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  1. you are technically correct... which is the best kind of correct :) lol
  2. that is not more revenue though... that is the same amount of revenue that the shows currently bring in.
  3. where are all these new fans going to sit? the back sideline? all the regionals are basically already maxed out on audience capacity
  4. does the forest service have a lot of civil rights issues?
  5. LOL <-- woodwind player that marched DCI
  6. So most of the people in your top 5 corps were also 17? The data does not back that up. If you can find me a top 5 corps with an average age of high school students, I will change my opinion. my point is BD's "excellence" depends on having kids that are trained elsewhere. So if DCI kills off the "training ground" then it will eventually filter to the stop in terms of a lower quality product. And I would guess a lot of the 13+ corps have mostly rookies. Do you think that is inaccurate?
  7. the reason the corps at the top are so good is because they are using the members trained by the lower groups. fill Blue Devils with drum corps rookies this year and BD would not be anywhere near as good as they always are.
  8. the cost of this might be extremely minimal... like 1-2 plane tickets for staff.
  9. this sounds like bad news for Jersey Surf arguably the most financially response drum corps out there.
  10. nah. He was being stupid. Many people here thought at the time he was lucky to not get a foot to the chops laying there like that. think it was 2008? the samurai year where the cavies were wandering around in block committing seppuku on themselves during retreat.
  11. Crossmen had 29 source: picture on Facebook of all of them from Friday night