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  1. Corps Income/Revenue Stream

    I don't know the financials of Boston. I do know someone who is good friends with a couple members of their BoD, and know how they have been restructuring things from how they operate and their business model to generate revenue, and know it has been many years in the making to reach the point they are at now. So, yeah, money had something to do with it, but so does having creative freedom and being a part of building something and having an opportunity to make a contribution to it. And if I know anything, they haven't worked as hard as they have for the past many years to get there, to now start spending wildly and risking undoing what they have worked to achieve. They are being responsible and good stewards.
  2. Age Outs

    Spirit had 23.
  3. Lone Star Percussion sponsored a few events this year and it had no bearing on where the corps placed...CEO is Executive BOD for a corps.
  4. I'd like to see a female corps. Imagine the talent level they could draw from.
  5. Madison Scouts 2018

    Be careful what you wish for...a history lesson. Spirit made finals for many years in a row in the 80's. Placing top 6 etc...Missed in 89 back in in 90 (sound familar?)...after 90, made wholesale changes across the board, and that began many years of missing finals 91 92 93, 94 went inactive came back in 95 and slowly began rebuilding. Finances in the toilet and a lot of struggles. It's a slippery slope...And I would hate to see Madison go down this road.
  6. Cadets 2017

    And many people are late to church.
  7. A classy organization and congratulations to all of the BD world.
  8. One of the first ones...i think the 3rd one.
  9. The one talking about his mom dying in the parking lot on semis...wow.
  10. Measure of success

    I would conduct a retrospective and involve: Operations, Logistics, Staff, MM's, Souvie folks, Food crew, Medical staff, Social Media folks, Volunteers, anyone involved in making it happen and ask 3 questions. 1) What should we keep doing? 2) What should we start doing? 3) What should we stop doing? Items or closely related items which receive the highest number of answers are what will be prioritized. Main goal is member experience - was it positive? Fiscal responsibility - were we good stewards?
  11. Cadets 2017

    Personally, when I marched or attended a show, never gave a flip about scores, and marching on Saturday was cool, but it wasn't the justification of a successful journey. What 11 people think vs 20,000 yelling their butt off...honestly, the crowd was cool...but I didn't bust my butt for the crowd and especially the judges. I did it for myself. Regardless had we placed 1st or 40th...I learned, I grew, and I am a better person because of it. I'm not saying participation trophy at all..I'm saying do your best and all else...whatever. Do your absolute best...thrive to kick everyone's butt... always...feel accomplished in what you did if you did all the above...those are the life lessons to be had. My worth is not equivalent to a score. A score won't land me a job or teach me values. An attitude of relentless pursuit of perfection will.
  12. I nominate this for thread of the year. Outstanding work!
  13. Cadets 2017

    I wouldn't let anything said on here affect you negatively. What you saw in person and felt is real...and my earlier comments on leadership was based on business and not an indictment on this corps. Hope they finish out strong!
  14. Cadets 2017

    Example? Steve Jobs...we don't hire good people to tell them what to do...we hire good people for them to tell us what to do. We work for them. Another example of servant leadership...The Concord Blue Devils. Command and control leadership is dead...and those who do not adopt are dying...and I'm speaking from a business stand point...last I looked, drum corps is a non profit business...the concepts directly apply. Things have changed...adapt or move aside. That's business, and high functioning organizations. Would you rather tell an employee how to walk around a chair, or would you rather just move the chair from their path and allow them to do the job hired for?...servant leadership. As an employee, would you rather work in an organization that told you how to walk around a chair or one who just removed that obstacle from you and allowed you to do the job you are there to do...
  15. Cadets 2017

    All questions are welcomed and discussed. Then we solution from there. All have equal voice...its called servant leadership.