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  1. You should you know we don't discuss ineffective birth control methods here.
  2. [looking for key combination to make "irony" font.] Also, I must surely be the only millennial who started marching in 1976.
  3. Why did you wimp out? The obvious denouement of this idea is for competitive outcomes to be decided entirely by online voting by fans. ALL of us are capable judges, surely. You could call whatever score-keeping system that is devised the "Sanjaya-tron".
  4. I don't know any details but BITD when corps would repeat significant portions of their show from one year to the next, if you had someone drop out just before or during tour, it could have been tempting to let that marcher who aged out last year, and who already knows half the show, to march at least for a little while. I was such a replacement (but not overage) one year when I had planned not to march, went to an early season show as a spectator, and was asked by corps staff if I was interested in filling a hole which had just opened. But there is almost zero motivation to march overage members now, there's so much great young talent and so much attention paid to everyone and everything.
  5. Thanks. Still, I think your last paragraph validates what I posted. The camera operators, at the least, are actual professionals, n'est pas?
  6. You seem to think these people are not professionals with full time jobs now. That's a huge assumption. Do you think they just sit around watching Twitch when they're not filming drum corps shows?
  7. DCI is not a single corporation operating all the corps, so good luck getting all those directors to follow the advice of your 22 year old. Also, the fist thing a business-savvy person would say to do with DCI corps would be to shut down the ones that have a hard time supporting themselves. So sure, there's probably a way for DCI to make more money, as long as you don't mind changing the entire activity in a way that would most likely be displeasing to the vast majority of current fans, and that would never come close to attracting even a tiny fraction of the numbers of fans that make professional and college sports so attractive to big corporations like Nike.
  8. Amazon>Teachers>Mathematics Mysterious props that you can use to confuse your students. Must pay shipping from one of the Carolinas.
  9. Yes please! The costumes, the music! And they'd find a way to incorporate some funky lighting too, I'm sure.