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  1. So many to choose from, but if I have to pick one, it would be 1993. They basically took that amazing 1992 show concept and ramped it up to 15. Seeing them perform live in Denver that year was a real treat!
  2. Hey all, Obviously I am as devastated as you all are regarding the unfortunate demise of such an iconic drum corps. They had some of my favorite shows, and there was nothing like seeing them in person, feeling their powerful horn line, and of course, that crazy drill. I still can’t believe they are gone. 😢 My question is, have the staff and mm’s been able to find their way to other groups? Those were some talented kids, and I am sure they will find other places to continue their dci careers. I for one hope that the creative and unique sights and sounds of that great design staff can continue their voices in the activity. Maybe Jay Bocook can come back to BK, for example? Wishful thinking. 😂
  3. Too bad. He seemed like a great person, and an inspirational figure for the MMs. Though I did have a slight gut feeling that maybe the job overwhelmed him a bit. Honestly I wouldn’t know because I wasn’t there—just a gut feeling.
  4. Tony Lymon tapped as BK Artistic Lead. https://tinyurl.com/BKTonyLymon
  5. Any thoughts as to whether they can build on this year’s finals comeback? Staff changes? IMO design staff could do with some tweaking. Losing Bocook, Jackson and Shaw really hurt. One bright spot is their young director who seems to have a really good head on his shoulders. Hoping they can continue to regain their footing from last decade. We shall see.
  6. BK hopefully makes some adjustments to their design team in order to stay in the top 12–let alone move up.
  7. Glad I’m not a judge. So many great shows this year!
  8. True. There are a lot of great corps, with strong organizations. Curious to see what they all do over then next few years. And yeah, Vanguard 😞. That one still hurts. I feel for those kids.
  9. Wow! I’m admittedly a BK homer, but after seeing both shows, I honestly felt like X-men had the better design overall. That said, I’m thrilled to see BK back in the top 12 where they belong. I hope that they can continue to make improvements to their staff and show design and eventually regain their form from the last decade. 🤞 Also big congrats to X-men! You guys made big strides this year! Keep up the momentum and you’ll be back there as well!
  10. Is funding really so bad that DCI can’t afford to pay for a decent server that works the way it is supposed to before/during/after shows? What gives, DCI?
  11. Seems like they fixed their visual issues in 2019. And of course that’s when the entire percussion staff leaves…. And the pandemic…
  12. Makes me wonder what on earth is going on with that organization. Time and again, it just seems as though they like sabotaging themselves…
  13. Great show from them tonight! Horns are about where you’d expect them to be—definitely not a bad thing! Is it just me or is the Drumline being featured more compared to previous outings? Definitely a Mike Jackson line. They sound great! This is show seems very much a contender.
  14. Just saw their debut performance. According to the corps director, this performance was their first actual full run through. Weather has been pretty nasty around here—lots of rain, flooding etc. That said, this show has potential. Very intricate horn parts. Drill is much more complex compared to last year. Horn parts are fairly Jay Bocook esque, which makes sense seeing how Leslie Gilreath is a protégé of his. Drumline and front ensemble seem solid. Overall needs a lot of cleaning, but I look forward to seeing this grow and develop as the season progresses. The vehicle is definitely there this year. Anyone else there tonight?
  15. Troopers look to move up a few spots this year! Boy are they sounding good!
  16. I can totally see the virtues of going the “costume” route, honestly. I imagine it is much more comfortable for the MMs, and more flexible in terms of show design. That said… I greatly appreciate the corps who are taking great care to ensure that whatever they wear still has their identity on it. I’m glad corps like BD and Cavies are doing this! Hopefully more will follow suit (no pun intended 😂😂) down the road.
  17. This has been happening for far longer than just last year. Even in years where they were placing 6th/7th. But whatever… As long as they have a great season, and a great show—and a great experience for the MMs, that’s all that matters.
  18. Shocked and saddened at what is happening over at the Cadets. Especially after seeing them return to form this past season…😪 I am curious as to where the now ex-staff members could all end up after this is all said and done. Surely there are more than a few organizations who would be chomping at the bit for these guys.
  19. Jed Weeks returning as Program Coordinator for BK https://bit.ly/3QKlQEY
  20. Yes, I certainly agree about their new Director. He seems like such an inspirational figure! Here’s hoping BK can build on this experience and ultimately come back stronger for it!
  21. Hope BK can address the design issues they had this year. Sad to see this happen to them yet again. The kids were far too talented. I can’t help but wonder if they felt let down.
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