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  1. "62, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate?!" The judges who decided last week that everyone was going to be 2 points apart tonight!
  2. Let’s not get too cynical. I would image the rehearsal block was for the alums who played along with the corps during the encore. I have no inside knowledge but the singing looked pretty spontaneous to me.
  3. Centerville Senior HS, 507 Willow Grove Road, Centerville, IN 47330 Scouts Housing info
  4. Someone posted on Lupo's facebook page that it is closed. True?
  5. Just watched MN show and I really like the tweaks at the end. The hornline movement looks like it can clean-up to something fun and the unison flag work is a real improvement from the early season spread out ending!
  6. Unfortunately it is becoming universal. Even high school sporting events have started doing it. Heck, I remember when I was a kid you could go to the high school football games for free after halftime! Good Ole Dayz.
  7. I don't know if we can read anything from the scores tonight, they are pretty off for everyone. BAC closer to Scouts but Scouts are closer to Bluecoats AND much closer to Cavies (from way back in June). As everyone says... come on regionals...
  8. Hoping to capitalize on the buzz being built by the Scouts closer, NYC Ford dealers paid Derek Jeter to drive around town in a Mustang with Empire Sate of Mind playing. <<Mustang Commercial>>
  9. Stay focused Scouts, you are doing things right so far!
  10. No shows between San Antonio and Atlanta (purposely). There will be a new ending just like last year.
  11. They don't show up on the 2010 tab but they do on the On The Field tab.
  12. A great time to be a Scouts fan last night. 1975, 2010, huge applause in the theater, great guard replay, more applause. Walking out of the theater at the end of the evening, I even got a high-five and a loud, "Go Scouts!" from some randon high school girl because I had a Scouts shirt on.
  13. Finally, the often mentioned never delivered, JETPACKS!!
  14. Hardest decision I have had to make since I helped Granny Smith's children draw up the papers to have her moved to the facility. 1 Blue Devils 99.25 2 Bluecoats 3 Cavaliers 4 The Cadets 5 Carolina Crown 6 Phantom Regiment 7 Blue Stars 8 Santa Clara Vanguard 9 Boston Crusaders 10 Madison Scouts 11 Blue Knights 12 Glassmen 87.15 This is the way I see judging trends, NOT what I WANT, kind of like how I felt about putting poor Granny away.
  15. I just got back from the Denton show. The performance was much better than in Dallas on Thursday. The show was much tighter and the members seemed very focused in their execution. The crowd gave huge responses during and after the show!
  16. I was at the show and the performance was wonderful. As a parent of a FMM, I am much to biased to judge the score. I'm sure that the performance order didn't help. Those I overheard around me were split 50-50 between the Scouts and BK.
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