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  1. Yes; the Weinstine/Spacey/Hollywood situation, or the Cosby situation, or even the Lance Armstrong doping situation with the Tour de France, are akin to the GH/Cadets/DCI situation; a cultural change within a sub-culture that does not deal with a multitude/thousands of deaths and global war.
  2. No! Not 'just like' 9/11; not even close; and I am refraining from getting personal because what is swimming in my head right now would get me banned from DCP. Was hoping for some contrition, some sort of understsnding on how offensive the equivication is, but received the typical justification. Yet another reason I have pulled away from engaging in posts, and only chime in when compulsion driven.
  3. Had to chime in here. Close to 3,000 innocent lives were killed and another 6,000 wounded on 9/11. And while the current GH/Cadets/DCI situation is bad, if you really were stationed at the Pentagon, you would have to know how utterly irresponsible, if not down right offensive, it is to equate both situations. Equate it to Cosby, yes! But equating it to the 19 suicide terrorists, Osama Bin Ladin, and the 9,000 killed/wounded, NO!!!
  4. Just for the record, and clarification for those who just reading the postings, this Stu (me) and that Stu are two different Stu's. Carry on.
  5. Nope, not banned; I just decided that I had better things to do with my time after some posters were defending the Cadets hiring a known offender and also stating that DCI had no business telling the Cadets what to do. The only reason I perused through this thread was that someone informed me about the nature of the thread content. And the only reason I am posting now is to respond to a direct question concerning if I was banned. I find it odd, though, that some of those very posters who defended the Cadets then, and saying DCI should stay out of it then, are now advocating the opposite.
  6. So that means everything you wrote about global warming is a farce! Now that I will agree with!!
  7. "Lighten up Francis" - Sgt Hulka (Stripes) Have some spiked eggnog; enjoy the new year parties; and do not take life, especially jokes, so seriously!!
  8. Why not join the New Year's Eve party in Minneapolis where it will be a balmy -15 ambient temp. I heard that the big bash will be on the roof of the Mall of America with special guest Al Gore just wearing Speedos due to the world getting so hot!!
  9. No; a Rapture themed show is not what most conservative's want; there is no desire for a corps to preach. The objection was that DCI is billed as a youth activity, and the on-field 'glorification' imagery concerning the fall of man into the sin of sexual immorality using the wink, wink, attitude that it is ok for youth to take a bite out of that apple. That is not a good message to portray in a youth activity.
  10. I care a lot about what somebody on a site called "Drum Corps Planet" thinks. Anything from Jazzers or Funkmeistets?
  11. Well.... We are all just spuds looking for the real tomato; and it would have been fun to see both Spaz Attack and Booji Boy in the Cavies show!!!
  12. I knew it!! You are actually Jethro Bodine!!!