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  1. After reading the last three or so pages, I find that people see and hear what they want to see and hear. Either Bloo was a disaster or they are the hottest thing out there.
  2. Great minds think alike, Mom! I shared it with them, too!
  3. You know, when Bloo came out with the new ending before Atlanta, I was worried they came out with it too soon. But now, I am glad they did ... it gave them a chance to refine the ending to make it so much better.
  4. Yup. Out with the pitch bend ... In with Ed Sullivan.
  5. I think what you saw is closer to what the ending is going to be.
  6. You know, we’ll actually know more Saturday. Tonight was FUBAR.
  7. Wherever I am, I stop, doff my cap and sing in a strong tenor. If my son is there, he will join me in the bass. People often comment on our harmonization.
  8. I predict a ghost light extinguishing ending at Allentown. I also predict it will be brilliant.
  9. I don’t have the schedule, but 7:00 is always a safe bet.
  10. Maybe I am not reading this right, but I didn’t see @cfirwin3 ‘s post as a shut down comment.
  11. Those extra activities will cost Bloo two rehearsal blocks. And it will give the MMs a nice break. I don’t see it as a big factor.
  12. :: Checks the calendar :: Not yet they don’t.
  13. Because if it was Wednesday night, you would have to miss Big Brother! 😂
  14. The corps has three days this week with no shows (although they do have some Hall of Fame stuff). I imagine a lot of that time will be used to smooth out the new ending.
  15. Of course it will be fixed. It’s an easy fix. And it will be optimized for LOS.
  16. I think there won’t be a record, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see two or three 98s.