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  1. What a disgusting statement. Victim blaming, shirking responsibility, failing to say anything at all that matters... Embarrassed to have spent such a large part of my youth as a Cadet.
  2. The university president doesn't also coach the football team.
  3. Guys, SCV is going to win. Check out those Repertoire / Achievement spreads.
  4. 1986, 1991, and 1999 didn't score as well, but they weren't a generation or two behind the state of the art, design-wise. We weren't playing catch up when we decided to march almost no color guard in 1986, do a 4.5 minute ballad in 1991, or spend almost 3 straight minutes about 208 in 1999. These were state of the art design choices that didn't work out. 1999 was just too ####### hard to clean, but it's still an awesome show to watch. It's been a while since we weren't playing catch up to the rest of the activity. Just my observation as someone who hasn't been to a show in 5(?) years.
  5. Are you an SI? I have a client that sells its cloud services to SIs and those guys mark us up in a big way and their sales guys must make a ton of cash.
  6. Why not? Corps have used orchestral music programatically for decades. Which is why it would have been interesting to re-frame the Mass in some modern way. What does this have to do with my opinion about the show? The difference is that the 1983 show was, "Hey this music from Mass is cool and would work well on the field." I mean, "God Said" is a drum solo with a soprano feature, not a satire about someone losing faith in institutions. The 2017 show is, "Hey, lets do the Mass, complete with choir robes and stained glass." The music works -- of course it does -- Bernstein only had a few clunkers that wouldn't work. In my opinion, programming the Mass around music from the Mass should look a little different. That's all.
  7. Nah, I think it's because to me the show doesn't feel "Mass-like." It feels like a religious show that misses the entire subversive point of Mass, which has very little to do with religion and more to do with anti-establishmentarianism, protesting wars, experimenting with the clash of musical genres (to ... widely varying degrees of success), and reflecting a mirror back at late 60s-early 70s America. When we get to something that is even close to being on-point (Dona Nobis Pacem), we play it WAY too fast for it to land and I feel like it doesn't work. It should be utterly destructive and catastrophic. The Celebrant actually destroys the sacrament in the score. We play it because we need a swing section. Just my opinion. Check out this Dona Nobis Pacem (should autoplay at 1:25):
  8. I'm really trying with this show but something about it just feels off.
  9. The 2000 version was arranged by Bocook, but was almost 1983 verbatim. 2001 and 2002 version was slightly different. Didn't play it in 2003 (it was in the show). 2004-2016 was the 2001 version but they scrapped a couple of the releases at the end.
  10. oh my head. This production in my opinion misses the entire spirit of the Mass. The work supposed to be a big joke with a few serious moments that meditate on life and spirituality, while throwing in observations about politics. First clue: It's a Catholic mass written by a gay Jew. It's laced with whimsy and challenge and irony and outright social subversion and except for a few short minutes has almost nothing to do with Catholicism at its core. Watching the Cadets, you'd think that they were playing Missa Solemnis.
  11. I think all the captions are totally fine, but show design wins. You can win with a great design but less-than-perfect performance (cough, Bluecoats, cough), but you cannot win with the cleanest performance possible of a show that isn't "great design," as defined by the judging community in any given year. Everything about this show is "fine." I would have really enjoyed performing this show, but it isn't "top tier" design, in my estimation.
  12. I mean, Dona Nobis Pacem is kind of "staged," in that the hornline is mostly scattered and then when the shout chorus comes around they all wander slowly to the front of the field. Other than that, it's mostly fast drill between the 30s. It's a little disconcerting because it's so not Jeff. Not bad, just not Jeff.
  13. This show is very fun to watch and to listen to. Lots of running and gunning, which I enjoy. The drums are playing a ridiculous quantity of notes. The guard's work is very ambitious. The horns are aggressive but maybe a little sloppier than you'd like. As expected, it's a trainwreck so far, which is Standard Issue Cadets on June 11 or 12 of any year. If we're interested in competing for a medal, we're doing it by making this statement: "We do what we do better than anyone else could possibly do it, and what we do is barely humanly possible." My sense is that this doesn't win like it did 20 years ago, but who cares? It's just band and it's a lot of fun to watch.