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  1. I thought that was the victim, not the one accused of assault.
  2. Question, is the alleged suspect still marching with the Cadets in 2019?
  3. Do the Crossmen have an outside board or is it similar to Pioneer where Morrison is the corp director and board president . I see another Morrison on the board (wife maybe?) and no Board President listed.
  4. seems surprising that they had that much fat on staff at the YEA! mother-ship to lay off 7 employees especially with the revolving door they had for years. Or is this just the band season ended and lets get rid of their support staff for now?
  5. Anyone have the actual lawsuit? - actually its imbedded in story which didn't appear on my phone.
  7. YEA! is likely in a tough spot, can't comment on the lawsuit to its donors who are likely nervous their next donation is reimbursing Hopkin's credit card
  8. Curious what the contract states if he is convicted of a crime or does anything to hurt the reputation of the organization. Hard to tell without seeing contract, also curious how he had +/-$40,000 of expenses on his credit card. Seems high for an employee to rack up such expenses and the exhibits aren’t attached. In the meantime makes it difficult to donate to the organization while the lawsuit is unresolved. Still unsure how they can employee his daughter to this day in the finance Dept.
  9. Right, but the actual lawsuit is likely public information - that is where the reporter is getting it from.
  10. Can anyone post the link to the lawsuit Hopkins filed against YEA!?
  11. The board announced a $300k shortfall a few weeks ago.
  12. I am sure the Philadelphia reporter would jump on this story especially with Pioneer in their back yard this coming week.
  13. According to the yea website she works in finance for them also.
  14. Any update on corps director(s) or color guard caption head?
  15. Interesting both Cadets and C2 corp directors are no longer listed on their staff pages.
  16. Something the board should look at is how many people have had this job in the last 3, 5 and 10 years. I follow them pretty closely and couldn't even tell you the guys name who resigned.
  17. Am I the only one who thinks the optics of his posts are way off? In one post, your begging for money, in the next post your going to a Youth marketing seminar (cost from what I see of a little under $1,000 before travel) and in the final post your say you spent the seminar working on your computer "Kind of" engaged.
  18. I just read their latest job postings. Do these candidates even exist? They have so many expectations and requirements.
  19. why isn't the 2014 cd being sold? Might as well bundle shipping.
  20. over 75, free, must pay for shipping, newspapers get thrown out next Wednesday. Let me know if you want them. Joe
  21. Recently bought the Cadets championship DVD and the 2013 championships DVD. I haven't watched the 2013 DVD yet but found the picture very pixelated on the Cadets DVD. I am using a regular DVD player and a newer 60 inch Samsung TV set to a 16:9 aspect ratio. What are the proper settings to view this properly? I found that both the old and new Cadets shows were quite pixelated so I don't believe it is an old vs. new issue. Any help would be appreciated.
  22. see attached link and PM me if interested 1995 Madison Scout Tour Shirt 2XL Pirate Show Worn but not in horrible condition. $10 plus shipping or make an offer. see shirt here
  23. not to mention this event has ended at close to midnight for the last two years, unsure why it doesn't start at 5pm...