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  1. I bet it was the day of the Oswego show, so July 1. the lineup was Cavaliers, Glassmen, Madison, Colts, Teal Sound and Pioneer for world class. Racine Scouts and Colt Cadets made up the open class portion of the show. ive always wondered if google maps ever captured anything like this, now i know. its pretty cool
  2. have people asked the performers what they think of LOS, or is this all from the audience perspective?
  3. is this from a performers point of view, or fan? as a performer, i experienced some bigger outdoor professional stadiums had more echo on the field than LOS. and a performer might have a different opinion on miserably hot weather and what not
  4. i would prefer invesco field at mile high all the time, that field was awesome... field turf is great to practice on, minus turf turds. for shows its nice knowing that you wont hit a random mole hole. grass is good for shows if its well taken care of. see above statement. and on grass you dont have to wonder which hash you need to use, "tonight were using the inside taped hashes" or "remember this is a professional stadium were on the outside hashes", in theory they should only have the correct hash marks on the field.
  5. Going off the few videos I've seen of colts online, I'd say they're doing some insane things which they've never done before and by finals will be well on their way to maybe 11th or 10th. Rumor has it they have their entire show on the field already
  6. somehow, i feel cheated. i think the problem with 05 was there werent many epic top 4 shows which means the lower corps might get overlooked. madison, bluecoats, phantom all had amazing shows. 1st place cadets also had an awesome innovative show, but cavaliers did the chicago themed show and bd did the dance derby... or maybe i over thought this and people just liked other shows better
  7. so what you're wondering is, what if the cubs won a world series in the past century? would SCV have won in 88 and 89? would there be drum corps? would DCP exist? would DCI exist? would al gore still have invented the interwebs? would there be ME? i think these are all legit questions along with, what if boston hadnt traded babe ruth?
  8. why is my laptop making this high pitched whistle noise today? and why doesnt hitting it fix it like most other things that are messed up? ok so i post this and it stops. its like it wanted me to complain before it would go away
  9. isnt DCA other than DCI aged people basically just DCI people that aged out and still want to march? ok yea and a lot more...
  10. how can corps switch to a new uniform design every other year? does it cost them a lot to do this? same thing with instruments whats the estimated costs of running a world class corps and open class corps over the summer?
  11. i guess if you understood their history that makes sense. i also thing some people just follow blindly. "hey these guys are getting a lot of response, i should clap too." im not bashing on them but they dont appeal to me. their show this year to me wasn't very exciting no matter how clean it was. id rather have a little dirt and have it be fun than super clean and boring. but if you're going to root for an underdog, why not get to the shows early stay out of the lots and keep to the stands and watch pioneer, pac, mandarins, etc?
  12. do designers plan on winning in certain years and not others? ex. did cavaliers designers plan on winning in 06 before ever starting the year and not also not expect to have a winning show in 05 or 07? do the people who film for the dvds and the live cinecast guess where to look at or do they just point, shoot, and hope the get a "good part/set" on tape? why do they keep taking away shows in the midwest specifically missouri?!? why not, since finals have 9more years in indy, have the last shows before finals week either be in allentown or at MIZZOU or KC Chiefs stadium one year then the othe
  13. why so much blue stars hype? i never understood it. i guess they are just the corps everyone loves to love. but if it was about a 7spot jump it would be easiest for troopers, pac crest, and academy to do it.
  14. ah! i still can't view most of the 2007 videos
  15. can anyone else not view the colts 2007 video?