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  1. All time shows: Blue Knights

    I had a hard time getting it down to 5. There are shows I love like 03,06,07,08, and 11 that didn't even get an HM from me. Your welcome! The first live DCI show I ever saw. It was in Pittsburgh and I was with a friend that is Bluecoats alum...the Bluecoats weren't there. Anyways I really should thank you for being a part of the show that made me a drum corps fan! I actually claimed BK as my singular favorite drum corps until 2012...and 2005 is the show that started it for me. It's too bad I blew off an opportunity when I found out they were from Denver... maybe I would have tried to it otherwise. Interesting to see how this is a love it or hate it show. I am usually against narration but this is one of the few shows that it works for me...the voice over singing not so much but the rest of the show was so good it's not a deal breaker.
  2. All time shows: Blue Knights

    2014- ...that one second. Such a powerful and emotional show with great artistic expression about what death could be like. A beautiful reminder of how precious life is. Also a good example of tasteful and appropriate use of props and narration. Some chicks watch a sad movie when they want a good cry...but I just queue up BK 2014...would be my hands down favorite show of all time but I just can't handle the voice over that overshadows both the hornline and narration towards the end of the show. Still in my top 10 all time though. 2005- a midsummer knight's dream. This is the show that got me interested in DCI and had me considering marching. The Cadets and Cavies were there that night too but this show was my favorite. Jazzy fun moments, moments of darkness, moments of contemplation...a hornline and drumline that make you wonder how this show got 10th place. This show is a perfect match for my personality. 2004- A Knights tale- a great and engaging show from start to finish with wonderful music. Probably my favorite 2nd favorite percussion feature ever. 2009- Shiver- a winter in Colorado. This is a great show that stands out to me in a year that was pretty dry for drum corps. It is probably the coolest drill I have seen from BK and once again I love the music book. 2013- No Beginning No End- This show has no beginning and no end...but it does. Mind blown. HMs 2015- ... because. This show put BK on the map for my husband with their great and powerful hornline that blew a few other hornlines in Massillon that night off the field. Loved the smoke and mirrors too. 2016- the great event. More wonderful music and theming and a lot of thinking. 2017- i loved the triple meaning, the sign language, the science of the inner workings of the eye, and the crownlike brass runs. Late 90s BK- I feel the design was ahead of the times and they used a body movement and show theming style that wasn't commonplace for another 10 years Least favorite 2012- Avain. This was a good show but I just didn't connect with it like I do most BK shows. The firebird gets done a lot too.
  3. I thought it would be cool to start a weekly thread about what performances we loved and didn't love about each corps. For week 2 we are headed to Denver to celebrate and discuss the Blue Knights What are your top 1-5 all time Blue Knights shows? (Optional) What are your 1-3 least favorites from them? You can go into as much or little detail as you like but please please try to keep things positive! I am a huge BK fan so my long answer will come later today- I am pumped for this thread. For a quick recap in case you missed it and/or want to add your contributions: Week 1- Cavies- 2006 the Machine is the favorite and 2012 15 min of fame is the least favorite...for now. Week 2- Jersey Surf- right now the favorite is 2012 Bridgemania... it's pretty unanimous.
  4. All time shows: the Cavaliers

    That's okay- that part is optional
  5. All time shows: Jersey Surf

    The clear winner is Bridgemania. Thanks for everyone who participated and please feel free to keep posting your thoughts! I will be back tomorrow for week 3!
  6. All time shows: Jersey Surf

    I haven't had the opportunity to see them live and finding film on them isn't easy but I love their fun shows. 2003- Alice Cooper Schools out... pretty much a park and blow but it is a great moment. 2004- Take the penalty! 2012- Bridgemania...what a great interactive show...and the only corps brave enough to take the party rock anthem on. 2013- soul surfin'- they had Aretha Franklin live. Least favorite To me...when Jersey Surf gets traditional with their shows they just blend in with every other drum corps.
  7. I thought it would be cool to start a weekly thread about what performances we loved and didn't love about each corps. For week 2 we are headed to New Jersey to celebrate and discuss Jersey Surf. What are your top 1-5 all time Jersey Surf shows? (Optional) What are your 1-3 least favorites from them? You can go into as much or little detail as you like but please please try to keep things positive! I am hoping to see a lot of love for the non top 12 corps!
  8. All time shows: the Cavaliers

