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  1. Wow. That one of the more hilarious responses Ive read in a while. You obviously do not know me. 1) As for as being mad about the corps moving to Texas, though I was very surprised by the move and a little hurt by it, I quickly got over it because the corps was in a long period of flux and needed stability. The corps moving, whether it was to Md or Texas, was the right move. 2) Since the corps is still in existence, I don't get the demise of the corps statement. 3) Yes, there was an over aged member and the corps was suspended, but the following year they made finals. Therefore, they learned from their mistakes and grew instead of folding and becoming some distant memory. 4) Yes, I have great "ancient" memories. Anyone who marches goes away with some great memories and friendships that lasts for a long time, and it doesn't matter if the corps is still in existence or is a distant memory. As far as Philly goes, I stayed in the Philly area and still attend many events in Philly and the surrounding areas. Philly is not ancient to me. You should know something about a person before you make stupid remarks about them. It only makes you look small minded. As far as props and visual movement goes, DCI FORCED a safety policy on ALL corps. If members are getting seriously hurt falling off of props or because of fast movement that the corps show designers, management and possibly the board agrees to, they should be held accountable by DCI. If not, my comment about Pioneer is to point out one corps gets punished for their actions while other corps is not even looked at. Pioneer was held accountable and paid for the actions. Cadets or ANY other corps should be held to the same accountability.
  2. Are the Cadets a safe organization? For me this is strike 3. Between the Hopkins situation, the member on member rape allegation and now this, one has to question whether the Cadets are a safe organization to send your child to. For me, its all about optics, which right now is poor at best. Just because the Cadets administration has changed again, there is no proof that they would be any better at managing the corps than the last 2. If Pioneer was suspended and not allowed to compete because of their treatment of members and staff, Cadets should also be suspended from competition until all allegations have been cleared in the courts. If DCI is truly serious about the safety of all those involved in the activity, maybe punishing one of the big names will force all the other corps to take the new safety policies seriously. This includes the ridiculous props that do nothing to but possibly cause serious injuries.
  3. EAST COAST PERCUSSION seeking Executive Director for 2020 season https://raidersdbc.org/position-posting-executive-director…/ A Plus Education and Performing Arts is seeking an experienced percussionist and educator with superior musical, design, administrative, and interpersonal skills to lead and cultivate East Coast Percussion (ECP) as its next Executive Director. DESCRIPTION ECP was founded in 2015, and is the indoor percussion program of A Plus Education and Performing Arts Inc and a sister program of Raiders Drum and Bugle Corps. ECP competes in TIA at Independent A and in WGI at Independent Marching A and was a WGI Power Regional Champion in 2018. ECP did not compete during the 2019 indoor season and the Board of Directors of A Plus are now looking for an Executive Director to build on the strong foundation established for the 2020 season and beyond. DUTIES Reporting to the Board of Directors of A Plus Education and Performing Arts Inc, The ECP Executive Director responsibilities would include: - Establishing a team of administrative and educational staff - Collaborating with the Board and other A Plus program directors to prepare and execute on a membership recruitment campaign - Conducting regular rehearsals commencing in the fall of 2019. - Preparing a detailed financial budget and operational plan for each competitive season. - Setting goals and objectives for the long-term growth of ECP. - Attending A Plus Board meetings on a monthly basis to provide ECP program updates and generally contribute to the running of A Plus. LOCATION ECP has previously rehearsed in the South Jersey area but has drawn members from all over the tri-state area. The Board is willing to be flexible on the rehearsal site location for this position. COMPENSATION This position is voluntary. START Fall 2019 ORGANIZATION A Plus Education and Performing Arts is a 501c3 Non-Profit Performing Arts Organization located in Burlington, NJ. There are 4 performing arts programs under its umbrella: - The Raiders Drum & Bugle Corps - Riverfront Community Players (RCP) - Winter Star Independent Guard - East Coast Percussion (ECP) Catering to a diverse socio-economic community, each program within A Plus provides high caliber productions and promotes character building experiences. Our members learn about commitment, time management, team building, interpersonal skills and accountability throughout all our programs. We feel that these characteristics promote real growth in our members and resonate in all aspects of their lives. The mission of A Plus is to provide youth with musical, educational, performance and character-building experiences through the performing arts. For more information or to apply please send a copy of your resume to Bob Gupta, Program Development Manager, bob.gupta@aplusarts.org.
