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  1. Yes...a lot of my 85 hornline colleagues aged out in 87 but surprisingly many want 85 back. I marched with one sop player 5 straight years over two corps; he and I are still fast friends and in his words “85 hurt way worse” because that was the last year of the “giga hornline vets” from the late 70’s.
  2. I marched that show...I was the Last Man headed for the tunnel (you can even see the recording device I wore for a split second) and in the field closeup of the two baritone players during the push in Tenderland; I’m the skinny lead bari in glasses on the left and Vince Noble (RIP) who taught Cavies & SOA for many years is the euph on the right. Both of us aged out that night. Angelica was in the judges box on Finals night as a “guest” but not on the slate, and was “quite vocal” during our run per a stunned SCV staffperson in the back who witnessed it. Brandt announced the High CG Award winner wrong, which added insult to injury. GH had already let his kids know “great job but roses go to SCV”; I was on the very left edge of the retreat block when we turned to it play to GC a few feet away and many of them couldn’t look at us. Gail took the loss very hard, so much so he had infamous “red circle slash 85” T-shirts printed up the next summer. Fast forward to Denver Finals 2004...I was walking to the souvie area while wearing my jacket when a guy wearing a Boston jacket stopped me when he saw the Madison Finals patch on my sleeve. He first asked to shake my hand, then he unexpectedly hugged me. He said “those four words” in his Bahston accent, smiled and walked away. That was huge.
  3. Probably the most thoughtful comment I’ve seen yet on this. Tying this back into the drum corps realm, my old corps (I keep forgetting my kid qualifies as an alum there too now ) recently posted a new profile photo on their FB page of the corps shield logo drenched in black with the script “V” forming the middle letter of “LiVes”. The result was incendiary from the membership, both current and former. One longtime corps vet alum who is now a longtime LEO tried to give his very balanced perspective, and he was summarily pounced upon by the “You are not of the Body of L’Andrew; you will be AB-sorb-ed!” camp. Others wanted a more moderate message using “all”. Still others wanted the corps to stay out and focus on survival. The curtain got pulled back on a lot of ugliness, and when combined with issues related to the ED topic which won’t be resolved anytime soon I will be surprised if the airplane can still be reused when it lands.
  4. I’m on the FB page where the discussion took place since I’m an alum and the dialogue was certainly spirited.
  5. I was really proud to learn that my son had listened to this tape while he was on tour with Blue Stars in 2019 (trumpet & “dogsled driver”).
  6. You are correct; much of the internal SCV vet leadership (4-5-6-7 year members) took that summer off to do the Olympics, then came back to age out the following year. Pretty much all new blood came in, and GR & staff’s expectations were that the corps *might* place 5th *if* we were lucky (we were told this after we got back to our housing site after the disaster at Prelims) as the average age of the corps was just under 17, the youngest corps SCV had ever fielded. The sop soloist in On the Town was 16. Half our euph players were tenor sax guys from Independence HS who had never picked up a euph in their lives, that sort of thing. People who had marched elsewhere— no matter where, some us had seen 44th place— were looked to lead. If there was ever a “Band of Gypsies” in DC, we qualified. I think it’s been lost to history, but SCV (through Dave & GR) had been approached to participate in the ‘84 Olympics closing ceremonies and GR had accepted. The plan was to charter fly us from Atlanta to LA the week before Finals with our uniforms, silks and horns but no percussion. Premier already had an entire brand new set of drums & front ensemble equipment in LA waiting to go so transporting all that stuff was avoided. We’d do the gig, pack up and fly back to Atlanta in time back for Prelims. At least, that was the plan...until the USSR boycotted the ‘84 Games. When they did so it resulted in the Games’ timetable being complete revamped, closing ceremonies being shortened and our participation being cancelled. The Olympic Band went on. It was a huge let down, and that did motivate us. Gail kept a 12” model of a Boeing jet painted white with the SCV stripes & logo on his desk as a reminder. Sorry for the length.
  7. “From Modesto, CA....Valley Bever!!” (Fans erupt using souvenir “noise clappers” shaped like beaver tails— whapwhapwhapwhapwhap!!!) Corps yell after “Ready, front!!” command prior to stepoff: “Dam it!!”
  8. Most of us didn’t, “...but the (corps) played on” through the tears anyway. I made direct eye contact with a spectator in Row 3 and held his gaze for 8 solid counts during that push; he just went to pieces and nearly collapsed when he saw a skinny baritone playing ** to him **. We were playing so loud, I could see condensation coming out of the horn bells, mine included. The hardest part was the decrescendo and ending chord; if you listen closely you can hear some individuals’ tone wavering due to emotional overload. That moment was both magical and utterly emotionally draining, and when Tenderland was handed out to us again the following year a lot of us ‘84 folks had our reservations about our ability to recapture that magic and rightfully so, as in my view we didn’t.
  9. I marched this show which had the hornline on the front sideline at the start and end of drum solo. I was a few steps away from the bells at the beginning (and end, since we had grounded the horns to do all the body movement) and you could hear the vibrato produced during the hand wave. The bell player went on to become an Emmy award winning TV director & Producer and the tymp player is the incomparable Martha who played tymps for SCV 84-85-86-87.
  10. Yep, those in the FB Parents Group where my son is contracted for 2020 are anxiously waiting; keep in mind some of the parents are totally new to the activity. I texted my kid yesterday and we are in agreement where this season is headed.
  11. Thanks, I will. 🤙 My degree of participation extends to the 70s in one form or another (performer, parent, instructor, etc.) and I have information pipelines to the Januals as well. There’s also a 50% chance we have the same dominant hand. This “moral high ground post” is probably the “adult” post that was merited a few pages back.
  12. I ain’t upset; you’re just adding to the DC generational divide.
  13. This post probably did more to cement the notion that all drum corps boomers are ******* from the perspective of CMMs than anything I’ve ever read on this board. “YoU aRe YouNg aNd PunY! ShUt Up aNd LiStEn tO Me; mY WizDuM iZ BeTteR.” I DGAF about the opening “disclaimer” that attempts to whitewash it; it’s hard to believe the moderator let hubris & disrespect of that magnitude pass. As a drum corps boomer parent watching his 2020 WC Finalist / DCI Year 7 performer (2021 age out) currently work two jobs (thankfully no cutbacks yet) to make tuition happen they are very much aware of both the risks and the reality, especially since he attended a mid-March camp back East that wasn’t cancelled. For him & his CMM buddies it’s about safety.
  14. Hopefully getting a good chunk of the tuition I’ve already paid refunded...........