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My favorites change a lot, and certainly have over the years. Some shows that make a great first impression fade over time, and some shows that I don't get at first I begin to appreciate later. And sometimes my tastes simply change, as well. Right now, just off the top of my head and not thinking about it, these are my favorite shows:

Cavaliers 2002

Cavaliers 2006

Cadets 2000

Cadets 2005

Santa Clara Vanguard 2000

Santa Clara Vanguard 1999

Blue Devils 1999

Madison Scouts 1995

Star of Indiana 1993

Phantom 2003

Phantom 2006

Bluecoats 2006

Blue Knights 2006

No order, but the first show listed is definitely number one for me. And this list is just for what I happen to be listening to right now. And I included more than ten. Deal with it. :thumbup:

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In no particular order:

- 2000 Cadets: We Are The Future

- 1998 Cadets: Stonehenge

- 1993 Cadets: In The Spring...

- 1996 Phantom: A Defiant Heart

- 1994 Blue Devils: My Spanish Heart

- 2006 Phantom: Faust

- 2007 Crown: Triple Crown

- 2005 Cadets: The Zone

- 2007 Cadets: This I Believe

- 2003 Blue Devils: Phenomenon Of Cool

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1. Cadets 1997

2. Cadets 1990 (the first DCI show I ever saw in person, so I am partial to this one)

3 through 10, in no particular order, and very possibly doesn't add up to 10:

Star of Indiana 1993 (Medea, aka, the Scaline Triangle Show, thanks rodicus)

Phantom 1989

Cavaliers 2000

Phantom 1996

Cadets 2003

BD 1988 (we did a very poor rendition of this in my college band) :thumbup:

Phantom 2006

Crown 2008

Phantom 2008

SCV 1997

SCV 1999

Cadets 1999 (I mean, who would have ever thought that the four parts of the taxi could make a whole taxi? I never saw that one coming)

Oh wait, NOT Cadets 1999

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Crown 05

BD 04

PR 06

Bcoats 07

Cadets 05

Cadets 00

PR 03

Crown 08

Crown 07

BStars 08

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Madison Scouts 1995

Madison Scouts 1999

SCV 1988

Madison Scouts 1988

SCV 1979

BD 1979

Spirit of Atlanta 1979

Spirit of Atlanta 1980

Bridgemen 1980

SkyRyders 1983

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87 Vanguard Russia--2nd

87 Garfield Appalachian Spring--1st

76 BD Channel One--1st

80 Spirit--3rd

88 Vanguard Phantom of the Opera--2nd

89 Regiment New World--2nd

80 Vanguard Planets--7th

03 Blue Devils Phenomenon of Cool--1st

02 Cavaliers Frameworks--1st

97 Scouts Pirates--5th

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BD - '86

BD - '88

SCV - '85

SCV - '87

SCV - '88

PR - '93

SCOUTS - '86

SCOUTS - '01

CADETS - '87

CADETS - '00

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In chronological order:

* 84 Cadets (West Side Story)

* 89 SCV (Phantom of the Opera)

* 91 SCV (Miss Saigon)

* 95 Madison (A DC Fan's Dream)

* 99 Madison (Jesus Christ Superstar)

* 00 Blue Devils (Methods of Madness)

* 04 Santa Clara (Scheherazade)

* 04 Cavaliers (007)

* 07 Crown (Triple Crown)

* 08 Phantom (Spartacus)

Best year since I started going to finals in 1996 was probably 2000 (CD,CV,BD,BO...)

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order not based on liking

Madison '88, '99, '03

Phantom '89, '96, '03

SCV '89

Bluecoats '05, '07, '06

im pretty sure theres more, but these are the 10 that stood out, notice anything strange about the list?

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1985 Cadets -- This show never gets the love I think it deserves, probably owing to coming at the end of the activity's first corps "three-peat"; 1983 was groundbreaking for the Z-pull, asymmetry and programming; 1984 did more of the same while pulling on heart strings with recognizable music. 1985's "Jeremiah Symphony" opener, to me, seems to have broken new ground and sprinted far beyond. The scatter dissolve into the opening block, the mix of time signatures, the crazy tempos and the challenging nature of the music itself prefigured the Sturm und Drang of the music in the late 1990s and today, both for good and ill effect (like Cesario recently described much of drum corps music as "the sound of screen doors slamming.")

When I showed a tape of them at the time to my manager (who marched east coast drum corps in the early 70s) at the restaurant where I worked, he threw his arms at the screen in disgust and said, "That's NOT drum corps." First time I'd heard an old-timer say that, but certainly not the last. Alas.

1995 Madison -- Was there in Buffalo; only been to two finals live, and couldn't have picked a better one.

1996 Phantom Regiment -- Blew my mind when I saw it live early in the season; seeing the result on tape at finals was over the top.

1993 Star of Indiana -- A show most grew to love and admire after repeated viewings on video; just too much to absorb seeing a few times live. To me, a show where they out-Cadeted the Cadets in terms of turning the activity on its head.

2000 SCV -- Musically and emotionally the most effective total package for me.

1982 Blue Devils -- Awesome. And more awesome. The epitome of the tick-era shows.

1983 Bridgemen -- Greatest drum solo. Ever.

1994 Blue Devils -- Hell yeah. The ballad to the end is mesmerizing.

2001 SCV -- New Era Metropolis. Just love it.

1991 Phantom Regiment -- Bookended by two of their greatest tunes on the field: Nessun Dorma to open, Bacchanale to close.

(Favorite in Waiting: This year's edition of Spartacus.)

Edited by hkhongkong

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