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  1. This has been a strange year with the weather playing a big part, prelims should be a great show
  2. Maybe for you guys but I know at Sky we did a full show in prelims
  3. Not in DCA, 73 was my 1st year in Sky and I was at the 72 DCA. All shows were complete
  4. In 1975 at the Beantown Invitational Jackie Lester the electric pencil zeroed out 8 of the 10 percussion sections, we (Sky) ended up 2nd with a .04 and the Hurcs won that night with a 0.6
  5. btw, both C2 and Fusion had penalties of 2.8 and 2.6 respectively for unfinished programs
  6. Full show prelims were way before that, at least from 1972
  7. In 88 finals ended up being on Monday night,
  8. Andrew Hill was a young man dedicated to his community and a fine snare drummer, His sudden loss came as a major shock to all of us that knew and cared about him, may he RIP
  9. Mr. Pratt is in my thoughts and prayers, he is an icon in the rudimental drumming world
  10. This could turn out to be one of the most exciting finishes in DCA history. Has been a weird season the way the adjudicated opportunities have been stretched out for some groups but I expect to see some hellified performances coming from everyone over the next couple weeks. The ultimate winner will be the crowds that come to the shows
  11. The midwest will be getting numbers on Aug 5, don't think there will be any South DCA numbers till the end of Aug
  12. Wouldn't be surprised to see quite a few. That being said, right now the Buccs are untouchable, who knows in 6 weeks
  13. AS we all know, until it's all in the same arena,it's numbers on a page. I will put this out there though, DCA may be "must see TV" this season. Some really cool shows out there that will be hell come Aug
  14. The only difference is no scores, the corps are getting the same feedback from the judging community that they would get had there been scores and placements. I don't see what the big deal is