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  1. I remember RAMD around 91-92. There were probably less than 50 active posters and only a few posts a day. Remember most of the group (about 25) met in Madison in '92. Remember we had T-shirts made so we'd recognise each other? Cathy Doser, Vince Lamb, Christina Mavroudis are about the only names I remember. I don't even remember what my name was.
  2. I suspect that if the season lasted till mid-September, the top 7 corps at DCI would not be maxed out at 100 with the remaining top 12 in the mid-90s. Yet that is what should happen if they continue improving their shows. So clearly it is not an objective scale. The whole notion that there is anything remotely objective about scores is laughable.
  3. Just for the sake of argument, suppose the MSARP didn't help the current Scouts one iota, SO WHAT?! It helped 200+ men. Why is that so easily brushed aside? Because we're forty-five instead of twenty we are less worthy or in need of a life enriching experience? To dismiss it as simply "reliving our youth" is downright insulting. The whole thing was about so much more than drum corps. It was about life. I learned valuable life lessons in the 70s and 80s in drum corps. And I learned lots the summer of 2006 as well. I am a better person for having been a part of it. It was a beautiful thing.
  4. So true. t\These younguns take it so for granted. And I have had continuous feed since BD ended. I really feel like I'm there. I applaud DCI.
  5. theoretically i could be in mankato minnesota tonight watching that show and viewing this one simultaneously on my iPhone
  6. actually it better than being there because my wife brought me a martini during cavaliers and i won 80 online poker before BD came on :)
  7. I have had no stream problems at all. I feel like I am there.
  8. Best Metheny show was the day after Finals 2005, at the Newport Jazz Festival! Pat Metheny at Newport Jazz fest In the photo I took is Gary Burton, Chick Corea, Roy Haynes, Christian McBride and Metheny. They were all on stage together jammin for Hayne's 80th birthday. Haynes has drummed for every famous jazzman alive - including Louis Armstrong!
  9. its a popular song at pro sporting events as well
  10. Definitely. The years where I go to DCI and see Thurs-Sat. corresponds to the years that I bought the DVDs. I just can't get excited about a show if my only exposure to it is thru a video. Maybe if I was a new fan it would be different but after you've been watching drum corps for 30 years and "seen it all before", it is as much about reliving the emotions I had live as it is the actual material being performed.
  11. But it wasn't recorded in High Definition. Is the quality of a non-HD show higher when it is broadcast HD? I think maybe marginally so (anyone know for sure). But it sure isn't anywhere near what HD looks like. HD has really spoiled me. Even last years DCI DVDs don't look crisp and clear to me. DVD resolution is not HD resolution. And I don't know about the sound. Was it more than stereo? Just cause a show is on an HD channel doesn't me it utilizes all the potential of the channel.
  12. I think that most of the things you DCPers are complaining about are pretty unimportant and irrelevant to the audience that this was made for. I think it is OBVIOUS that this is the cream of the crop, but that similar groups must certainly exist at all levels. That there has to be a "training ground". There is in every other sport/activity that ESPN shows. I've never assumed that the only cheerleading squads I could join were the 12 or so that were shown on their National Championship broadcast. And I think it is OBVIOUS that the shows are longer than 3 minutes and have been edited. Full shows on small TVs with small speakers would bore the non-hardcore viewers and have them flipping channels. Selfishly, I would have liked to see full shows, but I don't presume that what I want is the best way to package this to reach the target audience. The people who put this together do this for a living and are smarter about it than 99% of us. It was a great production. DCI is doing a lot of things right these days.
  13. We have a ton of changes to make today - the staff is convinced those guys on Drum Corps Planet know what's best!
  14. I played Ice Castles in 1980. I played Ice Castles in 2006. The crowd response was very much the same. It was cool!
  15. First, I am a huge fan of the current activity, and would never want to go back. This is not about was it better then or now, anyway. I've been watching DC since 1976. I've often wondered the same about crowd response - was it real or simply imagined due to being young and impressionable and at my earliest exposure. But I recently watched (over the course of several evenings) my Madison "Thru The Years" videos (74-94). Crowd response has definitely changed, and it is apparent in the videos. I would even argue that it can be proven. * 1976 = "American Idol", 2006 = "Van Clyburn International Piano Competition". ** Totally different etiquette was acceptable and expected. The fan base was, I think, very different. I really think that this explains it all - the culture has just changed. *** Maybe we thought back then that we could affect the judges marks! **** There wasn't so much visually going on that you could cheer for 20 seconds (looking away/standing/high fiving your neighbor) and not miss 6 drill moves or really too much intricate music. Face it there weren't that many soft sections, period. ***** Seems to me that there were more intense rivalries between corps, and more partisan fans.
  16. It was hard enough to acquire enough "normal" horns... would have been really hard to find french horns in this day and age. The 3rd mello part was the french horn part and significantly different from the 1st and 2nd Mello split parts.
  17. I'll agree to the marching, but not the playing. Most of us (allow me to speak for the horns) would say we're better musicians now at forty or fifty than we were at twenty. Drillwise, I got stuck between a couple of professional musicians. Talk about intimidating (albeit enjoyable). Please don't misunderstand me and think I want to perpetuate any comparisons - Jr. and Alumni are two different things entirely. I just don't understand how no one is realizing that most horn players keep playing and getting better. That was was one obvious advantage that we DID have!
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