  4. On Sunday, March 24 The Raiders will be holding a Drum Corps Experience Camp at Elkton Md High School starting at 9:00 am and ending at 4:00 pm . This camp will be for Brass, Percussion and Front Ensemble There will be a full schedule of activities planned for this Experience Day. For those interested in receiving drum major instruction, we will have a breakout session with an experienced DCI conductor. For attendees who register in advance the cost will be $20. https://raidersdbc.org/drum-corps-experience-day-maryland/?fbclid=IwAR3SrfWPVOQ3wi_KqP50n241u2GSYYYYOlZG_HcWA8VrvT3jVEmhfXhxcsY Anyone who does not register in advance and plans to attend will pay $25. Come as a Group? If you can organize a group, email DeLano Bonner to find out about the group discount!
  5. Raiders to host an Experience Camp in Virginia On Saturday, February 9 Clover Hill High School 13301 Kelly Green Lane Midlothian, Virginia Start: 9:00 am Show and Tell: 4:30 pm End: 5:00 pm We have a full schedule of activities planned for this unique Drum Corps Experience Day. Register for one track, either brass, percussion, or color guard. For those interested in receiving drum major instruction, we will have a breakout session with an experienced DCI conductor. What if you are a woodwind player? This drum corps experience camp is the perfect opportunity to gain more experience in a drum corps section, either brass, percussion, or color guard. Bring a Group? Consider bringing a group from your high school or independent ensemble to have an incredible effect on the success of your team! Directors, staff, and parents who can organize a group should email DeLano Bonner at delano@raidersdbc.org to find out about the group discount! Register at https://raidersdbc.org/drum-corps-experience-camp-virginia/
  6. Raiders Drum & Bugle Corps For a limited time, you can audition for a spot with the 2019 Raiders for free! We're waiving our audition fee for anyone who wishes to audition by video. This is great for brass, percussion, and color guard who are coming from a distance but will be ready to move in and learn the show this season. ✅ Sign up to audition on our website at joinraiders.com ✅ Receive the audition materials ✅ Record your video and privately submit it to us You'll hear back directly from our educational staff! The offer is only good until our positions are filled.
  7. After reading through this thread, it seems to me there is another way to stop the insanity. Facts so far: As with any non profit or for profit publicly owned businesses, Dan A is bound by the wishes of the board. The board is made up of member corps (conflict of interest) The board will not impose harsh penalties that will effect their corps in any way (fact) (There should be equal punishment for ALL organizations under the DCI umbrella. Punish Pioneer, a good punishment in my opinion, and not punish Cadets in any way is a real issue) They only respond to the effects of their pocketbook That being said, the only way to stop the insanity, is to NOT support ANY corps that knowingly breaks policy. Do not donate, do not buy their merch, do not support any member who wants to march there. Once the corps collectively do the right thing, start supporting again. I'm hearing the article that is suppose to come out is more about the culture of drum corps from possibly pre DCI to today. This could be damaging to all corps if the stories come out as rumors say. One last thing, should investigations be made on the DCA All Age side as well? 15 year olds marching with 38 year olds and older. I know this is for DCA to decide but should they do background checks on any members over 21? Ive heard there is 1 corps that does.
