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  1. I definitely agree that the BOD needs to be greatly expanded and include a variety of folks including those who have nothing to do with the organization. Look at Boston's BOD, which many have referenced. I think that is a great example to mirror.
  2. Agreed, such a good read! Would love to hear his tape for Devs from this year. Here you go:
  3. Hey! Yah, ok. I thought so, but was not 100%. Thanks for that information. Good on them! I remember drumming with them after one show in 2009 (probably Whitewater or something like that).
  4. That's the Shadow Armada folks, right? They expanded or moved out of their HS summer ensemble to Open Class, correct?
  5. Which is quite interesting. I lived with a 2008 quad player for a bunch of years, and know a bunch of other 2008 guys well, and they all say they had a great finals run. Either way, props to the percussion ensemble tonight! Must have had one hell of a run to get that kind of a number from Prosperie! His 2013 Cadets finals tape is a really good (and kinda funny) listen if you ever get the chance, and they only got a 9.9 in Achievement, and that percussion ensemble was monstrously good!
  6. I was showing that the DSM (and the APA) are not the best source when it comes to understanding issues related to queer folk in part because they have had to update their guidelines and standards. I was also implying that this is also because of the methodologies they use or engage in. Which is not entirely dismissive of either. Rather, it is a good thing, and shows that they are a field evolving and that it is one that is full of self-reflexive scholars. Moreover, I was trying to show that scholars who expressly study those communities (and are often themselves members of those commun
  7. Exactly! Durkheim (who is generally understood as the "father" of sociology) basically said something similar with his original study of suicide from way, way back (it is almost always about social ties). This is also why I trust Queer Studies scholars more so than the DSM, etc.. They do a terrific job of highlighting the issues you raised, and provide great ways to challenge them so that we can improve the life of those individuals and make all of our communities better for everyone.
  8. Update: I will shortly be a member of the association in good standing (once dues payment is completely processed), and will thus be able to vote or eligible to sit on the Board. I am not necessarily interested in serving on the board at the moment due to other day-to-day commitments. I do not mind proxy stuff, but I like to be in person for discussion purposes.
  9. You do not need to be an association member to be hired as ED though, right? HAH!!!
  10. I do not believe I currently am, but I would certainly become one if necessary (which it is last I checked) and when the means are available. I cannot speak for Deb's Diner. I am generally out of the loop because I have not used Facebook since 2011, so I miss out on a lot of the alumni news (or pre-release of news). Not interested in Facebook. That company is gross.
  11. I appreciate the support! I would certainly be interested, and think that being able to manage a cook truck certainly helps make one aware of how to run a corps, but I am currently focused on finding gainful employment so that I can manage student loans and other day-to-day expenses. Additionally, I do not reside near the Midwest, so that makes it hard to participate in person (even though many activities can be done by proxy). I would definitely be interested if I end up closer, and secure tenure-track employment since that would vastly increase my financial means. A few positions I a
  12. For sure. I think scholars in Queer Studies, and other related fields and sub fields, do a much better job articulating these issues than the DSM or psychiatrists do.