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2011 World Class Repertoires

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Sounds like Carmel HS 2009.... I think the title was Virtuoso and the pianist was on a tilting platform.

Virtu-OSITY, with movements

Virtue 1: Temperance

Virtue 2: Justice

Virtue 3: Prudence

Virtue 4: Fortitude


Prelude from ‘Suite No. 1 for Unaccompanied Cello in G Major’ (Johann Sebastian Bach)

Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun (Claude Debussy)

Piano Concerto No. 3 (Sergei Rachmaninoff)

Original Music (Richard Saucedo)

The whole show revolved around the Golden Mean (I hope you remember writing this, Boo), complete with great color guard uniforms, a tilting piano, a cello soloist, and a flute soloist. Not to mention that was some great stuff going on with the music.

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Teal Sound's show sounds interesting. :devil:

It sounds like a dance club's New Year's eve party.

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By more modern, I hope you don't mean "scholastic wind ensemble composer of the moment". I much prefer Rachmaninoff over anything Hazo, Holsinger or Ticheli have written recently. :smile:

Sarcasm and humor off - I disagree with the second part of this statement. The Techeli piece the Cadets are doing is fantastic and I like many of his most recent pieces. I love TTTPS, but I am not super familiar with the more recent literature of holsinger, as my college and high school bands liked to play wayyyyy more contemporary music (woof). As far as Hazo goes, there is some fantastic music, i.e. Arabesque and Go!, but then there are all of the rest of the cookie cutter pieces high school bands like to butcher on the football field. That said, I agree with the first part of the statement "I much prefer Rachmaninoff..."

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I'm guessing the composer here is Rob Smith, not Robert W. Smith.

Not 100% sure.

According to Corpreps.com Spokane Thunder played a piece called Push written by "Rob Smith" in 2007. However, corpreps.com also say the Pacific Crest 2011 version of push is written by "Robert W Smith".....???

Are they one and the same? Does anyone know which is correct?

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