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  1. Chuck Norris walked into a DCI Rules Congress and.... (fill in what you like)
  2. A triple G is simply a note In Chuck Norris’s lower register.
  3. Chuck Norris silently glared at SCV’s design team; the next day the old uniforms and Aussies arrived via FedEx.
  4. Still waiting for Blue Stars to get the 2-3 point push everyone around them has received.
  5. They already have; they’re alive & well and located in the Silicon Valley. Made you look!
  6. “Nooooo...!!! Don’t be fooled!! It’s a cookbook!!!”
  7. That’s a big 10-4, Good Buddy; hence my comment about 6 pages back which he eschewed with “intelligence signaling.” I judge indoor music competitions here in Hawaii which use a slate of two (myself and usually a guest flown in from the Mainland.) Three guest judges have included the Director of Bands at IU, a top-flight composer from NYC, and the asst director of bands at UH. All had PhD’s and more formal music education I can contemplate. But, what did they all have in common? Answer: -** They had never judged before. ** They paid attention to my tape commentary, and asked me great questions. I reviewed their sheets with them. They were like sponges, even though I’m “just” a commoner with Masters degrees in a completely unrelated field and no formal Music Ed. I’m further handicapped in that I’m not a musician, I’m a trombone player. But I’ve been doing it for decades, and that’s the knowledge the guest judges utterly valued. In kind, I learned a lot during the clinics, when they were more in their natural element. A debate based upon “I know more than you” where academic credentials and alphabet soup after one’s name are waved about isn’t a debate. We all know things; some of us just choose to trumpet it at pianissimo, not blastissimo.
  8. No list is complete without INT or the Couchmen.
  9. Excellent analysis for a term that was likely made up by someone with a 7-year degree in humanities in order to sound like an academician, yet those of of us who already know how to * really * think know it’s just a load of (c)rap. Why, yes; I AM enjoying my current headspace, thank you. 🤡
  10. ...and if the prospective member wants the co-ed Cavies (CEC) experience they can try out in the Bay Area— what a country! 🕺
  11. — Expand the Top 12 to 15 or 16 (potential of keeping more of the cut kids that “go home” since the prospect of performing on Saturday is increased) — for every prop that exceeds 6 feet in height or 500 lbs in weight, a 0.3 penalty is assessed. — For every prop fielded, the corps loses 3 members (one each from Brass, Drums and CG.) You want the GE? Cool, do it with fewer performers. — Corps are limited to one conductor and one CG captain. Knock off the 3 DM BS! — Any extra brass instruments must be carried by the member playing it for the entire show. In addition, it cannot touch the ground or a 0.3 penalty is assessed. Got a baritone doubling on trombone? Tough— carry it on a strap. Got a trumpet doubling on flugelhorn? Carry it on a strap like SCV’s lead sops did in the late 70s/early 80s. “But now they can’t dance or march safely!” Yes, that IS a conundrum........ — Corps vehicle convoys are allowed only ** 5 ** self-propelled power units over 44,000 lbs GVWR or 80,000 lbs. GCWR, 3 of which must be busses. SURPRISE!!! 😲
  12. They didn’t just shy away, they unceremoniously threw their much-loved image over the Cliff of Doom to secure the infinity Soul Stone, did “The Snap”, and won. Ghost of GR: “...and how much did it cost?” Everything...
  13. There’s already a co-ed version of the Cavaliers based in the Bay Area so I think Rosemont is safe.