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  1. I am clearing out some space and I came across some old Yearbooks. So if anyone would be interested in completing their collections, I have Yearbooks for the following years: 2009, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2003, 2002, and 2000. Just let me know.
  2. I know it was not the intention, but the 1999 Colts show "Voices" always seemed to be about some sort of psychotic event and meds required to treat it. Much more interesting when you just make up a theme!
  3. Just for fun, I will say that Pacific Crest, Troopers, Mandarins, Phantom and Cadets would have been my top 5. But if there were judges, of course none of what we saw and heard would have happened. But, that is why this was such a special season. We all walk away with our favorites and we can have one year without complaining about the judging!
  4. I do not think I would like that, on Finals specifically. The flow of a Finals night is just so seemingly fast and the anticipation builds with each corps taking the field. I think an encore after a Finals performance would just kill that flow. Oh, and anything later means nothing to eat or drink after the show since Indy closes sooooo early!
  5. Yes! On the whole a nice landing spot and open to a decent hour!
  6. I find Indy after dark to be a problem most years. But we ultimately found the District Bre Pub and that was open until 2:00 AM. I think it might become a go to spot since even Hooters closed at 10:00 this year. So hard coming from New Orleans: where are the 24 hour spots! LoL
  7. Please know that I have always looked for your posts and your insights into the Cadets. Please also do not let the negative overtake the positive here. We want to see and hear more from you! Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  8. I know. I was actually just trying to tie this very valid comment back to the topic. In my opinion, there can be no greater feeling for a corps member than to be a part of that first group to make semis or finals for a corps. Those who really stick it out to help their corps take that leap into the next level. And for that, scores are necessary.
  9. But there need to be scores to verify that your corps is better. So I think scores do have a purpose.
  10. They are dragging this day out. So awful to have to sit through all of this extra stuff and Bluecoats do not even step off until 11 basically. Hate to complain, but come one. This city shuts down so early that nothing is going to be open.
  11. Not sure why people are concerned about masks requirements when everywhere masks are not required while actively eating and drinking! I shall be doing plenty of both! 😆
  12. These tickets are gone now. Thank you StubHub.
  13. We have had good luck at Hooters in the past. But Indy after Finals is usually a push.
  14. I have 2 tickets avaimable for Thursday in Section 239. IM me for more info.
  15. Originally thought it was for Vanguard, but now I am thinking Cadets: Death of Klinghoffer.
  16. I always thought that the Cadets would have won that year if they did not have the Olympics. Oh well.
  17. Since others are doing it, I too have posted on the Market place for two tickets in Section 239 for Thursday night.
  18. Have two tickets for Thursday. IM me if interested.
  19. So happy to hear the positive feedback on the Cadets. Seeing the show live was my main reason for my last minute decision to go to Indy! Can't wait to see the. Live.
  20. Does anyone have any updates on the Cadets? Their move in was supposed to have been June 28th I think. But nothing.
  21. IIRC, SCVhad to wait out a weather delay on Finals night and I recall their performance on Finals night as being electric. They easily had their best night of the week and moved up deservedly. May have been an old school show, but it sold well that night for sure.
  22. Almost forgot to give a shout out to Bluecoats 1996 today. To date, the best tribute to Labor Day in DCI ever!
  23. I completely agree. That Wednesday run was amazing. I remember saying this exact thing that night. And it was needed because that whole night was very strong!
  24. General thoughts of 2002. I loved DIi-III Finals. That is the reason why those corps always deserved the right to do prelims with everyone else. One of my favorite nights of drum corps. Cavies: still meh on this show. Scales are fun and all, but wow. BD AND Cadets were strong, but neither really seemed fully realized. The Cadets had too much cheese for me -- and I am a huge Cadets fan. I loved the SCV show though. That was my favorite of the night. Only other thoughts from Finals were how much I enjoyed Bluecoats, Crossmen, Magic and Cascades. It was an odd Finals when the pre-intermission group was more fun and enjoyable than post intermission. IMHO.
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