    Thank you for all of your responses! A week into this thread and here are the results: Top 5 1. 2006- the machine 2. 1995- the planets 3. 2016- Propaganda 4. 2008- Samurai 5. 2010- Mad World HMs- 2014 Immortal, Cavalier Anthems Least Favorites 2012- 15 Min of Fame 2014- Game On 2013- Secret Society I think my biggest surprise is that frameworks doesn't even get an HM and was tied for 8th with 5 other shows! Please feel free to keep posting your thoughts! I am hoping to hit all 24 WC corps and maybe a few bonuses. I will start a new thread tomorrow!
  9. Open to World Class

    I don't follow open class as closely as I should but given the Legends financial woes and the fact that the Spartans are a very old, historical corps still in open class I would say the corps to watch would be the L. Stars. There are a lot of other newer OC corps growing and improving very fast though.
  10. All time shows: the Cavaliers

    Got home from work and finally have time to answer my own question. Favorites: 1. Mad World- this show to me is the most complete Cavies show. It's fantastic visually and musically and it's easy to really get into this show from a GE perspective. A great show from start to finish with no dry moments. THIS IS MY RIFLE. 2. Four Corners- this is my favorite show from the years of Cavalier dominance. Classic Cavaliers with mind blowing high camera visuals and catchy music...and they are all over the field. 3. The Planets- (duh) just a great show with great visuals and a few standard must know tunes from music education perspective. 4. The machine- this show to me is the definition of the Cavaliers. One of the guys in my college marching band got to be a part of this show and it was one of the last to push this type of show design to it's limit. 5. Propaganda- welcome back Cavaliers! I watched the tour premier in the theaters and thought "this is a really cool show design with a lot going on but I don't know if they recruited the personnel to pull it off"...well they cleaned it up and got 5th place. Well done. HMs for Niagra falls, 007, frameworks, spin cycle, Samurai Least favorites 2012 - definitely a dark year for the Cavaliers. Saw this show at finals and my husband and I were like "who is this and what are they doing" Men are from Mars- see @Cadevilina Crown...word for word. Also wasn't into the Mars/my way mash up.
  11. DCI is a little dry during the off season. I thought it would be cool to start a weekly thread about what performances we loved and didn't love about each corps. I am starting with the Cavaliers because I think they are easy to discuss without things getting out of hand or dying quickly. What are your top 1-5 all time Cavaliers shows? What are your 1-3 least favorites from them? You can go into as much or little detail as possible but please please try to keep things positive!
  12. Congratulations and woo hoo! My favorite OC corps has now moved up! I love their shows!
  13. Shows that you wish made finals

    2017 Mandarins...but I wouldn't want to pick a show to oust from the top 12 for it to replace. Liked wild horses but I would not have put it in the top 12
  14. 2017 DCI survey

    I just had mine emailed to me yesterday.
  15. By the decades

    Keeping in min that if I marched my age out year would have been 2007 and other than ESPN my first live show was 2005... -79 1975 Madison Scouts. Judging by film 1975 was just a great year for drum corps...but MacArthur Park is just wow. 80-89 1988 Madison Scouts. I have a soft spot in my heart for Malaguena and nobody does it like the Madison Scouts. I have it listed as my all time favorite. I wish I could have seen it live. 90-99 1996 phantom regiment a Defiant heart. My husband is a huge PR fan and after looking for film on this for years I finally found it. It does not disappoint. So dark, rich, and melodic. This is what drum corps should sound like. Yes star of Indiana shows were ground breaking...and 99 SCV is great too but 1996 phantom is definitely my answer. 00-09 Easy to answer. 2008 phantom regiment Spartacus. The Cavaliers were great but all visual. The Cadets were extraordinarily clean but I didn't find their shows engaging. Bluecoats and Crown had some great moments but they were just getting started. 2010-present. Very difficult to answer as I have 7 shows from 5 different corps in mind...and these shows placed anywhere from 2-8. Let me think about it and get back to you.