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    is still happening.
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    is the one that makes me jump up and scream.
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    see favorite corps
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    Video editing, Drum Corps, and collecting recordings, Computers, Home Theater, Car Stereo, and trying my damndest to reproduce the sound of a live drum corps performance in my basement!

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  1. I'd love to see numbers next to each of those top 10 downloads.
  2. Basement Brass and BFDTV camera crew heading to Rochester in 9 hours! Wahoooo! It's going to be a great show - see you there!!!
  3. Crawling up from the basement once again, into the daylight - Ow. it hurts my eyes! Basement Brass will make the voyage to Rochacha for the greatest I&E show on the planet. -Moe
  4. A few videos have been posted on bfdtv's youtube channel! check 'em out!
  5. I hope you're changing it to a "lower" key!!
  6. BFDTV is still working on the videos....just posted a Hanover Lancers excerpt about 7 minutes. more corps on the way... -Dave