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  1. Boston's pacing? I watched that video recently for the first time since the summer and was struck by how slow they seemed to move. In that respect, it's one of the things I'd most like to change across the board. Hoping for more simultaneous demand in drill and music. Or maybe we're talking about two different things?
  2. Can't offer any empirical evidence to prove it, but I'd guess it helped recruiting. For someone on the fence about which corps, California might well have been the draw versus same old, same old. Certainly reports of strong vet retention and overall talent indicate the kids saw something positive in the Cadets story. California likely was one element.
  3. Jeff is right. The Marines have gotten better - much better - the past couple of years as they dropped the "old-fashioned" programming approach. Lots of folks in my section in Indy last summer remarked on the improvement. Too many uncovered heads in drum corps in general. Marines. DCI. All of it. Corps in general look better covered. Doesn't mean there aren't uncovered effects that work. There just aren't many places/times where the bare heads are better than the covered ones.
  4. Cadets post on Facebook today talks about the high number of vets returning (more than half the brass, for instance) as well as design team all coming back. I think the quote is: Talent is great. Vibe is great. Sounds good to me. Huh.
  5. To have suffered so in a thread as hostile as this... What courage.
  6. A mirror is seriously needed here after two pages of blather deriving from the alleged wordiness of show titles. Sheesh.
  7. I hear you. Brass lines not tackling difficult parts on the march is one of the DCI trends I lament the most. I get it that not every brass line can be Cadets 2015. Still, it's reached absurd proportions, and Cavies were among the biggest offenders last year. Here's hoping all the corps stop sandbagging on this one. Or if not, the judges punish them for taking it easy.
  8. My question is: Will they play and march the tough music at the same time? Because in the past - last year in particular - they didn't.
  9. This is tongue in cheek, right? As in a double meaning? Nothing mystical? Nothing vague? I'll grant it wasn't long. But you have to admit is was nothing if not "out there."
  10. Sorry - and I mean this in a non-confrontational way - but why can't I characterize the teaser as new age blather. That's what I thought when I saw it.
  11. In the interest of historical and linguistic accuracy, I think you might have confused two distress calls. S.O.S. isn't a translation for "help me." Mayday is. It's an English-ized version of the French "m'aidez," which means "help me" in English where it's usually rendered "mayday." S.O.S. in French is S.O.S. - you just pronounce the letters a little differently. As for the teaser, it feels like more new age blather to me. Here's hoping it's not.
  12. You might have to explain this me. Of course, Madison decides what to call the young men and women on the field. Members. Guest Performers. Brothers. Madison picks the terms. Different matter whether we can, should or will discuss. It sounds as you're saying we should lay off. If so, why? If I'm mistaken in my interpretation, then apologies. It's just that I think this is worthy of discussion on two levels at least. One is what might be a momentous shift in Madison's identity as an all-male corps ... a brotherhood ... pick your description. The second is the "member" term itself, which was denied a previous female despite her integral role in Carmen and is now being accorded anew. Without respect to whether Madison should only march men, I think the respect the "member" designation assigns to this young woman is deserving of our endorsement. Madison makes the call. We do what we do on DCP: Discuss it till the tedium is too much.
  13. I was reading an item on SCV's site about encouraging consistency and coordination for brass in both the Vanguard and Vanguard Cadet corps. It included this line: This effort to align the Vanguard brass programs under a common vision will help to achieve the goal of stronger retention between the two drum corps. Got me wondering. Which corps does the best job of developing players in the B/Cadet corps for the premier corps. SCV? BD? I have no idea. Do you?
  14. That was a "featured performer." She was member of the C corps, as I recall. She only marched finals week with the BD "A" corps for this specific effect/impact. I hope they gave her a championship ring. Question is whether it was sized to fit her now or forever.