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  1. Maybe my son will get his age out year in with them in some way (he marched 2019 and was contracted for 2020.)
  2. I know you are saying that in jest but PC’s trombone soloist from 2019 had plans to march 2020 and age out in 2021 with them. On a sadder note, that performer’s father is currently hospitalized and on a ventilator due to the virus; we are all pulling for him!
  3. SCV ‘85 dropping into the low walk during the Perc feature and the Tunnel of Doom uniform change. The poor contras had to go in first like this and since we went straight through (there was no “roundy round” action inside the tunnel to buy time) the potential for disaster went through the roof either by tripping & falling, snagging another uniform and dragging it out, or tearing off the wrong part. At the San Antonio Show (I think) we had a major hiccup and the last baritone player came out with both green halves (tunic front & pants) torn off by accident AND no uniform V-star in the m
  4. That was an “all star” type band from the islands that I’m pretty sure had an SCV alum from the late 70’s on their staff. There aren’t a ton of DC alums out here; in 2019 I think we had about a dozen-ish kids march DCI spread amongst SCV, Mandarins, Gold and Blue Stars. We even arranged a “welcome home” pickup at HNL airport as they came back on the same flight.
  5. Probably not high on everyone’s radar but out here in Hawaii (where SCV’s 2018-2019 (and ‘20) superscreamer came from and where he attends college at UH) two of our county mayors (our municipal government structure is different) are very wary of the October 15th “Mainland to Hawaii” tourist opening with those having a negative test 72 hours prior to travel exempt from our 14 day quarantine. The kicker is, ** interisland travel ** by residents like myself hasn’t been addressed...I can travel to Honolulu County (Oahu) and not be subject to quarantine; however, coming back to my “home” county (H
  6. Wow, I don’t recall the Pacific Procession pants reveal. I thought they made us look visually cleaner which was borne out in the visual numbers at DATR. i need to check with JB; I thought he mentioned they had 6 in ‘82 and how they got stuck on the ends of the front in opener. This was during a break during RP rehearsal a million years ago. I had to play chrome DEGs in VF and they sucked from a balance perspective and in my view the silvers weren’t much better as I was battling shoulder issues since ‘82 (I had to take prescription anti inflammatories from 82-85 and hold my horn slig
  7. As Sam knows I marched the Red Team in ‘84 that had our brass staff try something new and march only 4 lead baritones instead of the usual 6 to fatten up the bottom baritones. We went back to 6 in ‘85. Notes from that summer: — The white pants were debuted at DATR. We were already dressed “in the greens” and sequestered on the busses when GR’s voice came over the CB radio: “Change of plan— go with the white pants.” After a few seconds of stunned silence pandemonium ensued as we struggled to change in those confined quarters, but the atmosphere was one of exuberance. Contra Bob Benso
  8. Re”guard”less of age of the original post, I always thought it odd how Dr. Len and Mickey Thomas (frontman/co-singer for Jefferson Starship) were never seen together in the same place....hmm.....🕵️‍♂️
  9. Thank you for correcting eyesight is not what it used to be so when I enlarged the image I could only see his SCVC patches and dates were murky. JW was close to a GR having marched under him in their dominant years.
  10. Yes, I noticed Jeremy’s voice & eye contact took on a decided “edge” during his emphasis on the A and Cadet corps. Besides his professional accomplishments Mr. Van Wert wrote a book chronicling his time in SCV during the GR era and how it utterly transformed his life. This is well known in SCV circles, making the final shot with his jacket on all the more appropriate. Many alums from dinos to recent were alarmed at the prior talktrack not just from an organizational / directional perspective but in general. A number of longtime alums/volunteers walked; for me personally it was
  11. I do; it’s in a safety deposit box. I used a Walkman with a stereo mic and high end Metal cassette tape; I’ve listened to it twice.
  12. Yes...a lot of my 85 hornline colleagues aged out in 87 but surprisingly many want 85 back. I marched with one sop player 5 straight years over two corps; he and I are still fast friends and in his words “85 hurt way worse” because that was the last year of the “giga hornline vets” from the late 70’s.
  13. I marched that show...I was the Last Man headed for the tunnel (you can even see the recording device I wore for a split second) and in the field closeup of the two baritone players during the push in Tenderland; I’m the skinny lead bari in glasses on the left and Vince Noble (RIP) who taught Cavies & SOA for many years is the euph on the right. Both of us aged out that night. Angelica was in the judges box on Finals night as a “guest” but not on the slate, and was “quite vocal” during our run per a stunned SCV staffperson in the back who witnessed it. Brandt announced the High CG Aw
  14. Probably the most thoughtful comment I’ve seen yet on this. Tying this back into the drum corps realm, my old corps (I keep forgetting my kid qualifies as an alum there too now ) recently posted a new profile photo on their FB page of the corps shield logo drenched in black with the script “V” forming the middle letter of “LiVes”. The result was incendiary from the membership, both current and former. One longtime corps vet alum who is now a longtime LEO tried to give his very balanced perspective, and he was summarily pounced upon by the “You are not of the Body of L’Andrew; you wil
  15. I’m on the FB page where the discussion took place since I’m an alum and the dialogue was certainly spirited.