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  1. It took me 32 pages to get the What Happened thread closed by posting stupid stuff. Thought I could do it in half of that! And for pete's sake y'all when a redundent thread like that pops up again, lighten up and let loose a little 😋
  2. People claim they believe in freedom of speech, and censorship is a bad thing; that is until they disagree with what is being said, call it nothing of value, and then want it purged. So it goes, so it goes.
  3. Typical. You don't agree, you dont' like it, you think it is inept, and you, Mr. DCP Jeff, want it purged. Typical.
  4. Sure it is easy to understand. A 17 year old used to stay and age out with their corps, loving their corps, helping make their corps better. Now a 17 year old spends one year with the Troopers, two years with Spirit, (both providing great experiences but no ring) then ages out with BD (or SCV, or Crown, ...) to hopefully get that ring. It has nothing to do with love of others, love of corps, but love of self. As for the fee, even though BD has capital, it would help deter them from pulling talent away from other WC corps.
  5. https://www.history.com/topics/us-presidents/james-madison
  6. And out of debt!!! And so are my kids!!!! And so are my grandkids!!!! Not because we are rich in financial wealth, far from it. But we live by the creed of reap by work, live by and within your means, if you can't get your desire that way do not go for the immediate gratification which yields delayed massive debt. Most people today could live that way. They just choose the quick for now route. And If others want to live the play now pay later life, just do not ask me or my family to bail you out when overloaded with debt.
  7. I did not say prevent. I said it was stupid and irresponsible to go massively in debt with student loans and pay for corps instead of for that debt.
  8. Not ignoring plight. There are a lot of other means of securing an education than going massivly in debt. It is just far far better to work at a job and pay for a smaller less expensive school than to go over 100,000 in debt for a piece of paper to hang on the wall with a supppsed prestigious name on it. Moreover there are colleges and universities which take needs based youth and their education is provided in excange for working on campus. Yes here in 2019. Look it up!
  9. I have three grandchildren currently attending university. Did they take out loans? Nope. Is anyone in or out of our family paying their way? Nope. Are they each on scholarship and working jobs to pay for university (just like gramps did)? Yep. And last time I checked this is the year 2019. So.....
  10. WC to OC no fee paid by OC. Unrestricted Free Agency. OC to WC no fee paid by WC. Unrestricted Free Agency. WCx to WCa, no matter what placement, WCa pays a commission fee. Restricted Free Agency.
  11. If a teen wants to make excelent grades, earn an academic scholarship, work nights and weekends to pay for higher education an drum corps that is fine with me. If a teen wants to place a heavy debt burden on himself, that is his prerogative. But he better not take my hard earned money to pay it off (as in using my taxes, which the government confiscates, to relieve him from getting in over his head). By the way, if I happen to profit from their financial stupidity, well I am fine with that Moreover, it is the most narcissistic fool of fools who takes on massive student loan debt, and instead of paying down that debt, pays 3k to 5k per year to march corps.
  12. You made the accusation, it is up to you to show the proof. Which you can't. Because I never once advocated for forced staying at a hated corps. But that was your accusation.
  13. Nope. You missed the option which would in fact allow direct season to season WC to WC transfer. If a member transfers from WC-x- to WC-a- the very next season, WC-a- would pay compensation to WC-x-. It is called restricted free agency. It deters WC-a- from pilfering talent from WC-x and using WC-x- as a feeder.
  14. Impead desire for immediate self gratification and a life lesson in you can't always get what you want? Yes. Impead actually performing with a corps each season? Nope. As for guarenteed spots. There are no guarentees anywhere in life. Another life lesson.
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