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DCI West - Stanford, CA

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I'm sure there are experts here. Right now I'm watching on my HDTV via a PC input. I recently discovered my TV is smarter than I thought, and I can connect to the Internet if I install a wireless LAN reciver in one of it's USB ports. It's a few years old, so it doesn't have an LAN receiver already built in. It then says I can access yahoo, netflix, etc through widgets. What I wonder is, are the widgets the only things I can access on the Internet function, or will I be able to acces Fan Network through it:?

Not at the moment. The backend the fan network uses it has widgets but so far as I know the fan network doesn't have one. Same thing with apps for mobile devices.. they could but they don't.

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Tiny wonders the BDC are!

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Did I just hear a section from Cabaret Voltaire from BDB?

Childs hour of dream by Charles Mingus which was played by BDA in 96 then mixed with the 91 show Bird and Bela in B flat in the 2012 Cabaret Voltaire show.

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