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  1. I’m a very happy alumnus! I love hearing the corps come back to form and that’s one helluva book. SUTA!
  2. Sad all around. May he find peace.
  3. They’ve left the screenshots up on the joint statement thread, though.
  4. And the wording on that statement is just the worst. (And this is from a guy who generally struggles at wording.)
  5. So, like…they have to be aware that those screenshots are there, right? And how does that jive in any way with their newest statement? I am genuinely at a loss.
  6. That makes sense. I was just thinking along the lines of getting some kind of attention drawn to the situation so all of the hate/harassment could be shut down.
  7. That’s exactly what I thought too. At first I was like, come on. But, at this point, I’m not making judgements. But I was surprised (or not?) to see him there.
  8. I had some back and forth with Maddox and a couple others that I deleted. Just felt gross to even converse with them, so I deleted it all.
  9. Well I did see Howdy there early on. He claimed SOA members sodomized him with a broom in the 80’s.
  10. Is there a way to report it to FB or do only members even have the ability to see it?
  11. Don’t forget this little gem: “inappropriate is in the eye of the beholder.” Vomit. That’s where I had to check out.
  12. One prominent SOA alumnus, who was recently inducted into their own HOF in 2021, is on their FB page decrying the “woke crowd” and “belly moaning to DCI.” And continually referring to her as “victim.” (Using quotes around the word.) And telling people they don’t know the facts. As I said before, I hope this is the minority view among their alumni.
  13. I took a quick perusal of the latest FB post from SOS and there’s definitely a cadre of commenters who clearly don’t get it. One even blamed their loss of housing on a “woke mob.” Hopefully the majority of their members and alumni don’t share similar views.
  14. The problem is that the assaults and talent night events occurred at all, not in her not escaping them soon enough, FFS.
  15. Very rarely do I have patients who are happy to hear me say that I need to take out a bad tooth. But it’s my job. Sometimes, there’s just no saving them. I don’t know if DCI is too far gone, yet, (e.g. “non-restorable” in my world) but it definitely has an infection that needs to be cleared. Immediately. I also agree with what others have been saying in regards to having some sort of impartial oversight responsible for protecting member health and safety. (One that also doesn’t lick the boots of the DCI membership.) Each corps should be required to have a compliance officer and some sort of direct chaperoning on the busses and in the gyms. And there should be prescribed penalties for non compliance. None of this double secret probation ########.
  16. So DCI’s probation is just a reiteration of what the corps was supposed to be doing anyway? What am I missing here?
  17. The fact that it took the victim reporting this publicly before DCI and Spirit would reveal their actions on this is incomprehensible and indefensible. Especially considering we’re a couple of months into the audition season. Or perhaps that was their point?
  18. As the phrase goes, a day late and a dollar short. Both them and DCI.
  19. Unfortunately, their response seems to concentrate solely on the talent night events. However, the reported sexual assaults are way beyond “misconduct” and seem to be getting lost in the discussion. (I’d also argue that the term poorly captures the severity of the talent night events as well.)
  20. I’ll also say, in regards to the actual thread topic, that my outsider’s perspective (which it basically is, after all these years) is that the corps really has tried to be a inclusive place to teach and march. And I know three people on the board, that I happened to march with, that are of the highest order and would never be okay with anything otherwise. So I feel confident that it will be dealt with and addressed appropriately. I know nothing beyond the linked statement, which is just one side of the story. There are, I’m sure, details which we aren’t privy to and, for reasons of privacy, etc., the corps can’t publicly go into, at least in terms of specifics. It’s just an assumption on my part, but I think it’s probably not far off. (BTW, I’m not intending to discount what the person reporting this said. Just that it’s likely not a complete picture either.) edit: I came back to re-read my post on this. I think I worded this very poorly but will leave my words as is, but offer the following clarification. When I made reference to “one side of the story” I was thinking in terms of whether or not the corps had taken any steps to address the issue and that maybe the victim might not have been aware of. But, as I read it now, I can see how it could come across as doubting what they said occurred and that was not, is not, my intention. Still, probably a dumb thing to say. I’ll try to choose my words more carefully. (And, honestly, as I reflect on it again, I think there’d have been room to discuss it at least in some way publicly, by now.)
  21. I once got ordered by Tony Hall to get off the field— and I totally earned it. I, um, told our drum major (Tzar Nikk on DCP) to “p*** off!” during a rehearsal. From the end zone. Thank God he let me back on, after I profusely explained, and apologized for, the error of my ways.
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