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  1. nah. He was being stupid. Many people here thought at the time he was lucky to not get a foot to the chops laying there like that. think it was 2008? the samurai year where the cavies were wandering around in block committing seppuku on themselves during retreat.
  2. Crossmen had 29 source: picture on Facebook of all of them from Friday night
  3. Honestly I really appreciate how corps have stepped up their multimedia game over the last few years. Social media, pictures, video, etc. I only marched in the 00s, but I would love to have this kind of stuff from my seasons. Tons of quality rehearsal and performance pictures for the members to enjoy forever. I've got mostly old school physical pictures that were scanned, and not very many of them. These guys/gals do a great service to the drum corps community.
  5. Don't think the corps photographer will have much impact...
  6. I just think all the corps deserve to have their name announced correctly and with the same level of enthusiasm.
  7. it's Sunday but I'm still really annoyed at the "BLUE........coats" announcement. it was unacceptable.
  8. This year was a design decision based on the show theme so I would guess the guard will return to coed... but I haven't heard anything from inside.