapist, nutrionist, etc...will they help out some? 10) Set up a Corps booster program for the parents...the goal being to make sure we have enough volunteers to hit the road, sew stuff, help fix stuff. 11) Recruit...can we set up booths at band shows? Any universities in the area we can develop relationships with? 12) Member experience/retention...we want them to be challenged, learn, grow and have a positive experience. 13) Corps experience camps...for those who may not can march, but want to see what it is all about. Good way to generate extra money. I guess those are a few...
  7. There will be no leadership change at Cadets until it hits the fan...the board can do nothing. He's empire built and all involved serve him. It cannot sustain itself and be a medal contender any longer. Am I wrong...we shall see. Things evolve slowly but change quickly, and we wonder why we never saw it coming.
  8. Buses alone run 90k...they don't care what the corps classification is. It could be that, and wouldn't be the first I've heard of it. My instinct says it's to finish tour...
  9. What they need to really understand is that is not a hardship...it is the cost of doing business, and drum corps is a business. That is an expected cost and should be planned for...hopefully, lesson learned going forward. Things break...
  10. Since details are scarce, my assumption is get down the road money. Gas food etc. Unless an unexpected debt was called in...but I would almost guarantee is money to get through the season.
  11. Not really...more in response to Stu bashing. And I am ot defending, just offering another perspective from where I think he is coming from.
  12. I believe I get where Stu is coming from, and not that he needs me to defend him...it is looking at this situation through a different lens. Why a plea for $100k in 24 hours? Did no one see this coming? If not, Why? That is poor management plain and simple and it is grossly irresponsible. Now, given, we do not know the details and are forced to assume...and given how many corps have folded due to poor management, bridging the assumption that Legends caused this issue by poor management is not a hard one to make, there are plenty of past examples to draw from...so, if that is true, then this is not a long term solution and a simple band-aid/temp fix if said management practices continue. That is the larger question that I believe Stu is asking. Issues with equipment should be factored in and depreciated as each year passes, knowing repairs/replacements are coming. And yes, sometimes more hits you at once that anticipated...but the question still has to be asked. I know of a corps a few years ago that had a large ask of close to $100k and it was needed in like a week...and it was because of poor management. Sometimes the hard questions need to be asked, and many times the answers are not pretty. On the flip side, I also know of a corps whose bus company changed the terms of the deal mid-season and demanded full payment or they were recalling the buses, and would have left the corps stranded in TX. Now, that is a legitimate unforeseen hardship and nothing to do with management of the corps. Luckily, things were handled and they marched on Saturday night in Indy, and the members never really knew anything was up. Now with that said, I hope Legends exceed their goal, I hope their management of how the organization is run is on solid footing, and I hope they continue their mission for years to come. But...if someone is asking some hard questions, I would not assume that person wants said corps to fail, rather get it together, because $100k in a day is quite a large ask and almost unbelievable the situation occurred to begin with. But it did...the broader question is Why. Let's hope $110k is achieved...that would be remarkable. It already is as it stands now...
  13. Very impressive. If they pull this off...WOW.
  14. And yet every single year, we hit San Antonio, relative scores are falling, relative placements are falling, and we are treated to Harry and the Hendersons walking around with his iPhone publicly humiliating his team. LOL...