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  1. The brass is just soaring now. Completely different sound than Crown's of course, but so powerful
  2. Early season someone said SCV's opener and Second movement could almost be interchanged. Not only do I agree with that, I think it might have been be a good move to do so. They are just seriously cookin' good things right now.
  3. Eep. Thought that brass member was gonna hype right out of the prop doing the angry stomps!
  4. And me sitting here at home. Seriously, I've been on edge with that ballad all season but tonight's hit was just...everything.
  5. Ok, I'm sold on Crown. The energy they put into that run has plenty of GE. SCV is on notice.
  6. The kid on the end hyped his arms up at then then just covered his face with his hands. Weeping.
  7. Oh god. I'm a mess. That ballad run was the best all season.
  8. Alright everyone shut your noise holes. Time for this ballad.
  9. They responded to FB messenger super fast for me and made it go away. I imagine they got flooded and are still catching up on the "ok yeah.."
  10. the growth of Cavies brass since 2014 has been steady and impressive. I don't see a ceiling in sight yet for them. You can almost smell the Ott coming in a few years.
  11. That kid is amazing. I didn't realize this, but he was the groom for Academy in Drum Corpse Bride. Someone posted that on here in a thread.
  12. After how many times that Rocket Mortgage ad with the Dylan song played in INT, I miss the Flo Torture Loop
  13. ok, when I watch through the app, I get nothing but the marching arts companies ads. Going through the computer tonight I've gotten this Rocket mortgage ad with the Dylan song three times in a row, then an ascics ad, two more of rocket mortgage (with Dylan) and back to marching stuff.