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  1. Crunchy...Would your charming bride be Jan???? Send her XOXOXOXs from the Bralows.
  2. In 1981 I "dragged" the shields onto the field in a rickety, old, two wheeled shopping cart that lasted, oh, about two weeks. From then on they were carried out to the field. RIP John Brazale :angel: :angel: :angel:
  3. Mornin' Folks! Just got an email from DCI that they billed my credit card. That tells me the DVDs are on their way. Way to go DCI for getting the product out ahead of schedule! Kudos! I...........can't.........................w..........a............i..........t! b**bs b**bs b**bs b**bs
  4. Lastly, I don't understand your use of logic. Since I think Spartacus is boring, that equates me as someone who lacks necessary experience to appreciate it? Huh? Also, I don't quite follow how a disagreement in preference and opinion makes me a vapid, trend-following consumer? Simply put, I don't like Spartacus. I don't understand how that makes me stupid. Fanatic..no one called you stupid. Enjoy your hot dogs this summer while the rest of us enjoy Spartacus.
  5. Couldn't be happier about this announcement. I have very fond memories of being on M&M staff in 81 and 82. I also had the pleasure of schlepping those shields onto the field, man they were heavy!!!!! The highlight was hearing the crowd in Montreal chanting Phantom,Phantom, Phantom as they marched off the field after their 1981 finals performance. It was electric. Fast forward to 2008. The staff in place will work wonders with this theme. JD & Paul's incredible arranging will bring a fresh take on an old standard. I like the idea of taking more modern pieces and working them into the program with more traditional ones. I think this is where the current staff shines. Just look at '03, '06, '07. Incredible selections that flowed smoothly, flawlessly drawing the crowd in. 2008 will most likely be no different. Hey Trisha. I know Marie is watching this right now and loving each and every minute of it! Wishing the 2008 staff and members a rewarding and memorable season. Bring it home Regiment! Sutasaurus.
  6. Hi Tom... Okay I'll bite. How would the 1993 show have fared in 1989? Not that the 1989 show was any slouch. I feel they may have had the extra GE going for them. Thoughts?
  7. I believe Adam Sage would have submitted the guard costume design. I know he worked with a different company this year than the past two.
  8. Excellent post Trisha.... You make some valid arguments on what has/does work for this corps. Your passion for the Regiment, as well as the drum corps activity as a whole, is very evident in your thoughts, ideas and feelings. If Marie were reading this today, she would be cheering you on. Great imagination BTW would love to see your ideas on the field
  9. That was a very frustrated David St. Angel and no it is not a stock move for the corps... or for Mr. St. Angel either. Have a nice 2008
  10. A point well made. Look how Cadets have been crucified by numerous posters because of things they've done to move the activity forward. I know....define forward. Please let's not start one of THOSE threads again. One man's progress is another man's pain. Jamey and the staff decided to bring something fresh to the field and the judging community didn't share their vision I guess. This year's visual scores will not discourage them from future innovation. How do you think they've been a DCI finalist for this many years?Certainly not by copying everyone else. I'm genuinely excited for the drum corps community this coming season. I think we will see an even greater level of accomplishment and professionalism...thanks to the few corps out there that are willing to stick their creative necks out.
  11. A honk for the Chevron....but have always loved SCV's logo
  12. The fact is, Rocketman...Euphononium was making a point that Regiment's visual wasn't as lackluster over the past couple of years as you're making it out to be. Get our drift????
  13. Have to agree Johnnyboy...that show was so much fun. Not something usually associated with the Regiment which is why it doesn't get the recognition. The 2005 program proved to me those folks can pretty much tackle anything thrown at them....and do it well. Trisha..wish I could help you out. I didn't tour that year. Check with some of the support staff like Dieter or Cathy... they might know. Warmest regards, Dave....Marie's son
  14. Well Rocketman... I respect your opinion as that of a drum corps fan and as a fellow alum. Sorry you didn't care for what the corps did visually this year....but to each his own. I found it a nice break from the "visual rehashes" I saw this year. I remember long ago....in a galaxy far, far away when "scatter drill" was the hottest thing in drum corps. To me the "flocking" essentially was a new spin on the scatter drill. Both moves pretty much accomplished the same thing. b**bs But I digress............ I look forward to seeing what Nick and the rest of the visual staff at Regiment produce for the 2008 season. Best of luck staff and members alike. SUTA, over and out. Plockster
  15. I guess I beg to differ on your point about Regiment's drill over the last few years. 2005 and 2006 had drills that complimented what the corps played beautifully. 2007 was no exception. The whole flocking idea was a breath of fresh air. To me it's more substance than flash or "wow" as you call it. As for Nick taking the design in a new direction, we'll see. Just look what JD has done for the corps in the past few years............
  16. So...Rocketman, you're saying Jamey wasn't given "creative license" during his tenure at Regiment? You ask: Why change? Jamey chose to pursue a life outside of competitive drum corps. Regiment had to replace him. Why not give Nick the opportunity to make a name for himself? I'm sure the creative staff will work closely with Nick to point the Regiment's visual program in a new direction. Time will bear this out my friend.....Sincerely, Plock.
  17. Hey Alll... New here.... Been visiting DCP for a couple of years now and felt it's time to chime in. Some great contributors to this website. I feel honored to be a part of such a great group of folks! I think the Regiment has been heading in the right direction for the last four years...as an alum I'm really pleased with their product! Bringing on a new drill designer is a big step but knowing the organization...it's a calculated one B) . 2007 was your best effort to date Regiment! Here's to even more success in the years to come. A big thank you to Jamey for all of your incredible work!
  18. Have to agree with Mr. Trumpet....Phantom had MELODY
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