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The IRS form 990 is the tax return for non-profit organizations. As such, all of the financial data for DCI and each corps is exposed for all to see; 990's are open for public view because of the fil

I read the posts on this thread and wonder....Why would the average drum corps fan care? Seems like some people have too much time on their hands to think of this stuff. BITD, did anyone care about wh

Let's start with DCI itself. WAY TO GO, DCI! This looks pretty great! TOTAL REVENUE: 2009: $8,592,976 2010: $8,838,914 2011: $9,722, 125 TOTAL EXPENSES: 2009: $8,542,134 2010: $8,875,705 201

What kind of stick-your-head-in-the-sand idiots rated this topic anything less than 5 stars? I demand to know! Great job to the OP! Keep it coming! I can't wait until we get to the corps themselves!

I would suspect that those that are rating "down" are the ones that really may not want to see their individual corps information presented and then compared.

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Didn't see it so I'll ask. What is the link to check a non-profits papers? Having a problem with a non-muisc related non-profit I belong to and want to do come checking without going to the board.

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OK, on to expenses...

Mercifully, there are only two categories of expenses that are used in the DCI filings:

1. Salaries, other compensation, employee benefits, and

2. Other expenses

But that second, "Other expenses", contains a handful of sub-sections that detail everything from "Adverstising & Promotion" to "Telephone and Internet" and "Postage". Some of the subsections, like "Broadcast and Production" are quite interesitng.

While a bit tedious, I'll list all the expenses in the same 3-year methodology as Revenue above.

Oh, and just a side comment: I'd expect that, if I were ruffling any feathers in this exercise, I'd get either a PM or an email, or maybe a snide comment here in the posts. Downgrading the rating (which I didn't even know existed until Neo posted above) or giving me an annonymous red-neggie would not seem to be too effective in trying to shut me up, if that were the intent.

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First, Salaries, compensation, and benefits:

2009: $1,310,349

2010: $1,370,994

2011: $1,341,278

A little deeper:

"Compensation of Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, Highest Compensated Employees, and Independent Contractors":

NOTE: While all Board members are listed, only Dan Acheson, CEO, and Wayne Leide, CFO, are paid or their executive services.

Dan Acheson:

2009: $105,278

2010: $113,115

2011: $118,000

Wayne Leide:

2009: $88,728

2010: $88,300

2011: $91,716

The timing of Dan's raises seems interesting to me. The views of the G7 corps was made public in May, 2010, about 4 months after the Janual meeting where, presumably, the decision to give Dan a raise was ratified by the then BOD. An integral part of that presentation was that DCI and Dan were ineffective in managing the business of DCI.

And on another note, I hold nothing against Dan for his raise. In fact, I'm glad of it for two reasons. First, every CEO, IMO, has the right to whatever salary his BOD grants him and, second, the more we pay the CEO of our activity, the more likely we are to attract the kind of leader we want should Dan ever be replaced.

Lastly, I think Wayne is worth much more than his salary. As a fellow bean-counter, the importance of accurate accounting of the money in DCI is the basis of all decisions made. His accuracy and dedication needed to fill that roll are invaluable, IMO.

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Obviously, the $209,716 reported for the two executives does not represent the only salaries paid. There are other staff, judges, etc others to consider that are not listed in detail in the 990's, as well as employee benefits, payroll taxes included to make up the $1,341,xxx spent in 2011.

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