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  1. The 79 version of Lezghinka had a complete stop in the middle followed by an accelerando back to tempo. One of the reasons Fred put that in on tour was because of a rivalry with Tom Float and Spirit of Atlanta. They also had an accelerando in their drum solo. We were also trying to max out the Percussion Analysis score.
  2. 1978 Boulder Prelims is the first time many in the drum line actually saw what the overall drill looked like upstairs. Pete Emmons who designed the drill had videotaped the show on high cam and showed it to us before Finals. He of course was in the broadcast booth for Finals at Mile High Stadium. Always loved the opener “Overture to a New Era” by Giovannini both in 77 and 78.
  3. In no particular order, here are a few of the arrangements from the 2019 season that I really enjoyed watching and listening to: ”Oceans” by Goff Richards, Jersey Surf ”Wondrous Light” by John Estacio, Troopers “Truman Sleeps” by Phillip Glass, Mandarins “High Wire” by John Mackey, Seattle Cascades “Gabriel’s Oboe” by Ennio Morricone, Carolina Crown “Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles, Bluecoats “Audivi Media Nocte” by Oliver Waespi, Santa Clara Vanguard “Chinatown” by Jerry Goldsmith, Pacific Crest ”Sudden Throw” by Olafur Arnalds, Blue Knights ”B
  4. I came across 75 Madison on PBS while switching channels and was captivated by their performance as well as Santa Clara who followed. It was one of my first exposures to DCI. The first was seeing SCV and the Blue Devils live in 1975 at Pacific Procession.
  5. For 3 years now, we have had problems with FloMarching telecasts. It sounds like many have upgraded components and/or tried various setups. For the 3rd year the problems remain for many. I hope Flo will also invest in the resources and/or upgrades on their end as well.
  6. During BDs performance on Saturday night I was drawn to the guard, In particular the rifles. Their timing was so accurate... angles, throws, spin speeds, catches, heighth of throws etc... I found myself staring in between performers which was a practice regimen we used to use in front of full length mirrors. Their performance was mesmerizing 💎 💎 💎 💎 💎
  7. I contacted DCI about the ongoing issues with FloMarching after DCI Memphis and received the following response. ”We do not believe that this particular issue is systemic. Live internet broadcasts travel over networks that are outside of a broadcasters control, and these routes may or may not experience issues that could result in occasional interruptions. We apologize on behalf of FloMarching for any downtime you may have experienced.” There has to be some way we can improve on this. I would even be willing to pay more if it meant having a consistent stream if that is possible.
  8. We have all been standing since the opening hit. Bravo, Just amazing BK
  9. Dennis Delucia wrote an informative account about the Muchachos that was posted several years ago. I think he said the drumline had a 19.3 but no other scores were mentioned.
  10. It's interesting to note that DCI Finals this year has become a multiple competition between 1 & 2, 3 & 4, 5 & 6, 7 & 8 9 & 10 and 11 &12th. Blue Devils vs Blue Coats Carolina Crown vs Santa Clara Vanguard Boston Crusaders vs Cavaliers Blue Knights vs Cadets ...