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  1. I think this is the first hint from the DCI side that the Indy "event" will not be a competition...
  2. heaven forbid the corps that put on a show are able to collect more money than the corps that don't field for a season... corps that don't field don't need any money. Maybe those corps will be back in 2022. If so, they would have a chance to compete with everyone else. (all that said, I think some sort of exhibition / festival set up will be used)
  3. Because this way they get your money twice. For now, and again in 2022. If they let this money count to 2022 then they only get it once.
  4. I would be pleasantly surprised if students are back in school where I live before Fall 2020. And then I am interested to see whether they pass the kids to the next grade who haven't learned the fundamentals required due to the circumstances of this year.
  5. don't the kids also need to be vaccinated for this to happen safely though? And they are already basically unaffected (statistically) compared to other groups so I don't see how you could justify healthy children be given the vaccine before older people... of course the no school is having disastrous consequences, especially on the children from families without the resources to supplement what the state is providing their child in terms of education. that said, I have seen many teachers unions argue they are being effective teaching from home. I don't agree, but that is their
  6. teachers group 1? lol surely not the ones that have argued the last 6 months they can do their jobs just as effectively from home...
  7. so... can Pacific Crest win if they fill up with BD and Vanguard kids? lol
  8. as of Thursday, 11pm, I have seen announcements from: BD - out Vanguard - out Bluecoats - wait and see Blue Knights - wait and see ("enthusiastic support" but not a commitment to participate) Madison Scouts - "will participate in DCI 2021 events" Pacific Crest - plans to perform locally and Indy Cadets - will field a corps and go to Indy Crossmen - "Texas tour" and Indy Cavaliers - will field a corps and go to Indy Troopers - plan to field a corps (no mention of going to Indy) Blue Stars - "on the field", "finalizing plans for event
  9. most Texas bands do not participate in BOA money chasing with budgets well into the 6 figures. but the ones that do, are quite good at it.
  10. I would be interested in what percentage of the membership for each corps flies in for camps (vs driving).
  11. I haven't seen any line items from anyone about what corps tuition covers and what other fundraising covers... perhaps some corps have released that? It also doesn't seem like something that would cause staff to leave. After all, i'm sure that money was used to pay staff that taught virtually all summer (whatever that looks like). That said, obviously there are going to be a lot of issues with things like this. Someone referenced club sports in MA. Colleges students are likely still paying athletics fees with their tuition payments when obviously there are no athletics right now, etc. Th
  12. This makes the most sense. But it is not good.
  13. Which drum corps offered full refunds on tuition?
  14. Not all corps take good care of their housing sites every time... we like to believe that corps are always respectful and go out of their way to be good guests, but I think those of us that have been around awhile in various roles know this is not always the case. DCI did a lot of this to itself.