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  1. True, better guard staging would really improve this show.
  2. Let's hope visual judges award them for it. It's clearly very difficult.
  3. The Blue Stars sure do like marching and playing at the same time.
  4. I sure hope the Crossmen's staff has more up their sleeves because those MMs are already playing the tar out of that show!
  5. Classic Flo to almost drop the Camera at just the right time! :)
  6. Cool show Colts! I like the part where Hell freezes over.
  7. Spirit's mellophones are already better than they were last year!
  8. One good one recently was the Medea reprise in Crown's 2016 closer.
  9. Cut GE from 40 to 20 points. Give 10 of those points to Visual Analysis, and the other 10 to Music Analysis.
  10. Phantom 2019 This Wild World: The Music of Animal Crossing.