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  1. most Texas bands do not participate in BOA money chasing with budgets well into the 6 figures. but the ones that do, are quite good at it.
  2. I would be interested in what percentage of the membership for each corps flies in for camps (vs driving).
  3. I haven't seen any line items from anyone about what corps tuition covers and what other fundraising covers... perhaps some corps have released that? It also doesn't seem like something that would cause staff to leave. After all, i'm sure that money was used to pay staff that taught virtually all summer (whatever that looks like). That said, obviously there are going to be a lot of issues with things like this. Someone referenced club sports in MA. Colleges students are likely still paying athletics fees with their tuition payments when obviously there are no athletics right now, etc. Th
  4. This makes the most sense. But it is not good.
  5. Which drum corps offered full refunds on tuition?
  6. Not all corps take good care of their housing sites every time... we like to believe that corps are always respectful and go out of their way to be good guests, but I think those of us that have been around awhile in various roles know this is not always the case. DCI did a lot of this to itself.
  7. so abuse was ok two years ago when they found out but not ok now? interesting. WGI is out to protect themselves and their income streams (much like a number of drum corps)... not the students.
  8. When NYC tried to use the police to enforce social distancing, they gave a bunch of minority people tickets and ignored the white people (374 summons, 304 of which to black or hispanic persons). Don't imagine it is a good idea to take THAT policy nationwide.
  9. We've taught people that their personal preferences are the most important thing and the rest of society will adjust to you. The minute you are asked to do something uncomfortable, you can get the other person fired (college professors) or publicly shamed and harassed online. We have taught people that our country is broken and must be torn down. We have taught people that their fellow citizens are exploiting them and the cause of any issues in their lives instead of teaching them that fellow citizens are all in the fight together. It is unfortunate. Regarding fall, a lot of
  10. I don't want to minimize your experiences. But it is not a good idea to make policy based on anecdotes instead of the best available data. And there are very significant secondary effects to these COVID policy decisions that must be accounted for. For example, are the elementary aged children of single parents going to stay at home by themselves and log into zoom (or whatever) while their parents go to work? Suicides are up tremendously, substance abuse has increased, etc Somewhere, there is a tipping point in which the number of lives saved is not worth the other consequences
  11. New York State has experienced 24,974 COVID deaths to date. Fifteen (15) of those deaths were among persons aged 0-19. Percent of NY State's deaths by age group: 50-59: 9.6% 60-69: 19.5% 70-79: 26% 80-89: 25.7% 90+: 14% so, 85% of NY State's COVID deaths are in population 60 and over. 95% are age 50 and over. And 90% of all COVID deaths in NY State have at least 1 comorbidity. source: NY State Department of Health (
  12. Ivy League canceled fall sports. I would say the only way to have high school marching band is to have all the kids there in school in person everyday. And I think that is becoming less and less likely by the day. edit: honestly, I think any sort of 2021 DCI season is in big danger.
  13. You are correct, of course (though most of the problems the government tries to fix are in fact caused by it in the first place). Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of minorities have been sent into the US prison system on the back of the 1994 crime bill. Instead of eliminating the person responsible from political leadership, there is large effort to elevate him to the most powerful elected position in the world. How can a party claim to care about minority issues and then offer up this person as their best hope for a better tomorrow? It is shameful, really.
  14. perhaps ironically, the people that are being cheated by the power of the government, keep voting for more government like that is going to fix something, instead of just getting them more of the same. 1. government is abusing a portion of the population 2. marginalized people vote to give the government more power to stop the abuse 3. government uses its new power to create more abuse ... and the cycle continues forever! "power corrupts"