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  1. Now that this is the new prediction thread: 2020: no chance 2021: fall auditions will be video only, spring will be the first in-person camps in over a year. Sadly, several Corps will be missing because both organizations and individuals won’t have sufficient finances. On the plus side, props and electronics will be reduced to keep costs down and help more Corps stay in the game. Overall production quality will be down, but shows will have a more old-school vibe, and everyone will be so happy to be at a show again (on the field and in the stands) that we’ll all proclaim it as the be
  2. Bloo, all of it, all season, but the 90+ sec standing-o during closer finals night was an incredible moment between the performers and the crowd. BD, top notch as always, great props, great shoe feature! SCV, music in general and the blend between battery and front ensemble. Crown, primarily ballad thru closer. Last couple years seemed to miss something for me, but this year was on point! Cavies, ballad and energy throughout. BAC, really great show Top 6, really off the hook I could go on, but Semifinalists in total, overall best year ever as a fan
  3. It has hdmi and optical outputs you can put directly into the tv or via home theater which is what we do. Flo has its own app that you download to the device, so you don’t actually stream from phone (tho you could). It can operate wirelessly or can be hardwired.
  4. We broke down and bought an Apple TV a couple years back, which works flawlessly.
  5. The top 15/16 are just really enjoyable this year! Is it just me or are the fans and members alike all winners this year? Can’t remember a year that’s been so solid bottom to top. (I’ve just not had time to commit to watching below that, so no offense intended to those hard working MMs lower).
  6. Random honest question... this video is great! I’ve only heard USC marching band perform this, I think it’s been one of their standards since the 40s/50s... my question is the story behind its origin and when/how BAC adopted it.
  7. Nah... it’s all due to slotting.... 😂 (too soon...?)
  8. I appreciate how you feel, and like you, I can’t wait to see what everyone is up to, but I don’t think the corps you mention are suffering from lack of interest, recruitment, or excitement. I take peace in knowing it’s going to be a great season (and that I have tickets to a couple shows).
  9. Sadly my list is quite a bit shorter, but I look forward to your play-by-play!
  10. I like the train of thought, but not sure how effective it would be. Last year I talked several people into going to the theater premiere. The sound was out of balance (all treble), the live feed quit during Crown, and the videography at the premiere is closer to Flo quality at that point in the season. Needless to say, they weren’t all that impressed. I took them to a Bluecoats practice later in the season and they were speechless. There’s something about getting your face blown off (live) that changes everything. I think the theater premiere is perfect for fans that want a first glimpse, but
  11. That spreadsheet is fantastic! Thanks for building and posting!
  12. Idk background info, and I agree the Michigan City stadium is a fantastic venue. We watched Bluecoats rehearse in the IWU stadium last year and it’s also a great stadium/set up with great space for an activity like this.