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  1. Yep, those in the FB Parents Group where my son is contracted for 2020 are anxiously waiting; keep in mind some of the parents are totally new to the activity. I texted my kid yesterday and we are in agreement where this season is headed.
  2. Thanks, I will. 🤙 My degree of participation extends to the 70s in one form or another (performer, parent, instructor, etc.) and I have information pipelines to the Januals as well. There’s also a 50% chance we have the same dominant hand. This “moral high ground post” is probably the “adult” post that was merited a few pages back.
  3. I ain’t upset; you’re just adding to the DC generational divide.
  4. This post probably did more to cement the notion that all drum corps boomers are ******* from the perspective of CMMs than anything I’ve ever read on this board. “YoU aRe YouNg aNd PunY! ShUt Up aNd LiStEn tO Me; mY WizDuM iZ BeTteR.” I DGAF about the opening “disclaimer” that attempts to whitewash it; it’s hard to believe the moderator let hubris & disrespect of that magnitude pass. As a drum corps boomer parent watching his 2020 WC Finalist / DCI Year 7 performer (2021 age out) currently work two jobs (thankfully no cutbacks yet) to make tuition happen they are very much aware of both the risks and the reality, especially since he attended a mid-March camp back East that wasn’t cancelled. For him & his CMM buddies it’s about safety.
  5. Hopefully getting a good chunk of the tuition I’ve already paid refunded...........
  6. Thanks for posting the video; I was able to spot my kid on the left in the trumpet section. They sound great!
  7. My son is a returning member in 2020 and all he will say is that “expectations are higher for the hornline” under their new CH. My understanding is that one of their new brass members is coming all the way from Scandinavia, a nice geographic reach. 😎
  8. Yes, I remember some of those CG gals at OHS! I was in KAC as well in the lead baritone section from 2005-2007 plus that last gig we did at Disneyland; I was also one of the visual guys. My then 6-year old came to our rehearsals a lot and his mom was in the French Horn section; she stood next to Bob Powers most of the time. I agree the experience was something to behold and frankly it was much more memorable to me than my age out year at SCV.
  9. My son is returning to Blue Stars 2020 on trumpet (he was one of the trumpet dogsled drivers last year) and he is very excited following their January camp. Remember, new brass caption head with BD background.... As for my belated Xmas gift.... ”Feathers up!!” Versus ”Dude, does my purple hair color and eyeliner look okay?” 🙄 Crocker: “On the field, performing their 2020 program ‘The Apology’, DCI is proud to present....”
  10. On a slight tangent, my son called me today on the way to RCC rehearsal as they have another upcoming gig where they’re going to be filmed for some TV show other. This is part of the band comprised of their most experienced members, most of whom are current OC/WC performers. Quick question for Greg-OC....nice avatar! I marched with some KM alumni at OHS back in the late 70’s just after OHS won MBA with screamer trumpet J.Hester who went on to BD. Did you happen to march with KAC 2005-2007 Pasadena?
  11. My son attended auditions for his 7th year in DCI (and received a contract) at one of the “Blue” WC corps just this past weekend; there were no reports of any WWs being in the vicinity. “Drop Off Point”: I sympathize....when my kid finally ages out in 2021 I’m not sure I can sustain interest in the activity.
  12. For those unfamiliar with them, Riverside Community College in Southern CA has an incredible marching band called The Marching Tigers modeled after BD (one of their nicknames is “The Orange Devils”) that’s assisted by BD staff folks. I saw their last show over Thanksgiving weekend (I had travelled from Hawaii to watch my son perform in their trumpet section) and the stands were packed with people standing in the aisles just to watch the band. This year’s show featured two of the soloists from BD 2019 and an electric guitar / miked flute “duel” that was just off the charts and left the crowd breathless. There are many DCI performers in their brass/CG/percussion ranks from OC & WC, so much so they have a “Wear Your Corps Jacket” night rehearsal. As a bonus, RCC’s football team won that night to go 13-0 and win their conference championship— good times!
  13. I expected to be corrected on this as I auditioned for BD ‘81 on Euph at the camp where opener was handed out and remember what it sounded like, but always got the names mixed up. I still have the music in a box. Too bad I lost my ride that year. 😞
  14. Drum solo absolutely stunk, if you listen to it with a critical ear. In KAC 2005-2007 I marched alongside one of BD 81’s rookie lead baritones (great guy) and on one of our bus rides I asked the “what happened?” question since I was in the stands (you could hear the dirt up there) that night. He chalked it up to a stupid level of overconfidence (“everyone in the corps thought we had the 3-peat in the bag, no problem”) and an “unauthorized vocal” that took place at the end of opener. The way he described it, “my spot at the end of opener was just steps away from the DL behind me. We’re just nailing T.O....last note, horns snap down....and then I heard people in the DL behind me say something in unison under their breath....the judge whirled around, because he heard it....I knew at that moment we were screwed; there went our ring.” He went on to say the judge was in the DL’s face for the rest of the show, and they caved. The guy went into the military even though he had another year left.