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  1. I feel like I need to say something sparky (it is the Internet afterall, but I just can't! From one reasonable person to another!
  2. At the end of the day, it is about understanding the past and the present to see how it all connects. Certain iconic moves are still effective on their own, but when one realizes the history of such classic moves or music, etc., then it strikes a more poignant chord. Because one realizes all of the past performers who may have done a version of the exact same thing. And without recognizing the past, it is impossible to fully appreciate the present. (See Cadets Z-pull and dissolving CF, Phantom chevron with leg kicks, BAC Conquest, BD wings, etc. ) I learned soooo much when I watched the Legacy collection from 1972 through 1999. So many things make so much more sense, and my first DCI show was in 1988. Noone is trying to convince you to feel one way or another. But, it is about appreciating the activity from its roots to the present. And even if you feel "meh" about something, that's fine. Just try to get whatever you can from the experience. There are no requirements for drum corps appreciation. We all like what we like.
  3. To be fair, that was my general impression. I have not seen the timings. But, I would be interested to see what those were.
  4. They might need an extra q0 years, but I can't wait that long! LOL.
  5. OK, I do not have any affiliation with the Cadets, BUT, I think it would be a fantastic event if the Cadets put together an alumni corps for its 90th Aniversary. After seeing the Bluecoats Alumni Corps the bar has been raised for sure. But seeing a similar presentation (or even any performance) would be amazing. Does anyone know if there is even any thought about such a thing? I mean you only turn 90 once!
  6. My one hope is that they actually move and play at the same time. Watching their show at Prelims and Semis, it was shocking how little matching AND playing was done. The craziest was when they were in some boxes standing still and playing, then marched without playing, then formed the exact same box. The top corps actually did a pretty fair amount of marching and playing. Posing and playing is just not how I like a Madison show. Hope the staff figures things out.
  7. A Donna Summer tribute show. Last Dance and MacAuthor Park. Flip the order every night to tell a different story on the field. Maybe a Surf show? Or Boston Crusaders since Donna Summer is from the Boston area. LOL.
  8. No worries. No offense taken. I am just trying to better understand the show. And the opening line helps a lot.
  9. Thanks for the line from the opening. I just assumed they were dreams. And that is why they were all over the place in terms of music, mood, etc. And the different languages were part of the dreams. But, it was often a lot of guard used just to carry the cloths. Great show either way.
  10. Not sure if this has already been addressed, but what is the purpose of the blue puffy fabric that various guard members carried throughout the show? I have not read any sort-of show description, so I had no real idea what those meant. THANKS.
  11. I could have sworn that I saw him at prelims. It looked a lot like him but with a new haircut. I could of course be wrong. But, I shocked to even think that he would show up in Indy.
  12. We got in line at about 5:35 or so. Started a stop watch and it took 45 minutes to make it to the seats. This was my worst Finals experience ever from the perspective of never-ending lines in all areas. But, one personal vent: while the masses had managed to create the serpentine queue on their own, one man wearing a corps polo with a name tag decided to tell the crowd that the line that they were in did not turn at the end of the street. So this edict from someone who had the possible aire of authority caused a break of the orderly chaos and created complete chaos. It was an absolute mess, but doing something like that made it messier.
  13. And in some cases they perfect it!
  14. Well I always thought they should have tackled pieces from Barber and the more modernist Copland music (Grohg for example), but then Vanguard did it. So now maybe they can do what I always wanted Vanguard to do: The Choruses from Death of Klinghoffer. That would be something completely different from them. Either way, 2022 was a fantastic return for them!
  15. Is it just me, or should this already be posted? The lineup was determined by scores (I thought), so what is the issue. Alternatively, if it has been posted, then apologies to DCI. And could someone share it? Thanks!
  16. I feel like the order is set now. Just like the final run through of a dog show. The only thing I really hope for is the Cadets maintaining the 6th spot. Opening the final group would be amazing!
  17. I am not one to go out on a limb (I am too fat for that). But, i just have a feeling that someone might nip BD. Their show just kind of lays there. And I am just not sure it is all that. And is it just me or were there some significant dirt in brass and guard tonight. So I just do not know that we should be anointing BD just yet. Please keep in mind that I anointed them last week. LoL.
  18. I have said it before, but I will say it again. The Cadets show makes me so happy! It is almost like we can finally exhale!
  19. Wow! Great night for Colts! 2.5 point spread to BK! And a win for percussion wow!!! Great work from the Red Team!
  20. Better to have transition issues at this point rather than fundamentally bad show designs that are not salvageable. Like in some recent shows.
  21. I love this year's show. But, I think transitions need work. Especially ially between the Jazz segment and the ballad. They seemed to take a beat or two tonight, to let it breath. It needs more. I am hoping for some musical interlude that is closing of the club, evening over kind of moment. Then lead into that fantastic ballad. They just need to let some portions of the show breath and resolve. I can't wait to see them in Indy!
  22. I have had dreams where I am pulled from the seats and asked to fill in for a hole. Of course, I agree, but have absolutely no idea where I am supposed to be or what I am supposed to be doing. It does not go well. LoL. Among other dreams that involve drum corps.
  23. Thanks for sharing. Just donated! Every little bit helps!
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