Quick Allentown Saturday Review

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Hi Chris.........haven't talked with you in awhile.

My comments to the young lady were in direct response to her post and it implications. If you read my prior post I acknowledge the limitation of the instruments. There was no need for a follow up from her, unless of course she was sitting with the individual to whom I had made my initial retort.

I guess I thought and relied on the ability of negative (even if correct) posters to comprehend my explanation.


PS......that was the last time we'd be using those horns. Herald called and want's them back

No, you're supposed to take constructive criticism, and maybe change your attitude about what you're presenting to the public. You are representing drum & bugle corps...this isn't 14th century England. (As you well know)

More than one person here said that the herald trumpets were a bad idea and sounded terrible - ya think maybe it's not a coincidence?

Just a thought.

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Not supporting walking out (during) a performance, but you have to think, what if I stay to give the show a chance but just can't stand the trite narration and amateurish delivery? I'm sorry, but I am NOT gonna sit there and just "take it". I feel that strongly about it. If I were to walk out, I would probably move to the front before the show started and stand during it, near the gate so as not to disturb anyone else.

As for "much better and more respectful ways to do this"....what ways would those be? Us "anti-ampers" have protested constantly on these boards and we are even told to change the subject sometimes by the moderators. Also, back when amplification was first used, we tried signing a petition and sending it to DCI...did it help at all? NO, of course not, because they had made up their minds...Anyway, DON'T walk out during a show, please..I HATE that...at least move down to the front and stand near the gate so you don't disturb people....I hope the Cadets can win me over this year. It's not going to happen with the current package, however....and by the way, I feel this thread has been taken over by the Cadet borg... ^0^

Well...you basically agreed with me, as you said dont walk out in the middle of a performance. I like how you present a case for it, and then go back to saying you shouldnt do it.

Anyway....as far as the narration bothering you that much, I call BS. If you hate something, and I mean really really Hate/ are offended / cant stand it, then you probably shouldnt be there. Visit corps souvie booths that arent the cadets, or bloo, or pc, and let them know how much you appreciate their non-use of narration. If you happen to be in the stands, and dont like what you are hearing, i have a suggestion - deal with it. I find it hard to believe that any person can be so traumatized by narration that you feel you have to run away from it, or it will somehow taint and destroy you. Besides, even after you get up and pi55 off everyone around you, you're still going to be able to hear it around the stadium, and all you will have accomplished is to annoy a bunch of people that were enjoying the show. I've seen shows that i didnt like, even shows that annoyed me, and I always managed to stick it out to the bitter and terrible end.

edit - the thought just occured to me - how amusing it is that the same people who have dealt with 14 hour rehearsal days in texas, and the grueling mental monotony of working on the same thing for 3 months, are the same ones who cant sit through something they dont like for 10 minutes.....incredible.

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I wonder if this forum existed back in 93, what people would be saying about Star's show.

My guess, most would say on this forum if it was back then that the judges got it right by crowning The Cadets as champions in '93.

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