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  1. “Must...fight it....mustn’t....lose....CONTROL..!!”
  2. I didn’t...the Red Team was in your way.
  3. SCV 84/85/87/88. In ‘84 SCV won its home show for the first time ever over BD and tore up the competition in DATR, WW...come Semis, we’re late to the stadium and we relive the ‘82 prelims nightmare. We gave it away at Semis. Tim S. apologizes to us at 11:30 that night on behalf of the staff for screwing up two ways: (1) being late and (2) not writing a hard enough show because they utterly underestimated the talent we had because so many “long time” vets had gone off to do the Summer Olympics Band. He capped it with the best off-the-cuff inspirational speech and the result is the Finals tape. Observers told us our Finals run through was actually better. ‘85..the long-time vets come back to age out. Different mind-set now. We have a slower start, but after another win at the home show off we went. Tore up everyone. DCI East: utter smackdown. Ran out of gas at Semis despite incredible horn show taking high brass by 0.4 and Visual too. Politics at play the next night when DA made a surprise appearance in the judging box; our judging tapes reflected it. GR is beyond livid, so much so he has white t-shirts made the following year with an “85” crossed out by a large red “circle slash”. ’87 as described previously. GR is beaucoup livid. Surprisingly, he lives.
  4. TRacer

    Music corps should NOT do

    Jocko #### by DEVO However, someone SHOULD do DEVO’s “Smart Patrol” (“We’re the...Smart Patrol... (nowhere to go) suburban robots that monitor reality...”)
  5. TRacer

    Music corps should NOT do

    “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”, as performed by William Shatner on his Golden Throats album. “Windmills of My Mind”, as performed by Raymond Burr on an episode of The Muppet Show. “Twinkle Twinkle Little Earth”, as performed by Leonard Nimoy on HIS Golden Throats LP. ”Love Hangover” by Diana Ross, for no other reason than the title. Cool tune, though. Probably anything by Barry White (“Ah know what you want...” <wakawaka guitar riff> “Yeah...”)
  6. I’m glad I was able to assist. I made direct eye contact with one spectator in Row 2 during that push and held his gaze for 5-6 counts...he went to pieces. IIRC that was the only time SCV marched only 4 lead baritones; we went back to a 6/6/6 split the following year with two of us doubling on Frenchie parts in opener.
  7. Good article— my father was diagnosed three days ago as being in the advanced stages of ALS. As his only child it’s going to be a long road.
  8. “Orchestrated smear”? Really?? As Archer would say, “PHRASING!!”
  9. TRacer

    Most Missed HOF

    SCV, before they were completly AB-sorbed to become Cavaliers 2.0 with “hired guns.” But, they’re winning again, and that’s pretty spiffy to most of the alumni base. I’m surprised they still play the same arrangement of Clowns instead of the “New Era” arrangement with the opening mello solo they tried some years back.
  10. I have heard so much about the culture at La Crosse, how “tight” they are and their ability to retain kids. My son was persuaded by his old HS marching band “big brother” / 3rd year Stars brassline member who is two years older (and aging out this year like your daughter) to come to BS. This is my son’s 6th season and he wanted to stretch his wings outside of CA. Sending Aloha to another Stars Dad!
  11. Very cool; my son’s mother is a BK (and VK) alum.
  12. After three years in the SCV organization my son took off from So Cal today for Blue Stars camp in Indy...any other 2019 WC parents out there in DCP Land?
  13. After 3 seasons in the SCV organization my son will be moving to Blue Stars in 2019 so I cannot completely cut DCI off; however, I am maintaining a respectful distance from my DC alma mater.
  14. You have to understand that physically GR was very ill and knew the ‘92 season would be his “last ride”; in fact, he passed away about 8-10 months later. He wanted to see his drum corps do Fiddler “one more time”, and I for one loved the opening starting line move with the high mark time. Many younger DCP members don’t realize just how involved he was in the musical arranging of SCV shows in the early years, and Fiddler has his fingerprints on it. I still have sheet music from the seasons I marched, and the Bari 1 (in G!!) part of Clowns I have framed on my office wall says “ARR: G.R.” in the upper right corner. It’s the same arrangement you hear today, albeit on Bb instruments.
  15. If anyone else loses a drum at Finals, Alan K will not be able to save the day.