  8. I use to go to 7th's show in New London. Always well run and well attended. That was back when you had at least 4 corps in the New England area, 2 from NJ and 1 from NY. It went belly up several years ago and unfortunately there are now no Open Class pre-tour shows on the East Coast. Sad
  9. Until there are more Open Class corps on the east coast there will unfortunately be no shows other than tour shows (hopefully more than 4 corps at a show). A South Jersey High Schools Band Association was interested in hosting a show this year but it only had 3 corps. Raiders (local), 7th (is what, 4 hrs away(?)) and Spartans (5 or 6 hrs way)? DCI tried to get Legends to come from MI or Les Stentors from Canada, but that will never work for a Tuesday night show with no other show to go to for 2 weeks. Show was cancelled. Next year there may be 1 or 2 more corps in OC which will hopefully boost the chance of a show or 2 happening here. At least the California OC corps have a good number of shows before tour hits.
  10. The last several years I thought about what if DCI and DCA merged. Get rid of both acronyms create a circuit where all corps are all age and have 3 sub circuits. Full tour circuit. Partial tour circuit. Regional Circuit. Even a new Sound Sport type Circuit. Full tour and partial tour end up at a World Championship in a rotating city platform. Regional and Sound Sport would have regional championships. It would create more shows, especially in the East where there is only a few WC and 3 OC corps to go with a good number of all age corps and more shows can be generated in parts of the mid-west.
  11. I went to Woodbridge First time to a DCA show in a decade. I watched Al Chez do his soundcheck then did the lot. A baseball game on the back field of the HS screwed up a few things. Listening to Hurcs brass warm up. They seemed to be struggling with blending and pitch. With a smallish hornline it is not hard for individuals to stand out. Off to see C2 warm up. They were doing what seems to be a new visual piece to their show. I hope it wasnt the plan to put it in that night. No offense to the vis staff but it was not working well. I watched Hawthones drumline next. Probably the best thing I saw in the lot. I then headed to the stadium and got a seat just as Hurcs were lining up at the gate to go on the field. Lots of unbrellas. I thought it was a bad idea to have anyone perform on the field, but to their credit, Hurcs did. No electronics obviously did not help the small pit. They performed as well as they could for the situation they were in. Hats off to you Hurricanes. Job well done considering the circumstances. Now coming on the field is Reading. Why does it take so long for a corps to set up? The rain had momentarily stopped so they brought on their electronics. A very bad decision. The rain came back and they had to really scramble to cover the pit instruments. 10 minuets later the decision to go inside and do a standstill was made. Bucs did not participate inside. I hope they didn't have a Mandarin moment. Inside, Hawthorne was first up. Sorry, but inside a gym is not a place to put a drumline and a hornline that likes to play loud. They were very entertaining though and have a lot of individual talent. Oh, and I like the new uniforms. Next up was C2. Nice blend of sound between horns and percussion. No pit. Some very long passages of silence where the pit would be featured took away from some of the performance. Overall, I do like their show musically. Last up was Bushwackers. I'm sorry I did not stay. Feeling like a drowned rat in a fridge (it was cold in the gym) and already coming down with signs of a cold, I left. Sorry Bush. Unfortunately, the weather really played havoc. I was really looking forward to seeing Reading, C2 and Hawthorne compete against each other. Now that will not happen until prelims. I wish all the corps the best of luck over the next 2 weekends.
  12. Lots of talk about shows from the top 12 (sometimes top 15) Lets give some love to those at the bottom rungs of quarterfinals. Are/were there any shows people liked that never made it past Quarterfinals. World or Open Class
  13. Weather should be really nice for this show No Rain Hi 70s at the start dropping to Hi 60s by shows end. Real nice lineup 7:00 Welcome & National Anthem 7:07 Shadow - Oregon, WI 7:23 Raiders - Burlington, NJ 7:39 Guardians - Houston, TX 7:55 7th Regiment - New London, CT 8:11 Intermission 8:31 Southwind - Mobile, AL 8:47 Blue Devils "B" - Concord, CA 9:03 Legends - Kalamazoo, MI 9:29 Scores Announced