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  1. Suncoast Sound changed my world that summer!
  2. Meanwhile, back at the staff change discussion...
  3. Monday night was a great lineup! The stadium is a great venue but had some issues... Akron Stadium will need to figure out better entry process for that many people in attendance. Bag checks took lots of time. That was not so good Monday night. Maybe just better signage or someone announcing where will call versus ticket purchase is located would help. Buses unloading right at the main gate also made things difficult. The reentry policy probably should not change mid show. Also get rid of vendors coming into the stands during shows. I do agree that the lot before and after the show is very accessible and that helps. Bill, you in here? Mike
  4. Need two good seats for semifinals. I have been shopping everywhere! Someone must have a connection... Mike
  5. Any idea if there are other changes in Madison drum staff? Anyone hearing anything on Cavaliers?
  6. Have to admit it...I yelled "Z Pull" and then pretty much wept for the balance of the show. What they have been through coupled with the fact that it is the Cadets - it seemed natural. Garfield! Mike
  7. Slight time issues side to side in Crossmen. A bit of front to back in Regiment. Anyone else have this or is it my seat ? Side two 35. 40 rows up.
  8. Wow. Colts had almost no acoustic sound where I am sitting.
  9. Kansas City (88 and 89) rehearsals were closed as I recall. Bill you in here? Mike
  10. Loved it! My wife and I were calling out the selections and then the years. Finally just stood the whole time. Three questions... 1. The couple dancing during the Phantom pieces. Was that "Her" from 89? 2. The solo rim shot in Send In The Clowns. Meant as a tribute to? Gail? 3. Was Hardimon involved at all? Well done Vanguard! Mike