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  1. Wow, I just looked and the Scouts and Glassmen compete in the same show only once, Atlanta, before championships. Not much of a read for two corps that are 3-3 this season.
  2. Is it rumor or confirmed that there are no more intermissions?
  3. Probably because I have the first half of their show in 1st and the 2nd half in 5th. Don't yell at me Crown fans I felt the same way about BD 07, it worked out OK for them.
  4. Scouts guard also scored higher than Blue Stars earlier this week. BS were 6th in finals last year so I don't think this is a question of the drop by PR but a huge improvement by the Scouts guard and their new staff.
  5. Chad, I really like the alumni clip, thanks for getting Bill Howard. You did a great job, Kitten's Dad is proud of you.
  6. Surprised you didn't have a "special" link...
  7. I was hoping for the Scouts to pass Glassmen but I thought it was going to be by .1 or so. Good job men.
  8. Don't forget to vote on Facebook for the Scouts to win $250k from Chase Community Giving! Chase link for Scouts
  9. Certainly a good opinion BUT I'll quote the unsung lyrics from the Madison Scouts http://bit.ly/bUgu2O 1999 show. "Surely you're not saying we have the resources To save the poor from their lot? There will be poor always, pathetically struggling Look at the good things you've got! Think! while you still have me Move while you still see me You'll be lost You'll be so so sorry When I'm gone." prophetic?
  10. So excited to see a 2010 show with these historical Scouts songs!!!!
  11. I think if you could keep only one staff member from the 2009 Madison Scouts, the vote would be a "landslide tie" for Nick and Dann. Glad they got Nick back!
  12. Donnie VanDoren is being UNDER-hyped by us DCPers??? I, myself, was guilty of posting the very first notice of a Scouts press release about the new 2010 staff. The headline was Jim Mason and I posted it that way. Donnie was mentioned in the Mason announcement but after that each additional staff member received his own press release. Today, Donnie finally got his and everyone has gotten so used to them that no one created a new DCP topic just for Donnie. Come on, he is in the Hall of Fame guys, he reads these things , six hours , you are going to give him a complex... Scouts Announce Donnie VanDoren as Brass Caption Supervisor http://news.madisonscouts.org/?p=242 Chris Komnick, Executive Director, and James Mason, Artistic Director of the Madison Scouts are pleased to announce that Staff Coordinator Donnie VanDoren will also serve as the Brass Caption Supervisor. In this position, Donnie will be taking a significant role in the development and management of the brass instructional program for the Scouts and will be directly involved in auditioning and selecting members for the corps. Donnie is concurrently the Chief Operating Officer and Casting Director for Mason Entertainment Group, a position he has held since 2005.
  13. I guess this disagreement is resolved http://news.madisonscouts.org/?p=241
  14. I haven't heard anything that you stated except that the staff are former Star people. Big assumptions on your part.
  15. OK, BigBadMadMan gets the soothsayer award. He was 3 years and 2 days early but he did predict this. http://www.drumcorpsplanet.com/forums/inde...t&p=1554654
  16. I wonder if VanDoren is consulting with three corps now or if he is moving away from Blue Stars or Crown?
  17. Scouts Announcement Madison Scouts Announce James Mason as Artistic Director and Operations Consultant August 27, 2009 – Madison, WI . . . The Madison Scouts are pleased to announce the appointment of James Mason as the Artistic Director and Operations Consultant for the corps. He will be providing creative production and instructional coordination services to the Scouts starting immediately...
  18. Ouch, 1980 prevented SCV from having a ridiculous 18.
  19. shhhhhhhhhh Troop has lots of fans but they don't want the Phans turning on them!
  20. When I saw this show in Dallas, I told my friends that I didn't care where they placed because this is the most entertaining show. What a bonus for BAC to get a great score!
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