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  1. I stayed off the forums this year exactly due to threads like this one. But, it continues to amaze me that haters gotta hate, and no matter what, someone will complain that BD's drill is too easy, not has hard as the others etc... But, it is pretty encouraging to see that there is so much support for BD this year. IMO, the show is very very good, and performed at levels not seen in a long time. Do it up, Deviils!
  2. Agree with you. But it is still poor behavior. Not illegal behavior.
  3. have to agree here. But, OC SCVC and then BDB seems to be the direction. I know neither BDB or SCVC was happy the other day with their performances, but I wonder if BDB can get clean in time. SCVC will be very clean, they always are. And OC has been coming on strong for a few years...
  4. Geez, Charlie.. Can you lighten up a bit? You managed to take great thread and then turn to your normal BD is no good rant.... I doubt seriously that you can speak for BD corp members vs Crown members as you likely did not march for both. As for the show, the beginning of the Crown show looks very difficult, but then it kind of eases up a lot. This is a lot more like any other performing art. If you cannot do it clean or well, you don't win.
  5. Booing shows a lack of class. And I am really disgusted with the defense of booing as "everyone does it or every sport has it." Geez, as a parent, would I ever let my kid get away with that BS? Can't we be better in at least 1 way? I don't boo. But, "fans" can do whatever they like, including showing their complete lack of class by booing. Sad.
  6. Hi Michael, Please keep up your writing. Perhaps DCI could use more bloggers, but they would be hard pressed to find a better one. In appreciation,
  7. Agree with the last part, but not so sure about the 1st. BTW, Cadet or Phantom could catch Crown or BD. Who knows why people boo, but BD expects to get booed whenever they win outside of Ca.
  8. Hi Garry, this is a quote just after yours. Makes my point about focusing hatred on BD. Gets old reading this crap, but at least the judges see things in a more objective light. "When you have a tremendously difficult program accompanied by great performance, then it's not hard to see why people would think Crown should win. If you aren't a BD homer and look at the visual for more than 2 minutes, you realize that BD simply doesn't measure up. You can see that they're incredibly dirty and "nonsense" forms are "justified" by the dada concept. The fact is, it's dirty as hell and they're getting away with it. Furthermore, they have no effect but somehow they are capturing the general effect captions. Maybe that's why they're getting golf-clapped and boos every time scores are announced. There's no doubt about thier performance. These guys are performing at a level unmatched this year. Like holy crap... BD is great on the individual level. But why they're winning GE, I'll never know. Why they're winning Visual, I'll never know. "
  9. +1 You are 100% right about the shows, home field advantage etc... And the top 3 open class corps are all west coast. And I like your idea about finals. But, that would require some work (oh no, we cannot have DCI actually doing work can we?) As for all of the hand wringing that is going on out there, save the logistical whining for later. There are far more demanding venues than DCI that can accommodate changing every championship. I think one is currently going on in London. DCI needs to step it up. This is my last travel to Indy. 4 times is enough for a lifetime.
  10. They don't make nearly as much as you indicate. BD does charitable gambling, which is allowed in every state except for Arkansas, Tennessee, Hawaii, and Utah. Definitely, there are laws to follow and hoops to jump through, but it can be done. The real reason that there is not major west coast shows is that marketing within DCI sucks. Basically, the west coast fan base is not among those that DCI cares about. Period. All of the rest is justification and misdirection/misinformation. The answer is to grow the fan base... And most international sporting organizations cannot do that by locking in set venues for decades at at time. But, DCI simply is either incompetent in marketing or does not care.
  11. I don't question BD scores at all. There are lots of threads that focus hatred on BD, and it is kind of nice to be on one that doesn't.
  12. Won't work. The negativity will stop when BD stops winning. That is all that some people really want. Of course, different show design, different brass, different percussion, and different color guard would work. They could fire their entire staff and replace it with a staff from Phantom, or at maybe get Crown's brass staff to come over in its entirety. Of course, no corp would ever take the staff from a different corp... that would be unethical. I am sure that DCI would not allow that. I know, let's just turn them into a perennial 5 place corp and then after about a decade, we can see the negative threads stop. Haters got to hate.
  13. I think that BD has to watch out for Phantom, SCVs drumline, and Crowns Brass. My guess is that Phantom was flat the other night. But, clearly, BD is not resting on their laurels.