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  1. TRacer

    Caption Awards

    SCV went on 4th from last in ‘84, and took 1st outright In Field Brass with a 10/10. I can still hear my frack on the recording during the nasty blind back up move the lead baris (there were only four of us) did in Tenderland during the sop feature and wonder if that hurt the upstairs score.
  2. TRacer

    SCV to BD..Shaun Gallant

    How soon before BD adopts the My Little Pony marching style?
  3. It took the Kingsmen Alumni Corps three years to pull off Pasadena in 2007; it was a lot of work. I’m glad I did it; though I wish I’d ordered a KAC jacket. Two members in the KAC hornline were Troopers alums; sadly, one of them passed away a couple of years ago. She would have loved this opportunity.... EDIT: ...and the TAC rifles— no matter what their age— will still be utterly bad a$$.
  4. TRacer

    Reference in SCV 2018

    My apologies for the big font; I was getting a 403 error and copied/pasted what I had in Notes where I use a bigger font so I can see it...stupid age!
  5. TRacer

    Reference in SCV 2018

    Some of the references in ‘18 were very subtle, others not so. The horn snap was one of the big ones but that dates back to the Tenderland years at least. It was used to huge effect in opener in ‘84 and again later in the same show. Percussion ‘18 feature: bass drum diagonal; just as they start their solo riff they cross their feet, a move that the snare line used to do back in the Rob Carson days. Side 1 pod of horns about 7 minutes in get up from their kneeling position, “grab” imaginary hat brims with their left hands and tilt their heads down and to the right in unison. It was so fast and cool, it had me cheering at the monitor when I saw it on Flo. “The Toast” in their victory concert run was a nice touch. The extended left arm & fist pose assumed after their very last note while on the stages is very reminicinent of the pose ‘85 SCV did at the very end of their show at ‘85 Finals when they tore off the green tunic fronts to reveal the white striped tunic and extra star underneath, thus “bookending” the pants change they did in opener. Super tight snare feature with really high pitched “rim gahks” (I still don’t know how they do that) to punctuate the end of the riff. An SCV staple. Decrescendo /crescendo and “wave” move (Boop buh dahhhhh....”) and quick pose after “bah-dah-boop” ending lick in opener; another hark back. Front ensemble...beautifully executed “cascading marimba riff” at the beginning of Body In a Cage— another SCV hallmark, modern or old era. Pretty sure I saw a “star polish” was odd seeing the star on the “wrong” side but it made sense with the “EKG Line/Square Root Symbol” V on the costume top. No trombones, and they won the Ott (I was in the 1st Ott Line so that was kinda neat to see them *not* switch instruments.)
  6. My son and his buddies are leaning toward the “conspiracy theory” floated earlier. In looking at VC’s record since 2008 their placings have been 08/13/15/17/18 - 1st 09/14/16 - 2nd 11/12 - 3rd 2010- did not attend On the other hand, my son commented that seating arrangements on VC’s busses were revamped following the implementation of member safety initiatives this year post “The Thing of Which We Will Not Speak”; no one 18 & over could sit with members age 17 and under.
  7. Aloha...Three year SCVC parent and SCV alum here; my kid marched 2016-2018...I received the email this morning since I am on both the parent & alumni mailing lists. I’m floored at this development as there was no inkling at all. Helluva way to go out though; on top and three DCI OC titles in 4 years. That might also explain why there was no “jumbo” combined A & Cadet corps audition scheduled in LA this year (some kids auditioned for both.)
  8. I didn’t attend Juilliard. Heck, I haven’t stayed at a Holiday Inn Express in ages, because Motel 6 always leaves a light on for me. I’ve worn a green Aussie though and played the broad, expansive shows to which the OP refers. They were life affirming, full of farting rainbows, wonderful unicorns and good vibes. In my view the music worked because of how they looked this year. In my mind I don’t think the “eff it, this is drum corps!” Mello sustain version of the finale would have “fit” the classic SCV look, while the *more subtle* original ending as played by Black Dyke (which I prefer) would have. In any event, I think the days of the tunic & Aussie are long gone but if that’s what it takes to be competitive then so be it.
  9. Carl (“The Carl”) Allison, Sacramento Freelancers 77-83. In addition to being a real showman on the podium as their DM from 80 or 81 to his age out year he was often tasked with all the bari solos in their concert numbers and his lip trills in the upper register during Malaga were simply amazing. Carl later brought his talents to the Kingsmen Alumni Corps in 2007 (we originally tried a trio in concert and it almost worked but my chops were not at his level) then Renegades after that. Another vote should be cast for BD legend Pooh Bear (RIP) and the gentleman who stood next to him for their bari duet in 81 BD’s Dindie. Pooh Bear also came to KAC in 2007 and helped anchor the bari section. However, the baris for SCV this year were phenomenal. I often doubled French Horn parts at SCV so the range wasn’t what blew mind, it was the control and lip trills in the ballad or the 1927 feature; they made it look so easy! I also marveled at how seemingly effortless it was to put air through their horns— I have never played a Yamaha, but dang! Quick note: someone correct me if I’m wrong, but was SCV the only corps that DIDN’T use trombones at Finals? I honestly cannot remember.
  10. Q: What makes a good BD show? A: G bugles *ducks for cover*
  11. I think wireless mics do a truly fine job of amplifying fracks and spleeyahs by soloists.
  12. TRacer

    Scv - a new era?

    A number a 2017 VC kids auditioned, a few made it. My son actually touched on this when he called me after Finals as he had spoken to two of his ‘17 brass buddies that were in the ‘18 A-corps line. Both his buddies talked about how vastly different the social environment was, and that ‘17 VC to ‘18 A-corps wasn’t an easy transition at all. They were their own support group. It was a mixed bag— in the beginning they felt and were treated like outcasts, but they worked extra hard and things gradually improved. I was stunned and saddened when my son told me this, but he added the same elements existed during the 2017 Rose Parade gig he did which was a mix of VC, A and alums. Let’s face it: social brutality happens. But, IF the nexus of that brutality is indeed rooted in a high school level “Oh, you only marched the Cadet corps (rolls eyes)” mentality in other MMs and/or staff members then perhaps the organization hasn’t progressed as much as I thought.
  13. They also stayed away from it until the end .
  14. Institution of a “No Hairflip Rule”. Put that in, and BD never has another shot at High CG.
  15. TRacer

    Scv - a new era?

    Obviously the high prospect of winning a Sanford and working with the Rennicks has really attracted elite percussionists to SCV. However, now that they have notched their 3rd Ott and first in the modern era/over 30 years I imagine elite brass players might think, “Whoa, wait just a minute...” before automatically making travel plans to go audition for Crown or BD. Aside from outliers ‘82 & ‘88, from ‘81-‘89 SCV was often in the hunt for the Ott and nabbed a couple; my hope is this year will be the beginning of another similar trend.