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  1. The most successful drum corps organization in DCI history is ran as a business which in turn facilitates performing ensembles. They figured out long ago that excellent business people, those who succeed at running a multi-million dollar per-year business, see the necessity in staying far away from creativity; and that excellent creative people are horrible at running a business. They know that the ED should be strictly an adminitrative business position; one who not only hires the best creative staff, but also stays out of their creative way. The thousands of failed corps never learned that lesson.
  2. A few months ago I found out 'goat' is a text acronym the youth use for the phrase 'greatest of all time'. For years my grandkids, neices, nephews, etc have called me an old-goat. I now smile and say thanks!!
  3. If you are not familiar with it do a little research on the philosophical conundrum called 'The Ship of Theseus'. It deals with the subject of identity just like the following two examples: 1) Nobody and no items from the original Cadets are part of the performing corps today, and they are based in a different location than the original. So are they really the Cadets? 2) When Art Modell took everything except the tradename from Clevland to Baltimore, which group was at that point the real Browns; the Ravens or the new incarnation of Browns in Clevland?
  4. This is not about copying a name and a product like a poor version knock-off; but about something going through various incarnations or even a rebirth via acquiring the legal name and developing a quality product. I had the pleasure of seeing the final tour of Rush. They are, of course, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart. Could any other three performers become Rush? Maybe, but likely not. However... I also recently attended a Blood Sweat and Tears concert. Original band? Nope; not even close. In fact they have been through many incarnations, with over 180 different members, including a different group formed after a two-year absence in the early eighties, and even a newer formed group today. But is the current new incarnation BS&T? Yep! Oh my yep! They own the name and are just as stellar as the first incarnation. So here is my question for you: Are drum corps more like Rush or Blood Sweat and Tears?
  5. Boo Boo Stu. Thanks. I can hear the roar of laughter from here as Jeff yells, "Ya got that right!!" 😋
  6. The original actual real Cleveland Browns 1944-1995 became the Baltimore Colts. The owner took everything except the tradename and trademark to Baltimore. The current Cleveland Browns are an expansion team created in 1999 and are not the original team but are the Browns in name only. Check out the history and you will find out why a name is that important even if transfered to an entirely new entity.
  7. Although it was many many moons ago I can still close my eyes and enjoy the feeilngs of playing those well-written notes with the audience exploding in appreciation. And while I do have a ring, it collects dust sitting in a curio cabinet; a cabinet that has needed the light bulb replaced for a while. This indicates to me what I really see as the true deepest value in performing within DCI.
  8. You are reminding me of my mom. She would blurt out something off the cuff but it made sense to her; some in the room would gasp, others like me would laugh. She would then have a perplexed look on her face while walking herself into yet another off the cuff statement. Thanks for evoking that memory, it has made my day and will keep me smiling for a while! 😅
  9. Ummmmm... Apply Jim's response to the bio about Taki's 'life' and you will see why it is either a well thought out bit of witty humor or a great big unintentional honest mistake! Either way, it was funny and I laughed and laughed and laughed.
  10. Well, he did provide the voice-over dubs for Godzilla and Rodan, and he did do the Sci-Fi convention circuit tour. Those are the directions DCI is going, therefore, it does fit the criteria that he has contributed significantly to the development and Excellence of the drum corps activity!
  11. If a person is a true competitor, one of dignity and honor, one who sees the real value in competing aganist the best in the world, it would be far more, infinitely more, rewarding to finish 9th against them than 1st without them. Just sayin'.
  12. The average age for a corps member is 18 to 19. These are not kids but young adluts who can speak for themselves just fine. And the majority of the rest are upper higschool mid-teens; again not young kids who cannot handle calling the cops and telling the truth. If they were elementry or junior high age that would be a different matter.