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  1. The article clearly states Genesis thoroughly investigated the situation. There really was nothing to the accusation and the investigating body stated that. No trash here to pick through.
  2. Thank you Kevin, see my Son in the Snare line !! posted from the DrumScorps app
  3. Would it be the same if BD or Coats we’re performing that show, or would it be considered genius ??
  4. Sorry, bashing was a poor choice of words. I appreciate your reply and will watch for those things next show. We were recently at a Texas show and watched the Corp prior to BK have several drops right out front and out of sync at times and they scored higher and drew great praise. I’m just trying to understand what I should be looking at. Thanks again !!
  5. So educate me in layman’s terms about all the BK guard bashing. I’m not a arts and music guy but love the music, so I don’t see any difference in what they’re doing versus Corps prior to them that were dropping and out of sink.
  6. Yes, this has been fun to watch....back and forth all season. Really ramping up as we approach the end !!!
  7. Then maybe those WC Corps who keep getting passed up shouldn't be WC, maybe those top OC Corps should get a shot at it.
  8. Very good point Mr Holland. Do OC Corps receive anything in a mixed show ??
  9. And possibly they are trying to demonstrate financial strength and the ability to run a World Class schedule.