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  1. Inferno for me. With the two Bloo's and What Dreams are Made On right behind. Ask me this afternoon and you'll probably get a different answer.
  2. What if someone did something and it caused something to happen? What would you think? And would you do anything to cause something to happen because of it?
  3. yes to the muppets. I think i developed a Reps list for that at some point when it came up before. And yes to VK. The "meme and silly songs" show would be a hit.
  4. Thanks for these two. I realized I only had 10 and just went back to add these two...along with the obligatory gif.
  5. Kinetic Noise. What they were doing musically with that show between mashups of tunes was fantastic. Mr. Maps/Gene takes a Drink was a stellar example. The voiceover bleeding to the drum writing caught the spirit of the source music so well. Session 44 got a long look from me as well. That singer was everything.
  6. DRAH MAH! Man, next week should be amazing in here.
  7. These are the stand outs on the lists for me as I give them a look The Pursuit of Happiness (Gold 2019) This was a fun upbeat show. As much as I like dark and weird, the happy shows get me too. I liked the super clever things they did with drill at the start with the 'dodging traffic' etc. Hell on Wheels (Music City 2018) What a way to enter World Class. One of the more creative field entrances we've seen in the activity and the spoken/rap bit was done with so much fun. Redrum (Oregon Crusaders 2018) As a fan of the movie, I loved the way they brought this to the field. It was never quite sold as solidly by the MMs as it seemed it could be and ... sadly ... we discovered why after the seasons end. nevermore (Oregon Crusaders 2014) This was the start of a nice string of Oregon Crusaders shows. They were a gem of the 'non-finalists' in design for me trying some great stuff visually and musically. Forbidden Forest (Mandarins 2016) This was the "shot fired across the bow" signaling they were ready for their close up. A show that really started to make Mandarins someplace kids wanted to march. The New Road West (Troopers 2018) The Black Parade opener got me EVERY time. And Seminfinals night, I just wanted it to go on forever. It was like a music box playing a love song to the history of the Troopers and Gabe's last turn on the box. The Midnight Garden (Oregon Crusaders 2015) Another OC show I enjoyed a lot. The way they slowly got vines revealed over their props and horns by show's end was a fun add on. ...And a Shot Rings Out (Colts 2015) Of the "narration era" for the Colts, I preferred this one. I was charmed by the old time radio show motif. Early season it had way too much narration and I think that set the opinions of many in stone about the show. By the end they'd cut back a lot of it and struck a nice balance between the story and the music. I loved that it had three different endings. Poor Trixie...semi's wasn't for you. Inside the Ink (Mandarins 2017) A show that could have easily made finals. The only people who were 'whoa, where did Mandarins come from' were people who weren't watching the Forbidden Forest. Sound of Silence done from the Disturbed take worked so well in this show. Wild Horses (Troopers 2015) This was another one I wanted to make finals. I still give this a listen. The way they open with pasture sounds, horses nickering in the wind, etc. in the preshow is just great. From the ballad (which many people got nit picking on the singer, despite that she was doing a load of spinning, dancing, and other guard work then finding the breath to sing that) to the closer was a build of energy and the use of the fences to the dramatic 'busting out of the fences' at the end was really well done. As the Sun Loved the Moon (7th Regiment 2017) Added because i realized i only had 10 in the original list. Not only was this a nice show. it had things that i kept discovering on the 3 times I got to see it. I think it was prelims in LOS where I finally realized the motions the circles were doing weren't some 'ritual to the moon or sun' but rather they were making stars that twinkled. And prelims, those kids put it ALL out there with the duet at the end collapsing in tears into each others' arms... Passion in Red (Les Stentors 2019) After not coming to the states to tour for a year, I was glad to see them back. Then they started their show and I fell in love. They kept making it better and better through the three shows I got to see them.
  8. My dad was visiting and we drove out there and met a friend there for the show. We'd gotten their early intending to look for lot warmups but they didn't seem to have them around the actual lot. It was stinking hot and we didn't want to go wandering around too much. Dad started telling stories from his day in an American Legion corps in 1956.
  9. Catching up on threads after a long day. I'd like to nominate this for the "Most Off Season Thread of the 2019/2020 off season"
  10. Force of Nature. Me at show announcement: Ugh, they're doing a four seasons show. Me seeing the first stream: Oh gosh this is a visual treat with all sorts of neat things going on. Me at Annapolis live: [whispering to a friend] See, bird calls in the pit! MMs noticing me point and playing the next few calls our way. Me geeking out...then THAT HIT...uuuuuhhh. so good. A bit later, me and about three other people.... VANGUARD! [the circulation of when to do the yell had just started]
  11. That's answered in the new Netflix movie. No spoilers for others.
  12. Sorry. I figured GIR was neutral enough since he’s always a part of the Irken invasion plans going wrong.
  13. Yeah. The Euphonium soloist coming out of one of the coffins for the solo was just one of the nice touches that show had.
  14. We're still waiting on the DCA season to finish.
  15. I went with Cavies this year. But realllllllllly hovered a long time over Crown. Spark of Invention got a long look too.
  16. If VK were around today, I'd want them doing a show based entirely on viral meme music. Can you imagine the audience participation on Baby Shark for a closer? I mean, they could just unmothball the prop...
  17. You wait until the sousaphone lines start using glitter covers on the bells and waving them in high step!
  18. You’re missing some great shows
  19. 7th Regiment's cymbal line was working it well in Open Class
  20. Heh. Yeah those Sondheim covers have a lot going for them. That's where the Pretty Women/Ladies who lunch arragement my high school did a year or so later came from.
  21. Into the Light. Such a well done show. Immortal holds a soft spot for me as well though.
  22. BK this year. Been giving that views and listens since finals night and it's impressively seamless.