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  1. Ivy League canceled fall sports. I would say the only way to have high school marching band is to have all the kids there in school in person everyday. And I think that is becoming less and less likely by the day. edit: honestly, I think any sort of 2021 DCI season is in big danger.
  2. You are correct, of course (though most of the problems the government tries to fix are in fact caused by it in the first place). Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of minorities have been sent into the US prison system on the back of the 1994 crime bill. Instead of eliminating the person responsible from political leadership, there is large effort to elevate him to the most powerful elected position in the world. How can a party claim to care about minority issues and then offer up this person as their best hope for a better tomorrow? It is shameful, really.
  3. perhaps ironically, the people that are being cheated by the power of the government, keep voting for more government like that is going to fix something, instead of just getting them more of the same. 1. government is abusing a portion of the population 2. marginalized people vote to give the government more power to stop the abuse 3. government uses its new power to create more abuse ... and the cycle continues forever! "power corrupts"
  4. Happening now. Lots of Crossmen history and DCI celebrities!
  5. Fred was the money behind the move to TX. He was a band parent at Ronald Reagan where Mark Chambers was the band director. Fred had stepped down from his Executive Director position after last season, so really the title of this should be "Crossmen BOD Member resigns".
  6. FWIW, most people use Cappybara's interpretation, and that is where the "normal" people are trying to take the reform movement. These ideas appear to have a lot of support across demographics, based on polling. That said, maintaining or increasing police funding also has broad support across demographics. But there are in fact people saying "no, defund means to defund and abolish". This has very little support (10-15%) based on polling.
  7. honestly I doubt there will be much in the way of spending reductions... but I hope to be wrong.
  8. is this in the final version that passed and is going to POTUS for signature?
  9. Euro 2020 has been pushed to 2021. Probably only slightly smaller than the Olympics in terms of crowds, publicity, etc Clearly not a good sign for DCI
  10. Music For All canceled their concert festival.
  11. Do the Eagles perform only half their show for the first month or nah?
  12. US Bands was bankrolling Cadets, yes? Hopefully they will be on solid financial footing.
  13. you are technically correct... which is the best kind of correct :) lol
  14. that is not more revenue though... that is the same amount of revenue that the shows currently bring in.