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  1. 2018 Rules proposals

    I am proud to disagree with the effect judges consistently. Having the power to assign scores isn't necessarily the same as being right. HH
  2. 2018 Rules proposals

    You liked that? Have to say it was among the biggest head scratches of the summer for me. Audio and visual just disconnected, so far as I was concerned (versus pitch blend where audio/visual blended). Wasn't just Bluecoats. Several corps were guilty in my court of not syncing sound and sight. HH
  3. For the record, I saw the Coats many times last summer and recognized all that the show was (and wasn't). What's undeniable in this context (a complaint about the 2017 drum corps summer's sinister-seeming themes) is the single most obvious design element that Canton put on the find was a huge dark slash that severed the field. Whatever else the design was, there was a giant, jagged structure in black. The music and the moves were what they were. That enormous shadow was too. And before you accuse me of missing the Bluecoats' point, don't bother. I got it. I got the show. I also got it that there was more than plenty of darkness to go around in DCI last summer, enormous black slashes included. HH
  4. 2018 Rules proposals

    The trend I most want to see changed is the one where judges don't differentiate when the bulk of the brass line only plays half and whole notes on the move. Any remotely challenging passages are stationary. Cavies and SCV were among those benefitting from this largesse last summer. Of course, the amplified brass choir was another multiplier for SCV. How do we level this playing field? HH
  5. Or maybe it all emerges from the same place? Art reflects society. Always has. Always will. Not conceding anything on Cavies, however. The only thing funny about that show is that someone thought it was a good idea. HH
  6. While "meaner" might not be the right term, the author is surely correct in observing the prominence of darkness and even ugliness in drum corps content last summer. BD was a pleasure. But after No. 1, there wasn't much joy to be found at all. Certainly not SCV with its snakes. Or Crown with one of the most strident finishes ever. The joy the Bluecoats might have brought was literally cut by a giant black slash. The Cavies put primordial and arachnid on the field (along with a general mess). Boston burned witches. Cadets had some of the rare beauty on the field (after a fall). It was mostly more of the same all the way to Scouts for whom "mean" is probably the best we can say. A common mood seemed to be shared among the design teams last fall. Someone near me in the stands in Indy suggested that mood reflected the drum corps community's reaction to the storm surrounding the presidential election. He might be right. In any event, I hope we've moved on. HH
  7. 2005 Phantom

    I tend to think the show is under-remembered versus under-rated. The show was much-loved at the time, which makes its low profile more incongruous. I suspect it's ignored in part because of the style shift but also because there are so few videos available in the public domain. Could it be the copyright police crusaded against this one more aggressively than others? Whatever the reason, the show's fame was constrained by availability. For a large segment of fans, if you didn't see this show live, you didn't see it. That might explain why it garners so little comment. Too bad. It was a great show. HH
  8. Cadets 2018

    No doubt that you're correct that current marchers aren't uniform in appreciating every element of the current style. No matter though. Time and style march on. HH
  9. Cadets 2018

    So you don't like vocals. Or electronics. Or props. Or the uniform trend. My advice would be for you not to mistake the kindred spirits among the backward-biased band of baiters on DCP for reassurance that next summer will bring you a quantum change in direction. I thought the Cadets were great last year - at least within the limits of their abilities. I know most of those who sat near me in the stands - in Indy and elsewhere - agreed. HH
  10. I would bet that a majority of the fans who viewed BD's show this year didn't know the opener was an old school nod, that they thought only that they were watching something different. Heck, as someone who's had Legend of the One-Eyed Sailor echoing in his brain for more than 40 years, most of the old school elements of that show weren't obvious to me. DCP conventional wisdom would have us believe that nothing done again could possibly be done better. That's wrong on so many levels. I, for one, will tell you Malaguena didn't peak in 1988 with Madison. But putting taste and preference aside, drum corps fans born after the tic's demise deserve to hear great charts too. HH
  11. Yes. Someone posted a video of Spirit playing "Let It Be Me" from 1979 in another thread. I watched it and couldn't wait for it to end - and not for the final hit. No offense Spirit. I loved it back in the day. Now it's nostalgia. It's great in its own context. It doesn't have to be great in comparison. That's why reviving the old programs is a bad idea. HH
  12. Every time a question like this comes up I scratch my head and ask why. No one in his right mind thinks the Green Bay Packers could succeed today by using the same schemes that won them so many championships in the 60s. Why drum corps? I'd go so far as to say that if the Beatles were making the trip from Liverpool for the first time today, they'd be a novelty, not a sensation. Wear your outfit from 80s today and see what happens. You'll get some compliments. What you won't get is confirmation that 80s style can substitute for today's fashions for anything more than an instant. HH
  13. Madison Scouts 2018

    I know I'm not the only one old enough to remember the Scouts marching a female (Carmen, 2005?). At the time, labeling her a "guest performer" was a convenient subterfuge on the larger gender issue. Perhaps no more because surely she showered during the summer. I'd argue the Scouts left the door open that day. Tough for a would-be all-male corps to argue now that it can't accommodate one man if it already accommodated one woman. HH