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  1. It's now been eight days since The Cadets and Crossmen have been judged by a full panel. With Denver being a washout, I'm very interested in how they score.
  2. The only thing that would have kept them out of the 7-9 group would have been something like the Crossmen beating them in Denver.
  3. How would they run out of hours if they wouldn't be going anywhere between today and tomorrow and not leaving until after the rain delay show?
  4. Today's corps adminstration is a bunch of wimps. We would have figured it out. Hell, we were able to deal with two buses breaking down at the same time.
  5. None of these corps have a show tomorrow. Why can't they do a rain delay show tomorrow? I know they will be thrown off in their scheduling, but aren't they resilient enough to deal with that?
  6. And I know a lot of the corps considered the last show a "dry run" show for incorporating changes to their shows. They likely would have performed much better tonight with those changes more ingrained in the performers.
  7. It sucks that a show that determines placements in a big regional doesn't have a "rain delay" contingency to compete the next day. The Cadets and Crossmen are stuck with scores from a partial judging panel. The Blue Knights haven't been judged in a while.
  8. Music City's show doesn't have the strong hook last year's show did, but it's a strong show and this corps is developing nicely. Glad they are in World Class.
  9. I have a bad feeling about this. What happens to San Antonio Qualifications if this show doesn't happen?
  10. Hey, the Surf's cymbals just did some flashy moves. Good to see a cymbal line.
  11. Have to say this is a wonderful crowd. They are giving all the corps a lotta love
  12. Two shows in a row putting the pit to the side. It works for me.
  13. With the Memphis show starting later and, now, the Denver show having a late start, this show is the only game right now...and for a while.
  14. This is my favorite "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" this year. Luscious solo and that baritone ensemble had me melting.
  15. The Colts always deliver a show that is very accessible. I love the charts with familiar music. They are still by Chuck Naffier, right? The visual where the big blue cover moves over the props and they change from fiery to blue is one of the smartest visual effects in DCI this year.
  16. Nice crowd reaction to Madison's show...and well deserved. They faked out the announcer, but what was next was a nice ending. We don't see too many sustained company fronts anymore. I love them.
  17. The most encouraging thing was how Crossmen squeaked by Cadets in GE last night. The last time they faced with a full panel, Crossmen also took the Cadets in Visual on the basis of that great Color Guard they have this year. Cadets strength over the Crossmen is Music. I'd say the only way Crossmen could catch the Cadets is for the Bones Percussion scores to get better. They don't have to beat them in that caption, however. Just get better.
  18. What group of three a corps falls in is the key thing. If that was determined on the last scores every corps has now, there's a clear gap between each threesome. The smallest gap is a 1.2. Is San Antonio based on tonight's scores or is it some average? If it's tonight's scores, there would have to be a big surprise surge by someone who is currently in 4th, 7th, 10th, or 13th to change the threesomes as they look now.
  19. I honestly don't understand why you are freaking out about this. The scores here don't matter. I suspect several of the corps incorporated new elements into their shows that needed to be practiced. Tomorrow night is what matters. That being said, the Crossmen beating the Cadets in GE is noteworthy. GE was a full panel. Go Bones.
  20. I know the results of this show won’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but I am sure the Crossmen and Cadets are unveiling show changes that need a dry run before the competition on Saturday that determines placement in San Antonio.
  21. A pretty straightforward recap except for Spirit being ahead of Phantom in Guard and Brass.
  22. There actually were eight judges, but three of them were insects. No one can understand what their sheets say.