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  1. Alternatively, it could be that Muppets show we all want!
  2. Carolina Crown proudly presents, "Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?"
  3. I’m looking forward to seeing the corps with the highest score after penalties on finals night win the gold. and all the rest too.
  4. I cringed a bit at "inspired by the movie Drumline..."
  5. Oh I'd forgotten about 2001 somehow. When those flags come out they now look like "oh BK's guard" to me, but I loved seeing PR use all that color too.
  6. I'm late to this party but wanted to pass on congrats to any of the Mary Stoneman Douglas kids who finished their show in the rain. You've done something you'll talk about for ages. I was part of the infamous BOA rain soaked prelims in the mid 80s Terre Haute regional. This was pretty much pre-props and pre-amp but we were one of the first bands to put electronics on the field with a rolling synth and amp set up. It rained all day but started pouring as we took the field. Since it was artificial turf and we were already wet and taking the field, they had us go on. Our training was "mar
  7. Alright then. I'll request the closer from 89 for one. The sops call at the end of NWS still makes the hair on my arms stand up.
  8. p.s. I loved that show and the ballad hit for Boxer on finals night made me cry.
  9. Aesthetics of style and sound aside, I've often wondered about the logistics of woodwinds on the DCI tour. As.I understand it, a number of the brasswinds used during the season are sold on to high school outfits at seasons end to recoup the cost of buying them? So they're kept in shape through the season in a way that makes them resellable (aside from those dropped in horn tosses, run over by props, or used for playing tethermello perhaps). Woodwinds are a different beast, tons more intricate moving parts. As a sax player in high school, the wear and tear on a woodwind instrument
  10. I gathered that. But the irony of SCV having used actual tweetybirds was too strong.
  11. So the actual bird calls in the pit for Force of Nature weren't enough to trigger this clause?
  12. It's ok, we won't beat a dead Boxer over it.
  13. Huxley? Well Brave New World doesn't have an owl I guess...so...sure!
  14. I'm more concerned about the lack of investigation of illuminati influence through coded messages hidden in the reflective material of drum wraps.
  15. Do they really want to hurt us? I liked the weaving in of the whole Russia angle then hitting us with Soviet. Very subtle.
  16. wait...what? How did we get from.... never mind [walks off muttering....stupid offseason...]
  17. I’d wager it’s something on the terms of “There’s so many against me they’re working together to get rid of me. See! They even mad an animated movie about What is Drum Corps? that used my name more than my own momma did!”
  18. Heh. I have a Ring after getting one for dad and deciding it was the way to go for me as well. We don’t hear all that well. i also got a weMo plug for some lamps then used the IF This Then That site to link it so the Ring would make lights come on or go off. I tested the WeMo hook up with my own before taking them to dad for Christmas. Got everything set up for him but....forgot to disconnect my Ring from his WeMo on IFTTT. So the next time someone game to my door, his lights went on. I get this text from dad. “I think someone hit my door bell and ran off. No one was
  19. Whoa. BAC once again showing it means business in Building A Champion.
  20. Also...having my DCU and DCI fandoms collide on DCP is getting confusing.