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  1. What does this mean: How does their decision affect the DCI community? It is August and you are "considering a return for 2024"....? Realistically you have... 1-2 more months? That's to get kids. To get the staff you want, you probably have a couple weeks?
  2. Really liked the winterguard show!!! ... and Avon is ridiculous. Very impressive.
  3. I don't think the shorter shows would reduce the cost at all. All the staff taking 10% pay cuts across the board? Is this true? Very interesting if so...
  4. Interesting topics covered there. It's not sustainable. It's not going back. Can't dial it down. The audiences demand more and more. We have to keep up with the Jones's. And unsaid: this activity and the reputation I've built through this activity are my ticket to lots of money.
  5. The costs of the activity are skyrocketing. Refusal to address this will contribute to the end of DCI as we know it, unless the power players in the activity (aka the ones getting rich, if not from drum corps, then from charging marching bands well into the 5 figures for their services) put a stop to it.
  6. what does a "caption manager" do? teach? choose what other people will be hired? manage schedules / do other admin duties?
  7. Expenses going up. Staff and admin numbers are multiplying. Corps admin and staff hire their friends with no open application process. (Ever seen a job vacancy posting for a caption head position?) Certain egos act like they run the world and can do whatever they want. Housing options going down. Numbers of corps are shrinking. The activity has limited time left. Vanguard is making a decision to extend the life of their A corps to the maximum extent. How many more years will that get them? idk
  8. seems like a range of opinions on what the 'performance coach' will do... interesting. thanks for all the options! lol
  9. if kids will pay money for the chance to run the dr. beat (lol), surely there are kids that will pay to run the sound...
  10. As far as I know, Troopers (+friends) are going in 2023 and Crossmen in 2024 ... assume Cadets will wait for 100
  11. https://www.northwestern.edu/hazing-prevention/images/hazing-in-college-marching-band.pdf
  12. DCI cannot even keep the instructors out of the members' pants. Zero chance they can police any member to member stuff.
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